💸 How I made $1,000 on Skool yesterday
(Without sending DM's and having my Skool group hidden!)
Hey Skool fam (or should we be called Skoolies??!), I did this short video to explain how I made $1,000 on Skool yesterday (without sending DM's and having my Skool group hidden!) and also explain:
  • 👉🏼 What my unusual strategy is 🤓
  • 👉🏼 Why I am intentionally being the tortoise, not the hare 🐢
  • 👉🏼 My vision for what I am building on Skool 🧐
By Backstory 👇🏼
  • 15 year building online communities (Meetup .com, Facebook, Mighty Networks, now Skool!)
  • Launch Sales Strategist helping my clients have 6 & multi 6-figure client course launches using online communities for 5+ years
  • Before - award winning consultant building and scaling sales teams for corporate clients (FTSE100, Fortune500)
The Skool Plan 👇🏼
  • My group is private invite only (hidden until yesterday) launched 3 week ago
  • Watched Sam's interview, 10 people, invited 24 to open (all who paid upfront for a set period)
  • Intentional about WHO, right attitude and vibe.
  • Bought into my vision
  • Here in the community to watch, listen and learn (6 weeks now).
  • Asking questions, having conversations, no pitches.
  • All BEFORE I open any free Skool group.
  • Understand the culture and vision and how I can best add value.
  • Side effect already = made more new friends than years on FB/IG and I become a Level 6 "Grandmaster" and being called the Queen of Skool!👸🏼
My Group 👇🏼
  • Focused on getting clients, growing sales, wellness and fun
  • Messaging (how to get ideal clients to DM you, no cold needed), sales strategy, launching, mindset/energetics
  • Somatic Breathwork (live and recorded)
Current offer 👇🏼
  • Freedom Business House, secret invite only (only added a video yesterday)
  • Pay upfront for set period, moving to monthly payments.
  • Skool payments when we open to the public
2024 Skool plan 👇🏼
  • Intentional, sustainable growth over volume
  • Massively over deliver on those who said YES - surprise and delight
  • Open a free Skool group
*** You can now access ALL my most popular Skool posts on sales, marketing, mindset and Skool (AKA the Wizard Library 🧙‍♀️) on one post 👉 HERE 👈 Enjoy! 📚 ***
Jade Jemma
💸 How I made $1,000 on Skool yesterday
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