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Hello everyone my manager is looking for anyone who is interested in free website designing as he will be designing the website for free to boost his portfolio
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@Sandrine Mauron Midlife mindset coach. You can check my website out here Have a nice eve.
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@Sandrine Mauron Thank you. in the beginning I set it up by myself then got professional help. Have a nice day.
Content Wednesday
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As a midlife mindset coach it's my goal to help women be empowered to make positive changes in their physical and mental health, well-being, and business. There’s one recurring theme I keep on seeing while working with midlife female clients. It doesn’t matter if they are 40, 50 or 60.......: They tend to put themselves LAST. So it gets me all excited when I can also help my clients put themselves FIRST. We dvelve deeper into exactly what they want in life and together we make a practicle, doable plan.
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If interested, here was my latest Linkedin post on happiness. 😀
☀️ Summer Business School - Your Motivating Goals
Hey there Summer Schoolers! Module two is now available for you - but before you dive into your Success Strategies, I'd love to know how last week went for you. How do you feel now about your goals for the next 3 months and your ability to achieve them?
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☀️ Summer Business School - Your Motivating Goals
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Last week went well. It was a lot of help to see where one stands. The 2nd module got me really thinking about how to better organize myself. I'm already taking action by filing papers, documents in the right place and not just letting them stack up somewhere.
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@Karen Andersen Hope you feel 100% now.
☀️ Summer Business School - Your Success Strategies
Hey there Summer Schoolers! Module three is now available for you - but before you start creating the boundaries that will support your wellbeing and success, I'd love to know how last week went for you. How do you feel now about your success strategies? What adjustments will you be making, if any?
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☀️ Summer Business School - Your Success Strategies
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Last week went well. started cleaning up my desk, putting things away or even throwing things away. Deleting photos from my phone, putting order in my emails and docs (like Jennie moving stuff to suitable folders). Tomorrow, will do Module 3.
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@Jerry Rowles Welcome Jerry. Impressed by your bio.
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@Karen Andersen great to have you with us. Loved reading you intro. Very interesting. London, coaching ADHD. So you're originally from Denmark...I'm amazed at how all Scandinavians speak great English. Off to Denmark next week. Heard only positive things.
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