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Sup guys! Just hit a cool milestone with Skool. Here are 3 things I love about Skool: 1. Community - there’s a heavy emphasis on community and my members love it. 2. Gamification - when you get this right the community is awesome without you. 3. All In One - with community, courses, and calls in one area it’s easy to have active members. Those alone make Skool an amazing platform. I could spend an hour writing out a list of every feature I love, but less is more. But that doesn’t mean I’m showing up empty handed… There’s one thing I love about Skool the most: And that’s the ability to create an amazing product. It’s the one thing that has led to most of our growth. We have a product that’s so good, members share it with their friends. Without the 3 things above, building an amazing product would be very difficult. Quick formula for ya before I sign off: Great Product x (Ascensions + Continuity) = 🚀 Thank you @Sam Ovens and the team, Brady 🫡 P.S. there’s no screenshot bc money is between like 4-5 different processors.
Ryan Vincent
Tanner Jones
Shaun Levy
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Jesse Clark
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@Brady Badour Amazing! Thanks for sharing this, love it!
Help please
Hello, I need to make an adjustment to my name (Rj to RJ) however the edit feature won't allow me to make changes until 90 days. Any work around?
Ted Carr
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
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@RJ Grimshaw Reaching out to you on Skool Chat :)
The people enrolled on a particular course
Would be great to see at a glance
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
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@Jamal Ahmed Navigate to the Members tab, and then select the course you'd like to see the list of members that have access to it :)
FREE SKOOL Communities
If you have a free group that anyone can join post your links here and tell us what your niche is.
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Dan Harrison
Ming Fung
Marc God
Diane Ziomek
New comment 3h ago
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@Paul Masters do you also have a free community? 🤔
7 likes • Oct '22
@Marko Pfann Ooo, look who joined the free group party 🎉 I gotta say, the branding looks amazing, especially, the course cover photos 👏
Membership Questions for Paid Communities
Hi Skool team – if you offer a paid community, is there a way to still provide membership questions? After a few tests, it looks like membership questions only show up for when the community is set to "free". If an invite link is sent to a paid community, it looks like they're automatically in once they pop-in their card numbers. Obviously, that's great but we still want to monitor who joins our group – event if they pay. Thanks!
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Brandon Kaiser
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@Brandon Kaiser MQs are only for free groups, correct. For subscription groups, they pay and they are in. Them paying itself is the qualifier.
How To Fill, Sell, Operate And Retain A Successful Mastermind Group.
Hi I’m Oli 👋 I run several paid Communities on Skool that make around $800k /month collectively. Today, I’m sharing with you how to fill, sell, operate and retain a successful Mastermind Group. In this post I’ll be covering: - How to fill a Mastermind Community - Captaining your group and managing Mastermind Operations - Protecting your recurring revenue with a Retention Playbook To illustrate I’ll be spotlighting one of my Communities called NextLevel Scale™. Quick context about this particular Mastermind and Me… I started this Community about 5 years ago back in 2018. Primarily to help other info Business Owners who are scaling to 7 and and 8 figures with their own Masterminds, Group Coaching Programs, Memberships and Online Courses. The investment has risen each year, but currently stands at $48k for 12-months Membership. Right now we have 50 active members which contributes to around $2.4 million in annual recurring revenue. My role is to lead and facilitate the group with a Team that comprises of one full time Coach and a part time assistant. But I didn’t start here. My journey goes back over the past 20 years of being in the info business. Since then I’ve ran virtually every kind of model you can imagine: Full Format Franchising, Online Memberships, Area Exclusive Licensing, Online Courses + Digital Products, In-person training centre, Group Coaching Programs, a National Association, Home study courses, Marketing Agency, Publishing Partners, Live Events, Equity based Consulting, Retreats, Private Consulting, Certification programs, Printed Monthly Newsletter Subscriptions… …and obviously Masterminds Groups. The high ticket Mastermind Community model is hard to beat. It’s almost like “alchemy“, and the timing to grow your own Community like mine is especially fortuitous right now. My goal here is to summarize the lessons I've learned, share what has worked, and what to avoid. Fair warning: this post will likely be long, so be sure to bookmark it now in your browser to refer back to later.
