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It's Get Visible - Value Session Task Post
How do you feel about getting more visible in your business? If you are anything less that 100% confident, be sure to watch the replay of this week's value session on how to build your visibility confidence. And once you have watched it, share here how your belief has shifted and what small step you are going to take next towards your goal as a result. If you missed the session, you can watch the replay here.
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The ‘words of wisdom’ were rather apt on my Yogi Tea today!
🎧 Podcast Chat: 😬 3 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make
Podcast chats are where we dive deeper into the topics covered in the Art of Value Whispering Podcast. ➡️ This is the place to share your experiences, your biggest insights and take-aways from the show, and ask questions. This thread is for episode 198: The 3 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make that Cost them Clients Since covid, the coaching world has become all the more competitive. Which means the way you reach and attract clients has never been more important. However, even the most seasoned coaches are unknowingly deter potential clients through three common mistakes. Join me in this episode, as I share what these mistakes are, and exactly how you can avoid them! 🎧 Listen to the full episode here Or search 'Art of Value Whispering' on your favourite podcast platform. I can't wait to hear your thoughts - what resonated with you most? Let me know in the comments below 👇
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Having listened to this podcast I think I am on the right lines with my marketing and website but I would like to go through it in more detail with fresh eyes, looking for the 'what's in it for me' in everything I have written. The thing that resonated with me was looking to replace the 'I' with 'you', so that it is all written to and for the client.
What are you going to do this week to uplevel your networking game?
In this week's Value Session we looked at how to leverage the 3 stages of networking to build your brand, and attract more dream clients and opportunities. What was your big take-away that you are going to apply to your networking? Share your plans and wins in this thread! I can't wait to hear how you'll be applying this week's lessons! Missed the session? Here's the replay
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I am really disappointed this week. I had high hopes of attending a local small business networking meeting, my first networking event, nice and small (I know that because it was being held in a quite small cafe), so not too intimidating. However, events conspired against me. Family issues meant that I had to drop everything and travel up to Harrogate with a couple of hours notice yesterday. Total coincidence that it was on the time/day of the monthly networking meeting 😕. On a more positive note, I did manage to introduce my business on three local health and wellbeing networking Facebook pages. Not quite as brave and not in person, but better than nothing! Small steps.....
Share your Features and Benefits
In this week's Value Session we looked at how you can talk about the benefits of working with you. An essential skill that even professional communicators find tricky! But I've broken it down for you to help make it easier for you to apply to your business and attract more of your dream clients. ⭐ Your challenge this week is to share the core features or your current offer, and the benefits. Share these below 👇 and then share constructive feedback on the features/benefits of other members. This is your chance to create some truly engaging content to help grow your business. I look forward to learning more about the benefits of working with you! If you missed this week's masterclass, you can watch the replay here
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I really enjoyed the replay, some things started to click into place for me. I have set myself a task to write a post about my discovery calls. Rather than saying what they are and how they work I want to write it as a clear list of benefits for the client, giving them the reason they should book one. This makes so much sense to me now and I can see that focussing on benefits will make it easier for me to talk about what I do.
How are you marking International Women's Day?
Are you attending or hosting a special event? Have you released a special post or piece of content? Share all in the comments below - let's all support and celebrate each other today! 🥂 I'll add my IWD article and bonus podcast episode too.
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I listened to your IWD podcast episode and loved it so much I have posted about it and shared it on Linkedin (to my currently very small network!). It really inspired me, feeling great today, thanks Melitta.
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