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We wanted to make creating/editing courses as easy as possible. Now you can create/edit courses on the same page. What you see in the editor is what you get when it's saved. You can reorder your sets/modules by dragging and dropping them too. Watch the video to see how it works and let us know what you think? This is the easiest way to create/edit courses I've seen.



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    @Sebastian Siedlecki i guess the comments were removed in the classroom under the courses.

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    @Sebastian Siedlecki

On a certain point within a text paragraph in the classroom editor or in posts?



One thing I love about Skool is all the attention to the little things. So here's a little detail Skool may want to address: When I'm in my group, the favicon should be the icon I upload in the settings of my Skool group - not the Skool logo. Benefits of this update: - it's a nice touch that shows attention to detail - it shows Skool cares about their group owners/customers - it offers group owners/customers more of a sense of ownership - my customers won't recognize the skool logo in the tab, but they'll recognize my group icon, so they'll be more likely to click it and not close it - it will give all the "pro white labelers" (like @Andrew Kirby) here on Skool something to be happy about :)



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    yes, would also appreciate to customize your own facivon. Any updates on this?

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