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How are you marking International Women's Day?
Are you attending or hosting a special event? Have you released a special post or piece of content? Share all in the comments below - let's all support and celebrate each other today! 🥂 I'll add my IWD article and bonus podcast episode too.
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Happy IWD2024 to you @Melitta Campbell I created a Goal Setting Workbook PDF (the easy part) and then had to work out how to invite people to my list and send out a copy via MailChimp (to harder part). Here is the LI post
Share your LinkedIn Profile and Top 3 Skills
Wow, what an amazing Value Session we just had. So great to see many of you there. If you missed it - the replay is in the 'Classroom'. One thing I shared that can help you to get found is completing your Skills section. To give you all a boost in that respect, I would like to invite you to: 1) Share your LinkedIn profile link 2) Say what 3 skills you'd like us to endorse you for (you'll need to be a 1st connection) 3) Go through the posts, and connect with your colleagues and endorse them (if you are early to this task, you may need to come back later to complete this. I look forward to learning more about you all and your skills!
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@Jennie Reed All done :-)
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@Cristina Quesado done
Share the Social Media Post Love 💕
In today's Value Session we covered the 6 Essential Social Media posts to create and share for engagement and sales. These are: • Value Posts • Proof Posts • Engagement Posts • List Building Posts • Authority Posts • Brand story Posts If you create one of these posts inspired by today's masterclass, share a link to it below 👇 And share some love with other people's posts with a Reaction and Comment. I can't wait to see what you'll create! P.S. If you missed the session, you'll find the replay under the Classroom > Value Session Replays here
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@Melitta Campbell brilliant feedback. If I make edits to the post will it mess up algorithms? How do I add emojis? Thanks
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@Melitta Campbell thank you
Which Social Media Platform do You Use for Your Business
As we get ready for the Magnetic Messages Challenge tomorrow, I was curious to know which social media platform you use for your business? Let me know in the poll below - and share your profile links in the comments section so we can all connect, learn more about each other's work and support each other.
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@Sabine Munshi Great to connect
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@Rosemary Bointon Great to connect. Working on my plan this :-)
Day One - Tasks, Questions, Insights - share all here
So great to meet many of you in the live Masterclass this morning. If you missed it, you'll find the replay in the Classroom. Click the 'Magnetic Messages Challenge' section to get started. Once you complete today's task, share it here so we can all support you and get inspired. If you have any insights you'd like to share from your work today, share those here too. And also share any questions you have. I can't wait to see how you get on with today's task!
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Hi Melitta - Thank you for putting this together. I have recently started a Group Coaching programme for Women in Tech and need to get the word out there. This challenge is perfect timing. Happy to get feedback on this draft LI post.
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Thank you so much for your feedback @Melitta Campbell - Here is the updated post
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Wanda van Gelderen
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Hi - I am Wanda, a mindset coach working on a book for high achievers who want to drop the overwork and find balance. Dutch and living near London.

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