Positive psychologist, accredited coach, and author: Empowering you to navigate stress, rediscover your identity and find the joy in life again!
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ADHD Coach under training
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I'm Janene, aka The Pricing Lady. Working with boutique consultants, coaches and service providers. Helping them know their value and charge for it.
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Hi - I am Wanda, a mindset coach working on a book for high achievers who want to drop the overwork and find balance. Dutch and living near London.
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Chelsea Cooper |Dreams and Thoughts| Insightful Impact Circle| Cultivating women's self-growth, confidence, and life harmony
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Pennsylvania USA
Sustainability Communications + Editorial Strategy + Business Storytelling + Active Optimist + Trim Tab
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Lausanne & Florida
I am a professional portrait photographer specialising in photography for women and families, serving the area between Geneva and Lausanne.
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outreach specialist @success.ai and @B2BRocket | SaaS, AI,leads expert and marketing expert | digital marketer |SMM | SEO | E-mail marketing |
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I'm a Careers Guide, New Horizons-careerguidance4all. My services support clients seeking a new career & through the job application process.
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Real Estate Broker. Interested in Sales and marketing for Real Estate.
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Help biz owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and those seeking success. Develop their mind, body & soul. From struggles to optimum wellbeing & longevity.
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Great Britain
I help Health-preneurs take their ideas from mind to market to create impact, income & the life you desire. With the Anatomy & Physiology of Business
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I’m a burnout and career wellness coach, non-clinical physician, and champion of introverts in healthcare. PS. I’m a nature and animal lover, too.
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Building, launching and growing B2B software solutions.
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High Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs struggling with Procrastination, Burnout and Sticking with a HP Routine 🦁
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Commercial and workplace mediator and facilitator based between London and Geneva Switzerland, happy to collaborate and share ideas
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VR ambassador | Entrepreneur
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Zurich / Switzerland
I'm the Rebellious Coach. I love helping professionals rebel against the corporate grind so can claim back their lives
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Biggin Hill, Greater London
Your trusted wing-woman to navigate life's challenges with more ease, fun & lightness and create a life you love 💛 Offering Personal 1:1 Coaching 🤩
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I teach a toolkit for communication, collaboration and a less divided world. It's called Needs Understanding, and you can use it at work and at home.
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👋 Hello! I'm a multifaceted individual with a passion for fitness instruction, music composition, and marketing. I will surely love to help and learn
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I work with leaders to unleash their resilience and confidence to show up with passion, presence, impact and influence to S.O.A.R as their true selves
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Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
Helping you heal holistically and develop a healthier relationship with yourself and others. Clinical Hypnotherapist, RTT practitioner, Mindset Coach
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Midlle East
I started Giftmetime to redefine gifting and help people reclaim time and achieve personal goals faster. I'm passionate about people & their stories.
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Consultant Service Experience Matters Specialize in extracting strategies, Help women business impact their business.
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Swiss American living in Lausanne. I love hiking, the outdoors, traveling, teaching, and learning. I am a mom to two wonderful daughters.
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We are a sport that empowers young girls to be the best version of themselves. Practice and work hard.
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I write lyrics and record vocals, some music, piano; work as a coach. Interested in meeting other musicians, collaborating.
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Partner at Trustist ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I Help SMEs with their Online Reputation and SEO by Utilising Reviews For their business Equating to more Revenue
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