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Any roadmap plans for this? Would be a really huge feature I must say!



Sam Ovens
Oli Reitmaier
AliReza Teimoori
Timothy Shieff
Fitzgerald Council
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    @Lauren Natelborg please make me a loom video describing exactly what you need and why and DM it to me. Trying to understand your use case.

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    We're looking into this right now. It's probably going to be our next project. More info coming at the next Office Hours.

If you could wave a magic wand and add one feature to Skool, what would it be?



Benjamin Nabers
Oli Reitmaier
Hannah Fisher
Peter Svenning
Sali Bina
New comment 3h ago
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    @Jeffrey Marr what would the landing page look like? got an example you can screenshot/share with me so I know what you mean?

Here's the recording from yesterday's call. We covered: • Now you can invite people with course access privileges via email, CSV, and Zapier • Zapier can be used to invite members to your group + unlock courses for members in the group • Course access panel is much easier to see/use now • @Andrew Kirby's new mini-course "Free Group Funnels" is live • We launched a new podcast where we hang out with creators in this space Check out the recording to see how you can use these features and resources. Enjoy! Want to attend the next Office Hours live with us? See when it's happening on our calendar here



Ruben Gallardo
Chris Moore
Marc Gilday
Albert Caasi
Jonas Wolf
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We just shipped some new gamification features to make things more fun! • Custom level names: Personalize your group by naming your levels. • Unlock courses at levels: Unlock a course or something of value when members hit a high level. • Leaderboard redesign: Now you can see your progress and what you can unlock as you level up. Watch the Loom video below for more info on how it works and how to set it up for yourself. This is an experimental feature we're playing with, so we want to hear your feedback! Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think?



Trent Grzegorczyk
Abhi Amalsadia
Paul Saunders
Mitali Deypurkaystha
Daumantas Masteika
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    @Raj Dash it might, but it's not on the roadmap/a priority right now.

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    @Raj Dash check the leaderboard on the 1st day of each month, take a screenshot, and DM the top member with a Calendly link to book a call?

I want to know.



Jose Castro
Ryan Mathews
Katharina Brandenberger
Sangeeta Naik
Caroline Betz
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    Thank you everybody! I'm asking because we're redoing the messaging on our website. Right now the headline says: "It's time to ditch Kajabi and Facebook groups". What would you change the headline to?

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    @Rashmi Suthar @Sid Sahasrabuddhe

New features to help you make money by referring people to Skool: 1. Auto-affiliate: If somebody creates a group from your group we'll pay you 40% automatically. 2. The affiliate program is now open to everybody! 3. Easy access: Click your user icon --> Refer --> Copy/paste your link 4. Join our Skool Affiliates community here to get ideas, inspiration, support, etc. 5. Watch our "Affiliate 101" mini-course here to see 8 proven ways to promote Skool Watch the video to learn more. Let's make some money! 💰💰💰



Sean McLellan
Cody McDowell
Sam Ovens
Stuart Clifford
Saqib Rasool
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    @Ralph Perrier we wanted to make it generous so our customers market for us and we don’t need an internal marketing team or advertising budget, etc.

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    @Stuart Clifford your members won't see Skool Community in their group switcher. It only shows for people who create their own groups. Also, Skool Community doesn't overwrite affiliate attribution. Whoever has the last touch will get the commission when creating a group from Skool Community.

maybe this already exists and I don't know how to do it? Couple use cases for this: 1. If I want to touch base with a member of the group and I want to include a member of my team, so 3 people in the chat. Alternatively, if I want members of my team to follow up with members via DM, but I want to be CCd so I can track conversations. 2. If I want to connect 2 members of my mastermind, potentially 1 is having an issue and another is strong in that area, I'd like to create a group chat to introduce/ connect the two people (so there would be 3 of us on the chat.



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Jared Egge
Sam Ovens
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    Aren't group chats a pain in the ass when you intro 2 people? Then you're stuck in the chat or you have to leave it and it seems kind of rude... What if we did an intro feature where you could intro two people, type an intro message, but you were never part of the convo?

