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The Riches are in the Niches - Free AI Tool to Discover Your Niche
I recently explored the powerful concept: "The Riches are in the Niches." Many struggle with selecting a specific niche, so I compiled a list of 3,967 business categories from Google My Business. Using Claude 3.5 Sonnet, I organized these into a detailed spreadsheet outlining industries and target markets for each. From there, I developed a comprehensive guide to help you discover your ideal niche. Try it out for yourself: Do you have a mailing list of brides-to-be? That's a potential target market. Do you have friends and family who are all dentists? That's a specific business type. Perhaps you have extensive experience in home repair? That's your industry. But those are completely unrelated. What now? Start right where you are and use this free tool to pinpoint your best niche. Commit to focusing on it for the next 90 days. Develop tailored content exclusively for this niche, even if you serve other markets. Avoid the trap of thinking "Everyone's a potential customer." By concentrating for 90 days, you'll witness remarkable results. Please try it out and share your feedback with me. I value your thoughts and any ideas you may have to improve this tool. It's one of my first custom GPTs but certainly my favorite. I'd love to know your thoughts on how to improve it.
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@Julie Helmer How did it go? Any ideas to improve it?
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@Isaac Ezie I hope you liked it! Did you give it a try?
Need tips to seperate myself from other chatbot companies in price
so im using and its hard to set myself apart from the people charging alot less fore message credits how can i work around that @Jason West
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What's your buyer persona? Target business owners who know they need to make small consistent improvements to their business and yet they know they don't have time to learn how to do it themselves. The vast majority of my existing clients are like this. Males over 40, who have been making money for a long time, not just getting started. For me, I know I'm not going to get rich offering chatbots. The chatbots are just the beginning, and then we can talk about custom automations, seo, sem, content, social, and web design. I don't even have to know exactly how to do the more complicated automations. I just need to know what can be done, and then I can outsource it, just as I do with any other web development project that gets complicated. I think of myself as an AI and Marketing Consultant, and not as a chatbot supplier. Also: Make sure you're a badass prompt engineer. Use advanced techniques, and advanced data, and create amazing examples. That's one way to differentiate yourself from DIY.
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Also @Cameron Ewing We have to think beyond basic chatbots. Yesterday I created this awesome custom GPT. Several people were raving about it and asked how something like that could be paywalled. It got technical really fast, and then I remembered a video from @Jason West about how to use fastbots to offer a Custom GPT on your own website. Essentially all you do is reconstruct the same prompt and data within your fastbots agency. Then change the iframe settings to match your website. Once it's on your website, you can offer that page inside a member's area. Now think about this. Companies spend a lot of money training employees. Charities spend a lot of time and effort training volunteers. Event hosts spend a lot of time answering the same questions over and over. Consultants charge a lot of money for courses and memberships. Imagine, your client has a membership site, and now instead of only training videos, processes and procedures, and documents, the subscriber has very specialized tools that they can use, trained with the course creator's personality. Tools that are based on the company they work for, the course author they are following, etc. Another example: Upload all of the company's data, process, and procedures, and a pdf of Spin Selling by Neil Rackham. Train the bot accordingly, with your twist and then sell your service to a company as an "on-demand sales team support agent." Imagine a salesperson in the field, and the customer has some bizarre questions they've never encountered before. He can quickly get on his smartphone, go to a private site, ask a question, and get an instant reply. Or, integrate it with a WhatsApp or Messenger Chat via Fastbots. Here's a quick example of the "Custom GPT" I made yesterday on my website today!
Selling AI Services To Business Is a Goldmine💰
I've never seen something sell so easily. I've been selling my AI stuff for $3,300 + $500 per month to home services businesses. I just quoted $5,800 today and he wasn't thrown off by the price at all. He didn't buy yet, so we'll see, but I think he'll go for it. Exciting times ahead 🚀💰
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@Matt C. Milne this is probably the absolute best explainer video I have ever seen. You want to instantly increase the value of your home? Add outdoor living space. Want to focus on a niche that knows this? Create this video! I am not sure how to do everything he said in the video, but I can certainly figure it out, eventually. And certainly at 3.3k plus residual. You are brilliant.
Live Webinar - Fastbots AI Chatbot Agency 🔥
Hi everyone! If anyone in this community is interested in launching a profitable AI chatbot agency under your own brand, you might like to join me on a live Webinar Thursday at 8pm (UK TIme) We have added so much value to our agency program on FastBots, and we think you're going to love it. REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR Date: Thursday the 27th of June 2024 Time: 8pm (UK Time) 2024 might just be the biggest opportunity since way back in the early 2000s, when everyone needed a website. Now businesses need AI, and there is no more effective and simple way for an online business to use AI than a chatbot. This is your opportunity to create a long-term recurring income and a real business that helps companies and institutions around the globe. Perfect for : ✅ Web designers ✅ Digital Agencies ✅ Entrepreneurs ✅ Internet Marketers ✅ Experts/Influencers If this sounds interesting to you, then please register for the webinar, as there are limited spaces to attend and join the Fastbots Agency. See you soon! 👋🏼 Jason West PS: Yes, I will send out a recording IF you register. If you want to ask questions, though, you will need to come to the live webinar. 🙌
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Live Webinar - Fastbots AI Chatbot Agency 🔥
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Hey everyone! I highly recommend attending this webinar. I reached a point where I told myself, "It's time to stop simply learning about AI (the learning never stops) and start actually building an AI agency." That's when I discovered the Fastbots Agency program. It's truly the "fastest" 😳 way to dive in and get everything up and running quickly. I have some in-person meetings scheduled for this coming week, and I can't wait to see where this journey takes me. Don't miss out!
Anthropic Launches Sonnet 3.5!
Hey everyone, I'm excited to share that Anthropic has just launched Claude 3.5 Sonnet! This new model raises the bar for intelligence, delivering graduate-level reasoning, superior coding proficiency, and excellent content creation. It's available for free on and the Claude iOS app, with expanded access for Pro and Team plan subscribers. Claude 3.5 Sonnet is twice as fast as its predecessor, making it perfect for complex tasks. Plus, the new Artifacts feature creates a dynamic workspace for real-time content editing and collaboration. Check it out here and let me know your thoughts below! 👇 PS: This new model will be available on TODAY! ⚡️ #AI #Claude35 #Innovation #Anthropic
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Anthropic Launches Sonnet 3.5!
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@Zahida A Khan Some are better at some things than others. It really depends on how you use them on a day to day basis.
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@Jeff Palad yes, i actually used had ChatGPT analyze all my articles that I had written over the years. Then I trained it on my writing style and persona. It just seems like Claude still does it better in my opinion.
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