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Swap Your Skills for Google Reviews
In today's Value Session on setting up your Google Business Profile we looked at ways to get reviews for your page. To help you add more reviews to your profile, share an offer below that other Club members can take up in return for a Google review. This should be a small taster of what you do, so they can give you an accurate testimonial. For example, you could offer: - a 121 coaching session - access to a small online product or training - a copy of your book - a trial of your membership - access to your next webinar or event - etc. Share what you'd like to offer, and then contact anyone with something to offer that you would find relevant. Be sure to give them a review afterwards : ) And if you are enjoying this community and value sessions, I'd love it if you could leave a review on my Google Profile. You can do that here. TIA 😊 Missed the session? You'll find the replay in the Classroom tab here
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Share the Social Media Post Love 💕
In today's Value Session we covered the 6 Essential Social Media posts to create and share for engagement and sales. These are: • Value Posts • Proof Posts • Engagement Posts • List Building Posts • Authority Posts • Brand story Posts If you create one of these posts inspired by today's masterclass, share a link to it below 👇 And share some love with other people's posts with a Reaction and Comment. I can't wait to see what you'll create! P.S. If you missed the session, you'll find the replay under the Classroom > Value Session Replays here
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Share your LinkedIn Profile and Top 3 Skills
Wow, what an amazing Value Session we just had. So great to see many of you there. If you missed it - the replay is in the 'Classroom'. One thing I shared that can help you to get found is completing your Skills section. To give you all a boost in that respect, I would like to invite you to: 1) Share your LinkedIn profile link 2) Say what 3 skills you'd like us to endorse you for (you'll need to be a 1st connection) 3) Go through the posts, and connect with your colleagues and endorse them (if you are early to this task, you may need to come back later to complete this. I look forward to learning more about you all and your skills!
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6 Essential Social Media Posts for Sales and Engagement
We've covered a lot about successful social media recently. From our conversations during the Magnetic Messages Challenge and last week's LinkedIn Profile Masterclass. So, I decided that in this week's Value Session it would make sense for us to look at some of the difference types of post you can use on social media to engage your audience and drive sales. If you've ever felt stuck knowing what to post on social media to engage and attract your dream clients, come and join us! You’ll discover how to: 👀 Enhance Your Visibility: Elevate your brand identity and position yourself as an authority in your niche with effective posts. 🗣 Drive Meaningful Engagement: Spark meaningful conversations and interactions with your followers, fostering genuine engagement. 🤝 Generate Leads and Sales: Craft posts that not only engage but also drive conversions, inspiring action from your audience. ⏰ Save Time and Effort: Streamline your social media strategy with six essential post types, maximising impact with minimal effort. Don't miss this chance to level up your social media game and elevate your business. I'll be live at 3pm CET on Wednesday. You'll find the link to Register in the Calendar section. See you there? Melitta x
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How do you feel about Networking?
Personally, I used to avoid networking at all cost. It felt so awkward. Once I learned the skills, and developed a way to network that felt right for my introverted soul, things started to change quickly. If you feel awkward, you can download a free networking checklist to help you in the Classroom section under 'Free Resources'. You can also get yourself a copy of my book, it's available from all online bookstores: A Shy Girl's Guide to Networking. And maybe I'll run a 4-day challenge on Networking in the future 🤔 What do you think? Let me know in the comments how you feel about networking. And if you have any tips that work well for you, please do share these with us : )
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