I wanted to achieve 100 days in a row of at least 10 activities in the Skool community - which I did. All posts were an indirect result (proving my point that activity more often than not can also lead to contributing) and hopefully I was able to add some value to the community that way. My goal in doing this was to better understand Skool as a platform and get ideas on how to build a community, as I had little exposure to this topic before. In retrospect, I consider my post on a streak feature to be the most important because besides the already existing affiliate program, I think that feature could contribute the most to Skool's growth. Of course, if Skool is to grow worldwide, multilingualism is a must. In the coming time I will focus more on my main business, so I won't have the time to be active here anymore. It was a great time with you, I wish you much success with your communities, businesses and in life. To @Sam Ovens , @Daniel Kang and the whole Skool team I wish that they absolutely crush it with Skool - which I'm one hundred percent convinced of). Thank you for many inspiring discussions.



Saqib Rasool
Oli Reitmaier
Varun Teja
Devin Zander
Paul Saunders
New comment 5d ago

And it's been happening to my clients, too. We've had NUMEROUS members leave our Skool group thinking it would unsubscribe them from payments, but since it doesn't, and they get charged, they get pissed and dispute - not good for our business relations with Stripe. The solution? I now make it SUPER obvious to new members that leaving the Skool group is NOT going to pause or cancel their accounts. I let all my members know in the: A) Welcome email B) Membership Q's C) Intro module D) Welcome DM E) Rules Idea for Skool: when people click 'leave', perhaps you can have a warning message that says: "If you are paying to be in this community, leaving will not stop your credit card payments from being processed. Please contact the community owner to cancel or pause your payments before leaving this group."



Ted Carr
Tom Long
Brett Dev
Regina Voarino
Scott Millar
New comment 5d ago
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    Sorry to hear that. Would it be better if we just handled subscription billing for you?

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    @Ted Carr DM me a Loom sharing how you're currently doing your monthly subscription billing with Skool, please.

Announcing https://skool.directory/ While browsing Skool and thinking about how to be a good affiliate for the platform, I found a number of threads around the discovery of groups: - https://www.skool.com/community/group-directory - https://www.skool.com/community/recommended-communities - https://www.skool.com/community/free-skool-communities I also feel like none of the Skool marketing describes how mature and well adopted the platform is. It's only through Google I can see how many groups exist the number of users, and whether they are active. As such I've built a directory for Skool: https://skool.directory/ I hope to solve a couple of problems with directory: 1. Make discovery of other communities easier 2. Bring visibility to the fact that Skool is a well adopted and popular platform I find it very interesting to see how many groups there are and how popular they are (there are some groups with thousands of users). I have plans to do more, but I would like to hear feedback and what you think. So please let me know. And of course, if you're an admin -- please feel free to submit your group!



Sam Ovens
Leah Davis
Khalil Muhammad
Richard Woods
Kevin Lee
New comment 7d ago
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    This is cool! I like it 🙂

We're thinking of doing a sick Black Friday deal. The craziest Black Friday deal we've ever done. Interested? Give me a sick GIF in the comments below if you want a sick deal.



Shew Tanden
Regina Martinelli
Trent Grzegorczyk
David Jones
Teresa Knipple
New comment 15d ago

Affiliate signup on Skool Community The Skool Affiliate program is one of the best. I’ve built a number of tools in order to be a better affiliate of Skool and to help continue to grow this amazing community. I noticed recently that when creating a group from here, Sam always gets the affiliate credit. I think this is slightly unfair to the affiliates of Skool who are getting users to signup. Skool Community is one of the best entry points for users to see the value of Skool as a whole, and as such I send a lot of traffic to this group. I believe this group should honor pre-existing affiliate codes for users who ultimately choose to signup from here. I don’t think it’s fair to punish affiliates who want to show their potential signups this group. Does anyone else agree? Affiliates, please let me know what you think.



