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How to trigger a group?
Hi, next Friday I will host a retrospective for a diverse group of colleagues. They work together on 1 project, they also have a product owner, there is an agile/scrum structure. So what's not to like. Yet I see that the energy is gone from the team, they are not running ceremonies properly. They put their own spin on everything and are therefore in a negative spiral. I wanted to use the old-fashioned SAILING SHIP on Friday together with a central question. And I need your help there. What could be a triggering central question?
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@Edgar Muit Not sure if you ran this session yet. Perhaps ask them about the defined structure to see what the like and what they don’t. An interesting add on might be to look at some typical reasons for resistance. Rick Maurer’s 3 Levels of Resistance might be an interesting read.
First official workshop
Hey guys, Today, I officially organized a full workshop for the first time within my organization. It was about the new pension system being introduced in the Netherlands, focusing on how we can make the financial situation clear for our participants, especially regarding increasing and decreasing payment, and how we can understand the financial status of the pension fund. Really cool ;) ! I hope to learn a lot in the AJ community. I used the "How might we" and the "Crazy 8" techniques. Does anyone have good suggestions for brainstorming techniques that can be used in almost any situation😁
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@Twan Moorlag I like the Creative Matrix method from LUMA Institute.
Distributed Engagement
Hi everyone! I’m somewhat of a newbie in the Facilitation space as I’ve been building experience for about a year now. I am hosting biweekly circles, and I am wondering if there are any current guides, tools, or methods I can use to engage and build trust amongst an overwhelmed audience seeking community and new perspectives.
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Hi @Paris Jordan Perhaps you could facilitate a session about actions that encourage and result in trust. Talk about the value and benefits of trust on a team. This might include brainstorming and sharing by participants. Once you have an aligned list, you can encourage those actions and behaviors in the group.
Project Management Workshop
Hello everyone. I'll be hosting a project management workshop of an organisation. The core of that training is already defined. My request is how I can present the whole thing in the best way , plus what do you all suggest to add as icebreakers and how I should conduct the whole session. I'm open for suggestions. Edited: it's gonna be in person. Thanks in advance.
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I would make this an interactive and engaging session, rather than presenting only. Get people up to a whiteboard to collaborate and share ideas. Will this be in-person or a virtual session? I hope this helps @Hamza Rahmouni
Solopreneur Question
I’m curious about something. Of all the hats (roles) you wear as a solopreneur, which do you enjoy the most and which do you dread, and why?
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@Hina Nisar Sounds great. Let’s connect on LinkedIn.
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@Bryan Guzmán This seems to be a common response. So how do you manage the admin part of things?
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