Breynan Hammons
Oli Billson
Brian Yang
Dave Maddock
Danny Mallinder
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@Oli Billson Thanks for the share!!! 🙌
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@Elina Solaita It is! And that's why I pinned it for a week :)
Request: Unlimited Email Broadcasts Instead of 72 hours
This will help elimite need to keep Kajabi/ActiveCampaign for client updates because every 3 days is kinda limiting. Thanks. Bilal.
Justin Garcia
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Saqib Rasool
Brinley Rebstein
Nate McCallister
New comment 7h ago
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@Bilal M If you post in your group as an admin, ALL your group members are notified anyway. Email Broadcasts are reserved mostly for very important announcement stuff. And also to prevent group admins from sending too many emails. Twice a week seems to be balanced, at the moment.
2 likes • Jan 26
@Justin Garcia Yea, the open rates and deliverability are extremely good, at the moment. So I'm not sure if we should meddle with it 😅
Skool payments is LIVE! And it's cheaper than Stripe
Now you can charge money for membership to your community! Skool replaces your landing page, order form, merchant account, and everything else — it does everything, end-to-end, seamlessly. You add a price, share a link, get members, and make money. Watch the video to see how it works. Questions? Check out this Skool payments FAQ. Enjoy 🎉
Alex Shakhov
Tony Gonzalez
Frank Heininga
Benjamin Van Doorslaer
Sam Ovens
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@Zulqarnain Nahyon Payouts are automatic. Please refer to the Subscriptions payout schedule doc in the subscriptions help docs :)
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@Ray Wood Once you start a subscription group, you can still invite members in for free. Usually, group creators invite their team, old customers, etc. I'd highly recommend going through the Skool Subscriptions mini-course in the Classroom :)
Free Trials
Please add free trials. Some kind of timer would be nice to see as well to add urgency. Maybe in their payment options even, a timer with an upgrade button perhaps. Or even a dynamic countdown that says: "1 day until you lose access" I'd really like to see this, just putting my vote in. Makes for a very nice parlay into the group especially as a bonus add on when you sell a course. @David Sekera and I had a fantastic conversation the other day about the power of free trials and I really wish Skool would offer this.
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Shane Tuffin
Jarrad Pouncil
Joshua St. Clair
Fredu Sirviö
New comment 8h ago
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@Fredu Sirviö Yes
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@Arron Reeves I literally kept and started this thread - the first comment asks a very specific question. We will provide an update when we have an update. We are not ignoring anything. Never.
Post Approvals System
Description of Problem: it only takes one or two sour apples to ruin the vibes in a community. It happens from time to time (especially in high ticket where people are investing a fair amount) that a student gets upset and decides to start spamming the group with upsetting posts and content. This often has a ripple effect of diminishing peoples' confidence in themselves and their ability to succeed. As a platform that prides itself on community collaboration, I'm sure most everyone can agree that a moderation suite is critical in maintaining integrity. Feature: the specific request would be for the ability to toggle-on a "posts must be approved by a moderator" feature that allows the moderators or admins to preview posts, and then choose to approve or deny them. If the post is denied, the moderator or admin would have the ability to send private feedback to the user about the reason behind the rejection of the post. Business impact: we're about to migrate roughly 3,000 high ticket clients into Skool. The lack of more robust moderation tools means we need to staff extra customer support resources to lurk on the community page, ready to remove any "violating" posts. Puppy gif included below for greater visibility!
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Sean Kochel
Lori Swift
Garry Malone
Daniel Well
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@Troy McNeely Yea, totally, or at least alert admins/mods when the blocked keyword is used.
1 like • Aug 1
@Sean Kochel Yea, I hear you. But from the data, it's not that ideal. Post removals across the platform are soooo low, that that's almost non-existent. We will definitely look into this cause I also think we'll need something like this soon, since we are growing fast 🤝
Affiliate / reward program
Is there a way to create an affiliate / reward program for our paid communites ?
Robert Charles
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Faro Zacarías
Asmâa Methqal
Jason Biehl
New comment 1d ago
5 likes • Aug 14
@Iléa Menu You can do it manually if you want, for now. If Member A invites Member B to your paid community, it says "invited by Member A" in the Membership Pending queue. You can note that down and then reward Member A for the lead if Member B gets sold into your community. Later, when we have a dedicated feature for this, you can switch.