Peter Svenning
Roman Pearl
Kevin Lee
Sam Ovens
Brinley Rebstein
New comment 10d ago
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    @Kevin Lee and everybody else - this is fixed. We no longer take credit for group creations from Skool Community.

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    @Andrew Kirby @Kevin Lee whoever has the last touch on the user. that could be nobody if there were no last touches in the last 30-days.

Classroom is a lightweight content portal for online courses. Create modules, embed videos, add resources, transcripts, and track student progress. Classroom integrates with your Skool community, so your students will have 1-login, 1-profile, and 1-search — for everything. Totally free. Watch the video below to see how it works. Enjoy!



Tim Navarro
Kieran Moloney
Sam Ovens
JB The Wizard
Max Perzon
New comment Nov '22
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    @Josh Trent maybe later, but not right now.

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    @JB The Wizard it’s free for members. It’s $99 /month to host your own group. Thank you 😊

Hey team! I thought I'd share why we haven't been as active posting and commenting on Skool recently — We're focusing on building "Skool 3.0". So instead of incremental improvements in short cycles (like we've been doing so far), we're making some big improvements over a longer cycle. You're going to love it! As soon as Skool 3.0 is live, I'll announce it here in the Skool Beta group. Till then, we may not be as engaged with discussions, or announcing new features. I wanted to let you know why. Bug fixes will continue to be a #1 priority, so if you find anything please report it to us and we'll fix it ASAP. Happy New Year!



Saidur Rahman
Chester Zoda
Ralph Lasry
Onur Degirmenci
Sam Ovens
New comment Apr '21
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    @Ralph Lasry, thanks :)

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    @Onur Degirmenci, thanks! No ETA on the app version at the moment. We're still focusing on web. It works really well on the mobile browser.

We've got a SICK Black Friday deal for you... - Skool 1-year subscription (usually $1,200) - Wetube self-study course (usually $9,800) - Total: $11,000 This Black Friday - get both for $999. That's $10,000 in real savings. A true 91% discount. Interested? Join the waitlist here to be notified the moment it goes live. 🔥🔥🔥



Andrew Kirby
Esteban Andrade
Luis Feliz Caballero
Michael Morales
Jesse Clark
New comment 12d ago
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    @David French We'll get to you ASAP. We're working all weekend. We sold WAY more than we anticipated! It's crazy over here 🤯

  • 4 likes • Nov '22

    @Nevin Sabet you haven't been added to the Wetube SS group yet (where the content is). We'll get to your order soon. This is. what you'll have access to

@Andrew Kirby stopped by Skool HQ the other day to hang out. We talked about Skool for 6 hours. He's doing some interesting things with his free group "Synthesizer School". He basically funnels his audience (social, email list, etc.) to his free group + mini-course. He builds a relationship with his audience in the group, and occasionally promotes his paid course. It works! The funnel: Audience → to Community → to Customers. Anyway... I got Kirby to create a "Free Group Funnel" mini-course sharing his process. If you have any questions, comment below, and I'm sure Kirby will help. Enjoy!



Troy Scott
Andrew Kirby
David Cavanagh
Yoa Yoikyasi
Ashley Wright
New comment 14d ago
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    @Fred Gleeck good idea. I'm sure we'll do something like that later on, but right now we're focused on building essential features for you guys.

It would be lovely to be able to see team members on a map (geographycal location). E.g. on/off button in profile if I want to represent my location on the map. Things like "hey I'll be around Minneapolis next week, how about (....)" would be much easier with an easy overview on who is where. (Origin of the request: I wanted to have a quick look at who from uplevel is in Europe.)



Sam Ovens
Ray Milidoni
Josh Gavin
Aaron Resendiz
Heinz Koop
New comment 15d ago
  • 5 likes • Aug '20

    Cool idea! I like it. We'll explore the idea in more detail and if we find something that makes sense, we'll add it to the roadmap.

