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Just got fired and could use advice
Hey there, I don't want to post this because it's embarrassing but I definitely need help. I just got fired from my job. I'm in Illinois. Is there a way I can get wrongful termination and unemployment benefits. I'm not even mad, I felt like there's a ton of weight off my shoulders now.
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What was their reasoning? Did you get escorted out of the building?
What's your favorite Chat GPT productivity hack?
I've been using Chat GPT at work and home to increase my productivity. The possibilities seem endless, curious what's working for you. Here's a few of my favorites: - Draft an email, or update email to different tone - Create a list for brainstorming - summarize a meeting from a transcript or notes, and produce minutes and action items
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Creating website content.
Advice building a beginner social circle?
To start, all my friends are married and have kids. I have literally ZERO single friends. I've been trolling Meetups and scouring local fb groups but am coming up empty with possible ways to meet like minded people to continue pursuing this journey. So I'm again asking this group for some guidance. Any ideas/suggestions on how to develope some basic social connections? I know we aim for high status connections, but how do we build basic to mid connections in the meantime? I think I've just gotten too old 😆
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@Xen Af My point, everyone left to go to the location they want to be in. There is no reason to live near work if you work from home. Work from anywhere
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@Xen Af Got u. I get it now. Good family responsibilities. If you’re looking for meaningful connections, I would use the dating apps. Or if you’re looking for more, there are other sites for that.
Should you disown your family?
My family doesn't understand that times have changed. You don't just go get a degree anymore or find a local girl to marry you and stay married for the next 50 years. Years ago one of them had the balls to tell me to go vote for a certain politician because XYZ is going to change your life. They don't even know i am trying to build up an online presence. Before I go any further, I didn't disown all of my family, there were some ones that I still try to talk to. Guess what? I just do my own thing, consequences be damned. Even if they're family, they have no business telling you what worked for them while they were growing up while the world has radically changed the past 20 years. Good intentions frankly don't cut it. You unfortunately can't choose your family and some lucky ones (IE Erik Finman bless him) got some pretty cool ass parents. For those who don't know Finman bet his family that bitcoin would make him a millionaire and in return he wouldn't have to go to college. The rest, as they say, was history. I've always had the opinion that whoever 5 people you spend the most time with they'll influence you in ways (both positive and negative). If you want to be a winner go hang with winners. I write this because I made the wise decision years ago. I didn't want to be the biggest fish in the pond when we ate out. I wanted to take my life to the next level.
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That sounds very American….
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What did they do that was so bad to disown them?
I’ll be at Babes In Toyland Vegas this Thurs 8/24
I’m excited to go to my first event. Lmk if you’re going. Would be great to meet. I’ll be there early. I’ve got grown up things on Friday! Don’t tempt me! Lol
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@Xen Af Fantastic! Def next time!
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@Billy Kumar Thank you for letting us know about the event. My brother and I met so many good people. It felt like a fraternity of like-minded success oriented individuals. @Michael Sartain Great energy at the event! You looked sharp interviewing. I also met Rollo and Steven Fowler. Good group of men. Thank you for hosting.
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