Agenda for a 1.5 day €25k Team Retreat
Hey everyone!
Last year, we had an absolutely delightful 1.5-day team retreat with a major corporate group at our AJ&Smart office in Berlin. Let me tell you, it was GREAT!
We got creative with the LDJ Royale and added some cool activities for starting strong and ending even stronger.
Here are some highlights:
  • facilitated the session with help from
  • We didn't have any slides! We went all authentic and created all the visuals by hand on a massive King Flipchart.
  • We added excursions like a walk to our local ice cream shop and a meetup at our favorite cafe on day two (very much inspired by The Power of Moments).
  • The feedback from the client was the icing on the cake – “everything was perfect”! That made us super happy!
Here's how the days unfolded:
Day 1:
  • We started with a light intro to workshopping.
  • Warmup: An improv exercise we learned from a public speaking coach, David JP Phillips
  • We then dived into the Sailboat activity, where we crafted a challenge statement.
  • And then, the much-awaited LUNCH!
  • After lunch, we dived into Lightning Demos and 10 for 10.
  • We concluded with reflections on the day and shared what we learned about workshopping – as we brought in some Champagne! 🍾
  • We ended the day with a dinner in one of our favorite restaurants near the office.
Day 2:
  • We started with a talk on the 4C's Framework and the principles of Workshopping.
  • We continued with The Action Board (and it worked very well!)
  • The Tony Robbins "Gratitude Meditation" really resonated (there may have been a tear or two).
  • LUNCH with a side of Champagne was a lovely touch.
The LDJ Royale was a great choice for the team retreat. It’s always amazing to see the principles we teach in our courses come to life and make an impact.
We regularly share "inside scoop" posts like this inside our Workshopper Master community (our high-level program/community for those who want to build a high-paid Facilitation career). DM me if you want to learn more about joining! 🤗
Jakub Michalski
Agenda for a 1.5 day €25k Team Retreat
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