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have created a ChatGPT prompts bundle for people to use to brainstorm their ideas into life. How do I market these for free? And also, how do I find my target audience?
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Summarization Prompt
Hi all I wrote this for Summarizing Youtube Videos but you can use it for whatever you like. You can use the first prompt to start loading in a document that is more than 3,000 words and then use the second to finish and get your summary. I wrote an article with all the details. (to get a transcript for a youtube video) Prompt 1 Please remember this data for later. Only respond, “OK” (Paste in the partial Transcript you only need this if your transcript is to long >3000 words or so) Prompt 2 Acting as an expert at creating concise but detailed summaries please use the content below and the content I asked you to you store in memory. I would like you to follow these steps. 1) Create a list of the most important topics found in the content. Send this to me as a response. 2) Using your generated topic list, focus on each topic and summarize all the data in the content about each of those topics separately. State each topic and create a bulleted list. Send me this list as a response. 3) Create a 2 column table with the left column marked as “Questions” and the right column marked as “Answers” use the topic list to and your summary to analyze the content for all relevant questions that are answered about the topics. Send me this spreadsheet as a response. (Paste in the Rest of The Transcript) Have fun! Testing this and getting it to work was a pain. It runs up against the 550 word limit for ChatGPT output a lot so you may run into that problem. If so take a smaller portion of your transcript or other content analyze it then do it for the next part. ********************************************************************************************************* ********************************************************************************************************* *********************************************************************************************************
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"Multi-Candidate Needle Prompting" for large context LLMs (Gemini 1.5)
Gemini 1.5's groundbreaking 1M token context window is a remarkable advancement in LLMs, providing capabilities unlike any other currently available model. With its 1M context window, Gemini 1.5 can ingest the equivalent of 10 Harry Potter books in one go. However, this enormous context window is not without its limitations. In my experience, Gemini 1.5 often struggles to retrieve the most relevant information from the vast amount of contextual data it has access to. The "Needle in a Haystack" benchmark is a well-known challenge for LLMs, which tests their ability to find specific information within a large corpus of text. This benchmark is particularly relevant for models with large context windows, as they must efficiently search through vast amounts of data to locate the most pertinent information. To address this issue, I have developed a novel prompting technique that I call "Multi-Candidate Needle Prompting." This approach aims to improve the model's ability to accurately retrieve key information from within its large context window. The technique involves prompting the LLM to identify 10 relevant sentences from different parts of the input text, and then asking it to consider which of these sentences (i.e. candidate needles) is the most pertinent to the question at hand before providing the final answer. This process bears some resemblance to Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), but the key difference is that the entire process is carried out by the LLM itself, without relying on a separate retrieval mechanism. By prompting the model to consider multiple relevant sentences from various parts of the text, "Multi-Candidate Needle Prompting" promotes a more thorough search of the available information and minimizes the chances of overlooking crucial details. Moreover, requiring the model to explicitly write out the relevant sentences serves as a form of intermediate reasoning, providing insights into the model's thought process. The attached screenshot anecdotally demonstrates the effectiveness of my approach.
The Daily Prompt
I will share here the best prompts I have crafted and the best prompts I have found online. It would be great if you shared you best finds too. :) One of the best and simplest one I found extremely useful and I suggest everyone use regularly is the one below, there is nothing simpler than ask the platform itself, so just swap out ChatGPT 4 for another Model. The Prompt "Give me top ten tips, tricks and key takeaways on prompt engineering to get the best out of chatGPT 4" The Response - Be Specific and Clear: Clearly state what you want from the model. The more specific your prompt, the more accurate and relevant the response will be. If you're looking for information on a niche topic, provide context or details to guide the model. - Use Keywords Strategically: Incorporate keywords relevant to your query within the prompt. This helps the model understand the context and the specific domain you're inquiring about, leading to more targeted responses. - Sequential Prompting: If you're exploring a complex topic or need information in a structured format, break down your prompts into smaller, sequential questions. This approach can guide the AI in a step-by-step manner, yielding more comprehensive and organized responses. - Leverage Examples: When possible, provide examples of the kind of information or response format you're seeking. For instance, if you need a poem, mention a style or poet for inspiration. If you want a list, specify how detailed it should be. - Utilize the "Imagine" Technique: Start your prompt with phrases like "Imagine you are a historian specializing in..." This technique can help in generating responses that require a specific perspective or expertise. - Feedback Loop: Use the feedback from previous interactions to refine your prompts. If a response wasn't quite what you expected, adjust your prompt based on what you learned and try again. This iterative process can help in honing in on the most effective way to communicate with the model. - Prompt Chains: Build upon previous responses by using them as the basis for follow-up questions. This can create a conversation flow, making it easier to delve deeper into a topic or clarify specific points. - Specify the Desired Length and Detail: If you have a preference for the length or level of detail in the response, mention it in your prompt. For example, ask for a "brief overview" or a "detailed explanation." - Avoid Ambiguity: Ambiguity in prompts can lead to vague or off-target responses. Ensure your language is precise and your requests are unambiguous to get the most accurate and relevant information. - Explore Creative Prompting Strategies: Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles of prompting, such as posing hypothetical scenarios, asking for explanations in simple terms, or requesting information as if teaching it to a child. These varied approaches can yield unique and insightful responses.
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Mar 13 
Prompt Help
Anyone have any request for a prompt or if your prompt is not giving you the response you want, let me know.
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