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Use cases for Group Chat


, , and the Skool team, my friend told me I should send you some use cases for Group Chat design. First of all thank you very much for considering this feature. This is very important for us, as although I have started two communities here, I still have to keep many students on Slack. So I thought to give it some thought and enumerate the use cases here, and give the community leaders also the opportunity to chime in with their own use cases. Here we go:

  1. We run a 1-year course to help redesign all aspects of personal, professional, business, and life. There is a main course with main set of meetings and rhythms. And there are a lots of special interest groups that get formed. I am involved with some while other meet with each other or with other members of my team.
  2. For example, I practice and teach Shaolin QiGong for the health and wellness of my team and my participants. It is a daily practice, so something I have to take a leave and announce that message to the regulars. Not everyone needs to see it and it would be annoyance if everyone saw that I won't be leading Shaolin Fit session on a certain day.
  3. With a small group of thinkers from within my course, I read a deeply technical or philosophical book. I don't charge anything for it, so it is not a separate community but a sub-community within my community. Meeting by Zoom happens once a week. These people do need to see the course, and comments on the main programming, but they also want their own sub-group for chat, and sharing philosophical links, that are not directly related to the course, but more for inner group of people.
  4. We also divide course members into teams. Teams meet by zoom each week and continue their discussions over WhatsApp or slack channels.
  5. Sometimes certain members struggle with certain aspect of their career, and business and sometimes personal relationships. I form small chat groups, and involve other members who are more senior, and know how to help. We continue to check in on the progress and evolution of the matter which the chat groups.
  6. One more point, the group messaging feature has nothing to do with cohorts. We have already figured out how to run cohorts using current features. What's missing is Group Messaging.

Is this helpful? I am sure I am missing other use cases here. Please add below via comments how you would use Group Messaging.


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