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How To Run An Effective OKR Workshop (Full Step-By-Step Guide)
Hey Workshoppers, We just released a full video guide on how to run an OKR workshop, including the Miro template! Thanks to @Johan Holst for the amazing work on this one! I love how It turned out. Cheers, Jonathan and the AJ&Smart Team
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Omg I’m just planning a metrics workshop. Great minds @Jonathan Courtney j
📣🤩 Calling All Coaches!
Our first sessions were a success!! Check out the first outputs, and here are the videos of our first practice! Thanks to everyone who took part, you were amazing! 🤩✨ In this first session we tackled the topic of “Onboarding new employees”, and will continue working with it through the next few weeks, as part of a Design Sprint sequence. Join us!! 😆🏁 💫 Here's the official Schedule of Practice Sessions … Save your spot! ⚡✨ We’re looking for facilitation coaches… All levels welcome! It’s so inspiring having so many colleagues interested and passionate in pursuit of new skills. After a bunch of practice sessions over the last few weeks, we’re convinced that with a safe space and a supporting team, it’s much easier to feel confident and take the next steps. For those of you already experienced in facilitation, consulting, and public speaking, this is a golden opportunity to take your game to the next level. By helping others practice these essential skills, you become a teacher, a guru, a guide. Isn’t that what we’re all aspiring to be? We need your help coaching these fellow facilitators in their next practice session. They need your knowing feedback, to quickly become aware of where they need to improve, and where they are rocking it. They look up to you, and would love the chance in the near future to co-facilitate your next client engagement. Better make sure they’re ready! We respect your time and other commitments, and will only require you to attend portions of a practice session. Spots are limited, and all those who accept the challenge will receive their colleagues’ undying love and appreciation. Help a hero. Be the guide! Tell us, what’s your coaching level?
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Awesome to see everyone. Really enjoyed the collaboration and respect for within the group. Looking forward to the next ones.
💻 FREE Workshop Template for Technical Platform Team Collaboration💻
Hello Facilitator Club. I recently ran a half day workshop for a challenging technical team to help a VP of Platform build repour with their technical platform engineers, and change their mindset from technical requirements thinking into customer pain point thinking. Here is a Loom video to give you a teaser of the workshop. I have also attached a sanitised template in Mural (yes I know, its's not our beloved Miro, my hands were tied (sigh)) for anyone who wants to reuse it. If you'd like to dive deep into how I built the workshop, please reach out. Video - Template attached -
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@Bente Steffensen I use sailboat (dev retro), then HMW (epics) and then action plan to create a backlog for prioritisation (features). The additional trick I’ve learnt is talk in dev language and the repour of the facilitator builds quickly.
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@Kevin Devine I only used it because there were silos and egos in the room, and nobody was working with each other, they were competing against each other and hurting company profits. This approach worked as when I said "it's failed, and in the news", immediately everyone commented and grouped together. This was the goal I wanted to achieve, as I needed to remove blame from the start. I would only advise using this approach if there is politics and teams not communicating with each other where its hurting the company and affecting the brand.
⚡Calling all London Workshoppers - Get together London *27th September*🎉
Hello everyone, I met with @Katrina Dargel last week and we discussed meeting fellow workshoppers in London. Excited to meet anyone who is in the London area for a drink on: Date: 27th September Time: 630pm Location: The Lighterman, 3 Granary Square, London N1C 4BH Let's meet, have some drinks and chat about taking over the world with workshopping! Looking forward to connecting face-to-face. All workshopper friends welcome.
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@Chris Bradshaw
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Looks like we have a majority forming, I’ll book a table for 630 - 9. It is a school night after all. 😂
Innovation Workshop for AI implementation
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone here has experience designing workshops or a design sprint for identifying the most practical AI solution for a client. I'm trying to come up with a good structure for an engaging, one-day workshop – where the client would come in as a team and work together to find pain-points, prioritise and come out with a roadmap to help them implement the solution that would be built by an external AI / ML company. The clients are usually not very technical so I'm thinking there would likely need to be some form of inspiration or educational aspect near the start, in order to help guide their ideas in a realistic direction. Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated !
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@David Richardson thanks for sharing. This sounds to me like you need to map out the customer/business journey in its current state, and then map out the data sources + gauge the data quality (this will be their governance process) and then identify HMW release a better customer experience/business automation and increase CapX / reduce OpX. I called such engagements - AI Ideation sessions. They are effectively an LDJ as to @Rebecca Courtney suggested, but with a 'data twist'. Here's my 'Workshop Receipt'. - Time: 2-3 hours - Tools: all the toys from this list - - Expert interviews - 30 mins of what the problems are and why they think AI could solve this. Start Strong: - Ice breaker - I used lego and ask participants to use the lego to express how they think the world would look like with AI working with Humans (don't talk about it) Collect: (where are the problems) - Sailboat - whats working, not working, why do we think AI could solve this. Collate: (what problem should we focus on) - Capture the problems voted on in sailboat and run a HMW using 'data' to do this. - Vote on the HMW to focus on. - Create a process map and capture a high level journey of people, process, data and tech. (see attached example of a template I created) - Solution Analytics opportunities using the template, identifying who the customer is and what data source should be used. Choose: (Find opportunities with data and AI) - Prioritise solutions using dot voting. - Decide and prioritise what to execute using the Eisenhower matrix split across important for business growth, research for business, change something now, do later. Commit: (Data Discovery and User behaviour discovery) - Make the solutions actionable for what needs to be tested i.e. what data needs further investigation, what user behaviours need further investigation, what business processes need further understanding (Roadmap maybe, its more action plan to find evidence and then map out a roadmap).
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Just one more point on this @David Richardson . I've worked with many clients in the past who fall into the 'shiny object trap', this often leads to disappointment that AI will solve their problem. This workshop helps with this. Make sure your clients walk away with knowing what pain point they are solving for - (HMW is so crucial here), and then dive into problem and solution to identify how to implement it.
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