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Alvin Reck
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Gabriel Robles
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Bio: Vegas local.
Lew G
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Bio: Ready to learn and build!
Sebastian Lex
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Bio: Figuring it out at a turtle's pace.
Julio Gonzalez
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Bio: College Student Aspiring Entrepreneur Soccer Player
Dan Morris
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Bio: I am a third year at university learning programming.
Bj Alexander
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Bio: Dentist, looking to elevate
Savva Altman
Cologne, Germany
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Bio: Scaling EdTech Companies, sawwa_a, Cologne (Germany)
David Ballesteros
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Bio: Interesting people and anime. Other stuff I don’t know that are also interesting is okay too.
Miguel Tostado
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Bio: f
Alex Lie-Hap-Po
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Bio: Business, fitness, influence, podcasting, influence
Alejandro Potter
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Bio: Multi-Media Artist, working as an animator in the game industry. Looking to make solid connections in LA.
Alessandro Quercetti
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Bio: I run a lead generation agency in Italy. Instagram: alessandro_quercetti
Henri Kerr
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Bio: I'm a Loud french person
Dr. Dan .The third
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Bio: Jack of all trades master of none...
Sean Wieland
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Bio: Certified Exit Planning Advisor, using Deferred Sales Trusts so you can legally avoid capital gains tax (20-40%) of your 8 and 9 figure business sale.
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Steve Estro
✨Local Celebrity |⭐️Web & Digital Marketing Expert |✈️Empowering Success from NJ to Vegas | Inspiring First-Generation American Entrepreneurs! ♓♈

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