🎧 Podcast Chat: Beyond Courses & Coaching: My Brain Is Exploding With Creative Monetization Ideas (Part 1)
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This thread is for the episode, "Beyond Courses & Coaching: My Brain Is Exploding With Creative Monetization Ideas (Part 1)"
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In this episode, I am sharing creative, unique monetization ideas that go beyond the typical “online course” or coaching program - this series of episodes will inspire you and give you so many fresh ideas for offers you could create.
This is part 1 in a 3-part series, so definitely keep listening for tons of fresh, new ideas for monetizing your business and audience that are definitely going to get your gears turning (and hopefully reduce the overwhelming feeling like you need to create a huge course to make sales).
In this episode:
  • Why simplifying and streamlining your product delivery and format can actually help you stand out in a saturated market of courses and coaching programs that all look and sound the same
  • How creators inadvertently get taken out of their zone of genius when they go to create paid, premium products - thinking they need to create something in a different format in order to sell it (and what to do instead)
  • What I noticed about my own habits online with content consumption and realized this was a bigger pattern happening in the education industry as a whole
  • Why you need to pay more attention when people say they would pay for just one core component of your offer, and how to turn that into its own product
  • Introduction to our 3-part series on creative monetization ideas for creators
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