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"Searching for a Prompt to Clone My Writing Style"
Hello guys! I'm currently working on creating a prompt that perfectly reflects my writing style, but so far, the results haven't quite met my expectations. Does anyone have a good example of a prompt that they've successfully used and would be willing to share? Many thanks!
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The Trend of Generic Prompts
Hey Friends, I've noticed a trend of everyone sharing 1000 Chat GPT prompts lately. While many of these prompts are useful, they often lack specificity, and depth and tend to be generic. As someone focused on making money through AI-driven content creation, I found a collection of 1000 prompts that truly stand out. They are precisely what I needed, so I decided to share them with you all. If you're using AI for content idea generation and creation, you'll find this incredibly valuable. What I love about these prompts is how they're organized into sections, with detailed prompts for each platform: - 200 Prompts for YouTube - 200 Prompts for TikTok - 200 Prompts for Instagram - 200 Prompts for Facebook - 200 Prompts for Twitter I've attached the link to the original post where I found these prompts. Check it out For people that really used it to generate content let me know how it was. If you need any help I am here. Happy creating!
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Prompt Writing for Beginners
I purchased the mini course creator that @Jason West told us about and created a course for prompting. If you are new here and want to learn more about prompting, check out this link:
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Mastering Prompt Writing: The Magic of Personas
Hey there, future prompt maestros! 🎩✨ Let's dive into the secret sauce that can elevate your prompts from ordinary to extraordinary: the persona element. This little trick can transform ChatGPT from a “helpful assistant” to a “theoretical physicist” or a “professional business coach” in the blink of an eye. 🧙‍♂️💼 It's like giving ChatGPT a costume change for every occasion! Why is this so essential? Without it, ChatGPT defaults to its trusty “helpful assistant” mode, which we affectionately call “vanilla GPT.” 🍦 But we can do better than vanilla, right? The persona is part of the context element of the prompt, alongside two other key parts: 1. Persona/Role 2. Tone of Voice 3. Primary Objective 4. Here’s your go-to template: Act as a [persona] who is [tone of voice] and [primary objective]. For example: Act as a [copywriter] who is [friendly, funny, and informal] and [whose primary objective is to sell as many cupcakes as they can]. There you have it! Sprinkle some persona magic into your prompts and watch your interactions come to life. Happy prompting! 🚀
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Data Transformation
I use ChatGPT to help me do data transformations. I am able to upload CSV files with my original data, and then give ChatGPT prompt on what my new schema looks like. It will show me some sample data, transformed, and then allow me to download a CSV file with the newly transformed data. I then check it over manually and pass it back into ChatGPT again to QA it. Very powerful stuff.
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