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The New Podcast has Launched!!
Four years ago I started the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast to help more women get the knowledge, practical advice and inspiration they needed to succeed in business. It was a big success, with thousands of listeners each month and lots of business schools using it as an example of female leadership and entrepreneurship in practice. However, I felt that now is the time to change things up. See how successfully the Dream Clients Summit created a business growth experience for participants, I wanted the podcast to do the same. I also wanted a platform to share my Value Whispering approach to meaningful marketing and business growth, as I feel it fills a gap in the market for a more empowering and impactful way to run a business and attract clients - that also feels natural and authentic. I feel this week's challenge has proven that there is a need for this knowledge to be out there for more to benefit from. So I have taken the brave step (at least I'm hoping it's brave and not foolish 😉), to refocus my podcast and rename it: the Art of Value Whispering Episode one (190) is out now, and I'd love to hear your thoughts. And if you like it, it would be a great help if you could spread the word about the 'new' show. 🎧 You can listen to the episode here. Many thanks and happy listening! Melitta x
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The New Podcast has Launched!!
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All the best Melitta! I am sure it will be as helpful and inspirational as your previous series. I will certainly listen to it and spread the word.
Day FOUR - Tasks, Questions, Insights - share all here
Today we were looking at getting consistent and having more impact through planning. Your task is to create a high-level social media plan for February. See today's masterclass in the Classroom section for guidance on exactly how to do this. You'll also find today's workbook and a downloadable content plan to help you. Share your posts, drafts and any questions or comments below 👇
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Thank you so much Melitta for the valuable content. For me this challenge hasn't been only about marketing on social media, it made me rethink and re-evaluate my whole niche and messaging my true value. Apologies for not attending all the lives. Here is a draft of my post. Please feel free to comment. I am aware that this is a long post. So I might break it in various posts. I will probably create a photo that summarizes the 5 points. This way, if people are curious, they will read the captions. Thank you! 5 POWERFUL TIPS TO REWIRE YOUR MIND FOR UNSHAKABLE SELF-LOVE: Are you constantly looking for the love of your life? Or are you heartbroken in your relationships as you attract one emotionally unavailable partner after another? Do you feel that people always end up rejecting you? Or are you stuck in an unfulfilled, unhappy, dysfunctional marriage? Do you tend to compare your couple with your friends, thinking they are happier because they might be more lovable than you are? If you relate to one of these situations, you have probably been questioning your LOVABILITY. If you feel like this, it is probably because you don't love yourself enough. I know how much it hurts because I used to feel this void too. But don't despair! I will teach you 5 powerful ways you have probably never heard before to love yourself unconditionally. 1. You must find the root cause of your limited belief “I am not lovable”. Finding the root cause of why you don’t feel lovable is essential to heal and transform. Maybe you experienced a childhood trauma such as being abandoned or abused. Perhaps, it is something less serious. For example, your parents kept comparing you with your elder sibling who just seemed more perfect than you. Whatever the reason, you have developed the belief that you are not lovable and this has negatively shaped your life. 2. Heal the younger version(s) of yourself - your inner child - who didn’t feel lovable. If the adult part of you is stuck in unhealthy relationships, it is because the younger part of you feels unlovable. It is now time to take care of your inner child and become a loving parent to them.
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@Melitta Campbell Thank you so much Melitta! Your feedback is very helpful. On another note, I was wondering whether I could still share my plan here in the coming days. Apologies, I need more time to finish this challenge.
You'll find all your Magnetic Messages Challenge Content in the Classroom
You'll find all the Workbooks, Masterclasses, and Live session replays in the Magnetic Messages Challenge section of Classroom (click here). If you miss anything as we go through the week, you'll find it all neatly organised for you there : )))
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You'll find all your Magnetic Messages Challenge Content in the Classroom
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Hi Melitta, Thank you for the great session this morning. Unfortunately, I missed the afternoon one. I have 2 questions: 1. Where can we find the workbook? You mentioned in the email, but couldn’t find it there. 2. Regarding our purpose and the messages that ensue from it, I was wondering whether the purpose is unique and the same for every message or topic. For example, could I say that my purpose is to help people improve their relationship to themselves, so they can improve all the other areas of their lives they might be struggling with? Thank you, Jasmine
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@Melitta Campbell Thank you Melitta. That helps. If I understood correctly we have to keep in mind the purpose of our business to do the task of today. Is that right?
Top 5 Software Solutions and Free Alternatives to Boost Your Online Business
Running a thriving online business hinges on having the right software tools in your arsenal. We always get questions like... What software should I use for my online business? Which one is cheaper? Where do I start? Which one is best for my specific service? ...and many more. In this post, I'll dive into the best options and some free alternatives to help you make informed choices without straining your budget. 1. Webflow: Perfect for Websites, Landing Pages, and Funnels (free option available) - Create visually stunning websites and attention-grabbing landing pages with ease. - Craft conversion-focused sales funnels that drive results. - No need for coding expertise, thanks to its user-friendly interface. 2. Klaviyo: The Go-To for Email Marketing and Automation (free option available) - Craft personalized email campaigns that engage your audience effectively. - Harness the power of advanced automation to save time and boost sales. - Alternative: Mailchimp offers a similar suite of features for email marketing and automation. 3. Skool: Streamline Membership and Course Management ($99 per month/all-inclusive) - Manage courses effortlessly, from creation to delivery. - Build and nurture a dedicated community of learners with ease. 4. Kajabi: A high-level, all-in-one Solution to manage your online business (Starting at $119 /mo) - Manage courses effortlessly, from creation to delivery. - Create a Website or Funnel including automation - Email Marketing - Build and nurture a dedicated community of learners with ease. 5. Free Kajabi Alternative: - The Comprehensive, No-Cost Solution (free option available) - Ideal for those starting out or on a tight budget. - Offers an all-in-one package encompassing website creation, landing pages, email marketing, course management, and more. - Important note: The free version does come with certain limitations, so keep an eye on those as your business grows.
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Top 5 Software Solutions and Free Alternatives to Boost Your Online Business
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Thank you @Genc Doda
Hello everyone, Jasmine here. Glad to be part of this community. I am a hypnotherapist, RTT practitioner, and a transformational life coach. I started my business less than a year ago.
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@Melitta Campbell thank you Melitta!
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