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@Asmâa Methqal Yes, there's a special link. Once member A refers to member B, you'll see member B pending in membership approvals. It will say that they were referred by member A :)
Membership challenge winners 🎉
The membership challenge ended last night at 11:59pm. Congratulations to the winners! 📈 Most MRR winners: 1st — Avocado HealthPro Community ($24,399 MRR) 2nd — Adonis Gang ($18,695 MRR) 3rd — Creator Accelerator ($13,832 MRR) 📈 Most paid members winners: 1st — Adonis Gang (3,736 paid members) 2nd — 1% Ecom Club (798 paid members) 3rd — Zero To HERO (558 paid members) 1st prize gets — Macbook pro, screen, lifetime free skool 2nd prize gets— Macbook pro, 1-year free skool 3rd prize gets — 1-year free skool 📈 Hundreds of people got more than 10 paid members to join their group. All of you get 3-months free skool + skool merch. Nice work! 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize winners — check your DM's today! We'll be in touch to give you your prizes. For those of you who got 10+ paid members — we'll email you in the next 2-3 days to hook you up. This was fun! Crazy to see people hitting $24,399 MRR ($293k /year income) in just 28-days. Let's congratulate these winners!
Mike Morales
Matt Brady
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Andreas Johansson
Brinley Rebstein
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@Samuel Earp Woot woot! Nice! 🙌
New features: Action posts + Pin post to module
Sometimes you want your members to take action. For example: Introduce yourself and share a photo of your workspace, or... Play this song on the guitar and share a video of you doing it. Simple actions make your community more interactive and fun. Remember the ice bucket challenge? Action posts — Describe the action you want your members to complete. When somebody comments, the action will be marked as complete. Pinning posts to modules — Now you can pin posts to course modules to make them more practical and interactive. For example: Your first module could be "Welcome! Start here" and give a quick overview of how things work with a call to action at the end to introduce themself and share a photo. You can pin any post to a module, it doesn't have to be an action post. You could pin posts relevant to the module, or a post with the title: "Module XYZ - Questions/discussion here" and use it as a comments section. Your turn: Complete this action by telling us what you think?
Complete action
Josh Gavin
Anthony Llanos
Raquel Hernandez
Christel Hughes
Tobin Jarrett
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@Asmâa Methqal Heads up, it needs to be a new post.
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@Asmâa Methqal It's the "lightning" icon on the desktop and the "attach pin" icon if you are posting from in-app.
How We Built and Maintain Our 55,000+ Dental Community
More and more people are starting to build communities, and with Skool’s Membership Challenge coming up, I wanted to share some things that we've done to build and maintain the "Disneyland for Dentists" as @Sam Ovens has called it in some of his podcast appearances (linked in the comments below). We run a large Facebook group (we started it before Skool was a thing) in the dental space and currently have 55,000+ US-based dentists in the community. Engagement in the group is constantly around 90% (meaning that ~50k of the 55k members have engaged in the past 60 days). The community was grown 100% organically. Not a single dollar was spent on promotion. Here are the things that we did (and continue to do) to grow the group organically: 1. The most important thing is the quality of the content being shared in the group. This is by far the most important thing. I'd estimate that 70%+ of our group members were invited by someone already in the group. The quality of the content is the main reason someone invites someone else to join that group. There are no shortcuts here other than being consistent with great content. We posted daily for several years and now mix in new content and recycle our old posts as we've been at it for 5+ years. A ton of incredible content gets buried in the past posts so it's beneficial for new members to start recycling it after about 6 months of posting. 2. We contacted "all-stars" in the group and asked if they'd post regularly. If they agreed, we assigned them a day of the week. We have had dozens of incredible group members posting once per week on their scheduled day for years. These people come and go, but we always have an excellent rotation of group members consistently posting in the group. This helps to have great content from other people rather than from admins. This also encourages other group members to post and engage as it's more of a community sharing ideas rather than top-down from the leaders.
Brent C
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Zahida A Khan
Blake Willard
May Adams
New comment 2d ago
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@Brent C AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing!!!
How I Used Skool to Go From -$15k to $8.7 Million (My Story)
I've never shared this publicly before. This is the full story of how I went from $15,000 in debt to making over $8.7 million a year. Skool played a key role in helping me build Founder OS. My mission is to inspire 100 million founders with proven systems to grow their audience, monetization, and brand. We're just getting started. Let's win together 🥇
Harley Seelbinder
Danny Mallinder
Paul Esser
Ryan Mathews
Jim Riviello
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@Matt Gray Amazing! Thanks for sharing! 🙌
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