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Introduce Yourself! (Start Here - Please Read 👀 )
Welcome to the Dream Clients Club! You are now entering a fun, supportive and safe space for entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants. It's the place to collaborate, share and support others as you grow your income and impact, and create a lifestyle you love (without burning out, feeling fake or compromising on your integrity!). Here's EXACTLY what to do first: Step 1: Introduce yourself HERE using this Copy/Paste Template: Where do you live? Share 3 things about you that we won't find on your bio? Where's your favourite place to hangout online? What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? *** Best practices in this community: • Unlock training by commenting and posting your insights in the community. • Hit 'Like' 👍 on every helpful post or comment you see to help others level up. • When you write a post, break up your paragraphs into single sentences like I am doing now - this way more people will read what you write, and respond. • Add your profile picture. • Be generous and supportive always. • If you ever get stuck, feel overwhelmed, are not sure what 'next step' to take, just ask the community. ------ Group Rules: 1) No Self Promotion 2) No Selling in the DM's 3) No Spamming the Community Feed Let's keep this a space where we all grow and enjoy hanging out.
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@Philip Barber Oh that's stressful. I hope it's third time lucky for you
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@Marina Zinecker Love this. And yes to knowing that trampled feeling, and am so not having it ✊
☀️ Summer Business School - Your Motivating Goals
Hey there Summer Schoolers! Module two is now available for you - but before you dive into your Success Strategies, I'd love to know how last week went for you. How do you feel now about your goals for the next 3 months and your ability to achieve them?
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☀️ Summer Business School - Your Motivating Goals
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Hi everyone. Came back from a week away on Thursday, visiting universities in England with my daughter, and was hoping to catch up this weekend but have been really sick with Covid since so I am just checking in to let you know why I am missing in action and to say take care of yourself out there
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@Melitta Campbell Oh, that's perfect timing. Sounds like I can take a quiet look at that, without being up-to-date on last week's lesson, if I continue to get better
It's Wednesday!
Let’s get to know more about you and your business. Who is your ideal client? Let us know below who you help and how – you never know, someone else in the group might be or know your next client!👇
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@Marina Zinecker This is so clear. I love how concise it is and still you manage to get the self-motivational/ownership of change bit in there too 👌
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@Jennie Reed I love the scene that is set by your last sentence, in particular.
☀️ Summer Business School - Take the Mindset self-assessment
This year's Summer Business School is focused on helping you get your mindset, habits, behaviours and beliefs aligned with your goals and ambitions. Over 6 modules and a series of summer-friendly bite-sized lessons, you'll build your confidence, self-belief and get ready to take your business and personal growth to the next level. You can learn more about the programme here - there is still time to join! 🤔 Not sure if your mindset needs some focus? Take the self-assessment here and quickly determine your key areas for improvement. If you have any questions about the Summer Business School programme, drop me a note. I'd be happy to answer any questions.
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☀️ Summer Business School - Take the Mindset self-assessment
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Thank you for getting me to reflect on what I have learned etc so far this year in module 1. -Feels good to take stock
Tuesday Tip
When it comes to communication, being authentic will always trump being perfect.
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Tuesday Tip
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