@Sam Ovens in the future when Skool is massively successful, are you going to have ads in groups? And if you do, will you allow us to disable ads in groups?



Sam Ovens
Rene G
Trent Grzegorczyk
Varun Teja
David Cavanagh
New comment 16d ago
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    We won’t run ads! We don’t even have Google Analytics installed on Skool. We have a different business model.

Now you can see where people are in the world and what personality type they are. These are two simple yet powerful things to know about other users in your groups. They also play a role in helping members find accountability partners, or local meetups. You can add your location and Myers Briggs type to your profile in the user settings page.



Paul Exner
New comment Aug '22

This is a group on Skool, about Skool, by people who use Skool. Here's 4 ways to get started: 1. Check out our "Skool 101" course to learn about the product and common use-cases. 2. Use Skool and share your feedback by posting/commenting in the community. 3. Attend our monthly "Skool office hours" livestreams for product updates and Q&A. 4. Want to create your own group on Skool? Click here to do that. Watch the video below for a quick overview of the product. Enjoy 🎉



Simon Paquin
James Horan
Chris Moore
Sam Ovens
Andrew Shusterman
New comment Aug '22
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    @Andrew Shusterman you can personalize your URL like skool.com/yourbrand, but you can't use a fully custom domain at the moment.

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    @Chris Moore they're not.

@Sam Ovens - You know I luv ya buddy, but this confused me. I "attained" level 3 only to find out that what I got was NADA! Why set up levels and then not have people "get the biscuit" when they risk it! I just want to hear why you think this is best practice - LOL. Again, all said with love!



Sam Ovens
Fred Gleeck
Aljaž Plankl
New comment 19d ago
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    Sorry! We created it to show you what you could do with the level unlock feature. But don't worry, we'll complete the courses by the end of Feb. Skool Community is our main focus this year. We're adding lots of useful content/resources.

i am of a firm opinion that while Free Group may work as a filter to your paid group / back end mastermind, the biggest mistake one can do is to get traffic without qualifying inside the community. If that is done and they don't have a focused goal, they very soon will feel demotivated and exit the group as you don't want random but only qualified people who want to join a group with that niche. The same principle applies on a Youtube channel - you can't post random stuff but content for a particular niche which is specific and fit that particular audience avatar



Marc Green
Oli Reitmaier
Akassh Ashok Gupta
Fred Gleeck
Blake La Grange
New comment 21d ago
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    @Fred Gleeck interesting idea!

I've tried all kinds of community/course delivery apps and this one crushes them all. It's EASY - which means that: 1. Introverted and somewhat lazy community leaders like me are WAY more inclined to interact, post, contribute, etc. 2. You can create a community with content etc in less than a day. Ours was up, running, and full of great discussions in less than 24 hours - and I'm not too bright. 3. THE USERS are far more likely to use it - which is the whole point. We've got more engagement in our new little community in less time than anything I've ever tried. Best part - nobody had to read the directions. It's intuitive. Favorite feature - ability to paste loom links into video thingy and create/post content super fast. This had to have taken a lot of time to develop. Well done and thank you for making it.



Max Doorne
Frank Kern
Peter Llontop
Daniel Patterson
Ming Fung
New comment 24d ago
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    @Frank Kern thanks, Frank 😊

Is there a way to have a course be set to ´certain level members have access´ and also manually give some participants access to that course even before they reach that required level?



Sam Ovens
Josh Gavin
Mareya Ali
Jordan Blackman
New comment 24d ago
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    @Josh Gavin why?

  • 1 like • 25d

    @Jordan Blackman got it. Thanks for the feedback. This is something we need to think about in more detail. The course-access permissions is already complex, and we're hesitant to make it even more complex.

I noticed that all posts from last year are now only dated with month and year. For example, it displays as (Aug '22). It is possible that you can fix this to show the full date, for example: 8-16-22 or Aug 16 '22? It would be very helpful



Josh Gavin
Brinley Rebstein
Sam Ovens
Sunny Sharma
New comment 25d ago
  • 1 like • 25d

    Try hovering over the date like this 🙂

  • 4 likes • 25d

    Ahh... It only shows from the feed, not the post itself. We'll fix that for you. @Sid Sahasrabuddhe please add this to the backlog.

