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Nellie combines her strategic business knowledge with her holistic well-being tools, to help CEOs and entrepreneurs become confident high-performers.
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Joined Apr 27, 2023
I Help New Business Development Managers Overcome Burnout, Improve Their Performance, Increase Their Earning Capacity, And Advance Their Career.
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Joined Aug 21, 2023
New Zealand
I assist female entrepreneurs in enhancing their businesses by optimizing operations, teams, partner negotiations, and (finally!) cash flow.
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Joined Sep 27, 2023
Prangins, Vaud, Switzerland
Helping parents to connect emotionally and consciously with their children. Hypnotherapist, RTT practitioner, RTC Coach
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Joined May 18, 2023
Sapna Pieroux, Brand Superhero! Multi-award-winning brand consultant, author, speaker. My super-power? Rebranding your business in just one day!
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Joined Apr 27, 2023
Transformational Mind & Body Coach using a combination of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP along with yoga and pilates training
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Joined Sep 26, 2023
The Digital Product Guy
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Joined May 3, 2023
I'm a textual healer – an independent editor and proofreader working with people whose English isn't as brilliant as their ideas.
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Joined May 24, 2023
Bachelor’s from Emory University; Paralegal Certification from Capital University Law School , Enrolled Agent . Belleair Bluffs Business Association
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Joined May 18, 2023
I am reviving my website, and hope to publish a book shortly. I'm passionate about getting the most out of our longer lives.
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Joined Jul 3, 2023
Seasoned change mgmt consultant, trainer and coach, author of "Change Matters", with 20+ years of experience from 7 countries.
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Joined May 12, 2023
Former food technologist, french german, trailing spouse. now empowering mindset coach for international professionals. live in switzerland
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Joined Aug 10, 2023
neuchatel - CH
I'm Dorcas, a podcast manager and content strategist. I help coaches and educators maximize time, expand their reach and increase profitability.
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Joined May 19, 2023
A female Entrepreneur, founder of a Business & HR Consulting firm called No Limit Consultants
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Joined May 29, 2023
Multi disciplinary differently-abled artist, poet, and writer who wants to change the whole of human kind, preserve our earth and its creatures!
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Joined May 13, 2023
I am a life coach for women. I accompany them to embrace their unicity and, by expressing themselves fully, become who they are meant to be.
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Joined Sep 19, 2023
As the owner of Creative U Healing and Creative U Business, I help women heal, step into their authenticity, reach their goals
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Joined May 23, 2023
I help women touched by cancer to navigate their life from any phase of their cancer journey to a healthy future of long term remission and peace.
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Joined May 8, 2023
Helping teachers feel proud of their pronunciation&create positive learning environments.English pronunciation coach for non-native English teachers.
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Joined May 18, 2023
Kia Ora, I’m Tracey. I am originally for New Zealand but currently living in Zug, Switzerland. I am married with two young adults (20,18).
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Joined Jul 3, 2023
Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur
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Joined May 24, 2023
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Joined May 22, 2023
Hello! I help phonics teachers and early literacy educators build their tutoring business for more impact and fulfilment - often from my campervan!
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Joined Apr 27, 2023
Mary enjoys a portfolio career. She is a life coach, human resources professional, and a co-business owner of a family business.
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Joined Jul 12, 2023
Keep on rocking in the FREE world!
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Joined May 23, 2023
Providing a Balance 4 All
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Joined May 19, 2023
Helping you be more intentional to create a space to pause using my gentle piano music in monthly SitAWhile and retreats.
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Joined May 26, 2023
Physicist / Entrepreneur / Innovator passionate about new models of organization / Rotarian / Gamer
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Joined Apr 27, 2023
💥Business Mentor💥𝗖𝗲𝗿𝘁𝗶𝗳𝗶𝗲𝗱 𝗘𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗱𝘂𝗰𝗲𝗿™💥I help businesses grow & scale to 7-8 figure💥Speaker💥Podcast Host💥Reiki Master
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Joined May 4, 2023
Supporting small business owners ready to reduce overwhelm by building foundations to improve processes and systems.
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Joined May 22, 2023
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