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Greetings from Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺
Hi, 👋 I've been part of this channel since last year, initially just to take a peek, but I have to say this community is addictive 😊. I've fallen into a facilitator role by accident and, despite conducting a number of workshops, have never received formal training. This is why this community and the masterclass have been a great help. Hence, it's time to make a formal introduction. I started my business in 2012 as a simple business coaching firm, which then grew to offer facilitation services, as I do now. I'm happy to connect and chat with other experienced or new facilitators to exchange ideas and experiences. Feel free to reach out to me via this channel or LinkedIn: 🤝. Regards, Emmanuel
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Welcome to the community @Emmanuel Setyawan
Check out my favourite tools to make online sessions better!
Hey Facilitators 👋 I have been facilitating a lot of online sessions lately and it got me thinking about the apps/tools that have made my life sooooo much easier. Using some of these tools will help you create fun and engaging sessions. Here are some of my favourites 👇 1. (amazing digital whiteboard, super easy to use) 2. (great interactive tool for making word clouds/polls) 3. (has an amazing library of exercises for sessions) 4. (great for mind maps or planning sessions) 5. (great for interactive quizzes/polls/games) 6. (great for creating visuals) 6. (an amazing planning tool to create agendas and workshops) Let me know some of your favourites in the comments.
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Psychological Safety Team Workshop Ideas
I am going to facilitate a workshop on the topic of Psychological Safety. In this workshop, I aim to facilitate discussions among our colleagues about what can enhance psychological safety at work and what might prevent them from feeling safe to speak up or share ideas. Does anyone have relevant experiences in this area? Do you have any suggested agenda/exercises that we can incorporate into the workshop? The workshop will have fewer than 30 participants. Any ideas, experiences, or suggestions are highly welcomed! 🙏
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Hey @Julie C! I don't have experience running a workshop on psychological safety at work however, I attended a 2 day Liberating Structures immersion workshop a few weeks ago and we did a few exercises there that I feel could be great in your workshop. In particular, an exercise called 'Heard, Seen and Respected'. You can check out how to run it here: The above website has 33+ exercises for workshops/sessions. I would recommend checking it out :)
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@Kieran McMillan Have I tried the exercise 'Heard, Seen and Respected'? Yes. I've once been a participant in this exercise and I also facilitated it in a recent training that we ran here at the AJ&Smart office. It's really great for helping teams connect on a deeper level and allows people to really listen to each other. This exercise needs to facilitated with care though because the question you're asking participants to answer in pairs is 'share a story of a time when you didn't feel heard, seen or respected'. You don't want people to pick a really hard story to discuss here because it could take a turn and upset people so make sure when you're running this with people you tell them not to pick a story that could be upsetting. What you'll notice is people truly connect with each other and you'll see some patterns starting to arise in each people's stories.
How often you add to your Identity Capital
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Can you elaborate a little more please @Mohamed wagih Abbass so that I can answer your question?
Any UX Workshoppers here?
Do any of you focus on UX consulting and run UX Workshops? If so i'd love to connect and share notes.
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@Shaul Nemtzov this platform doesn't allow for that...yet. There might be some updates in the future where this is possible :)
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@Shaul Nemtzov Ah I seeeee what you mean now haha I'll look into it :)
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