Hey team! We just added some new gamification features. The idea is to surface and reward the people who add the most value by helping others. Here's how it works: • Points — whenever somebody likes your post/comment, you get 1-point. • Levels — your level will show as a blue dot with a number in it on your avatar and profile. As you get more points, you start to level up. • Leaderboards — the members who gained the most points in the last 7-days, 30-days, and all-time will show on the leaderboards tab here. • Gems — group admins can award "gems" to posts/comments that are of exceptional quality. Awarding a gem makes the post/comment stand out so others are more likely to see it and users can use the "Gems" filter to find admin curated highlights from the community. • Prizes — with these new features you can offer prizes to members that appear in the top 10 to reward top contributors and incentivize the right behavior. This isn't a "feature", but something we've noticed works well in other communities. We recommend offering prizes in your community! Let the games begin!



Clark Kegley
Adam Harper
Troy Scott
Mareya Ali
Oli Reitmaier
New comment 26d ago
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    @Christine Bar Noël the highest you can go is level 9. Admins have a shield icon with their level inside to indicate their admin status.

  • 1 like • Jan '22

    @Chris Moore gamification features are always on.

Want to see inside Skool HQ and get a thorough demo of the product? This video is for you. I share how Skool works, the problems it solves, and how people are using it (common use-cases). This is the most thorough demo video we've ever made for Skool. Check it out! Got questions? Let me know in the comments below?



Bruno Domingues
Tim Hatari
Pyaar Kaye
Marc-Andre Seguin
Raj Dash
New comment Aug '22

Hey team, @Nick Guadagnoli (Product Manager), me (CEO), and @Sid Sahasrabuddhe (Community Manager) are holding a Skool "Office Hours" livestream tomorrow, Tuesday, March 22nd @ 1pm Pacific Time on Zoom. See it on our calendar here. We're going to share our latest product updates, best practices, and answer any questions you have. Nothing formal, we just want to hang out with you guys, share what's going on, and offer help. Want to attend? Click this link here to register/attend. See you there!



Adam Harper
Ryan Alexander
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Paul Exner
Nick Guadagnoli
New comment Mar '22

Hi Sam and Team, I'd love to see Loom integration, in addition to YouTube and Vimeo. In my current FB community, both myself as admin and my students use loom daily. Although this may be niche specific, as my students do public speaking exercises as part of their curriculum. Thanks again to yourself and your amazing team for all your hard work and dedication! ~ Jennifer



Sam Ovens
Jennifer Anne
Steven Souther
Ed Squire
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment Jan 2
  • 6 likes • May '20

    I've been using Loom personally for the past few weeks to see what it can do and I'm impressed. We'll definitely be accepting Loom links for video as its clearly the best tool for recording/sharing video right now.

  • 1 like • Jul '22

    @Steven Souther please assist @Sid Sahasrabuddhe

Introducing two new features for courses: 1. Drip — Now you can drip course content to your members over time. When adding/editing a module, turn drip on, and enter the number of days you want to module to drip after. 2. Course permissions — Now you can give some of your members access to course A, but not course B. When adding/editing a course, set permissions to "All members have access" (default), or "Only some members have access". To give specific members access, find the member from the member's list, click the "..." menu, click "Manage access", and select the course from there. These were two of the most requested features we've had, so I hope you guys like them! Check it out and let us know what you think. Enjoy!



Dennis Kroon
Dan Harrison
Nick Guadagnoli
Markian Pergat
Stephen Monaco
New comment Dec '22
  • 3 likes • Sep '22

    @Jordan Schwann if you drip every module at the same time (Eg. 7-days) you're basically dripping the set. Drip at the module level provides more flexibility than at the set level.

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