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🤦‍♂️ Build 100% Automated FACELESS Videos
In this video I show you how to completely automate FACELESS videos using Make, Leonardo AI, Airtable, ChatGPT, ElevenLabs, and JSON2Video. I build everything from scratch!! It's a FULL tutorial! Here's a link to some of the prompts and JSONs used in the videos →
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🤦‍♂️ Build 100% Automated FACELESS Videos
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Congratulations!!! I just watched this (over 2 sittings). Really, really, well-done!! Huge thank you for sharing all of this.
😰 I ALMOST quit — My BEST Performing YouTube Video
Prepping for Sunday's Automated FACELESS video took 2 FULL days, all day Thursday and Friday! And 8+ hours of recording all day Saturday and I almost quit multiple times. It was extremely difficult to get through, and I made a last minute change Friday night that would spell disaster for the recording session. I made a technical choice that came back to haunt me! When Saturday came, I got prepped, I got one of my 3 YouTube shirts lol and started to get all the browser windows set up for the big recording. I felt ready, I knew it was going to be a lot of recording, but I was ready. - Then it came.... my neighbor decided today was the day to bring in the gardeners for a huge clean up... The hedge clippers turn on right outside my window lol That killed 2 hours and really put me on edge. I was already way behind. - Then finally I got going, my gut felt horrible. I had such a long and technical video ahead of me. I have to be so careful doing these videos. - But I got going, got through the first couple videos sections (I record in short batches then pass them to my video editor). - Then I realized I made a serious error. The way I had built the automation (with a last minute change the previous night) left the automation with a serious bug. There was potential it wouldn't work at all. I spent 1.5 hours recording that session and it was a complete waste. It's like 2 PM now. - The night before I had decided to give people the option of using still images, or animated videos (built from those still images) for their Faceless video generator. But I realized the way I was building it wouldn't work, or might throw people off. - I thought about scrapping the feature all together and moving forward with only the animated videos, but I remembered 1) I already mentioned it in the intro, and two, it wouldn't be as good. And several people actually asked me if I could do it with static and animated videos so they could choose.
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😰 I ALMOST quit — My BEST Performing YouTube Video
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Love to hear the BTS of making these - it reveals the human side of you and makes all that you do so approachable. Looking forward to watching this video!
🟢 Trigger Scenarios from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac
If you have an Apple device (not just an iPhone) and an Open API Key, this shortcut is for you... This shortcut can be used in workflows like these that @Stephen G. Pope has shared: There are benefits to using a "watch" folder or slack channel trigger in, but this offers another solution if you want something instantaneous that doesn't burn through executions. ❓How do we do this? Webhooks... This is a continuation of another post that I shared last week... but much more streamlined. 📋 This shortcut will... 1. Take a voice memo (or any other supported media file*) 2. Transcribe the audio using whisper (Open AI) 3. Pass the transcript along via webhook to another tool for further transformation ...All without having to open up separate apps or a browser. 💾 Download the shortcut to your iPhone, Mac, or iPad (or even Apple Watch... I think) here: (File is also included below 👇) 🎥 Here is a video walkthrough of how this works: I added a bunch of comments to the shortcut too. *Whisper Limitations: - Maximum content size limit: 25 MB - Supported formats: flac, m4a, mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpga, oga, ogg, wav, webm (So this means you could even send short mp4 videos too) PS: You will have to accept permissions to send data to OpenAI the first time you run the shortcut on a new device. Also, your phone will display a small popup while the shortcut is running, but you can still navigate your phone while you wait for Whisper to do its thing. PPS: You can adapt this shortcut to execute additional OpenAI requests or send other data via the webhook, but I wanted to keep it simple since this is a pretty common use case.
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🟢 Trigger Scenarios from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac
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This is really cool! I've also slept on shortcuts and this is a great example. Also - I love that you found a creative way to leverage webhooks instead of the 'wait' function. I feel like all of us have some software tools that can act as the trigger - just need to think creatively like you showed here. Thanks for sharing!!
Questions About Optimizing Automation Tech Stack Subscriptions
Question for those who are using Airtable as a core element of delivering client services. I'm trying to optimize my Tech Stack and buy the right services. Note: I already pay for a lot of software services and fully willing to subscribe to more - trying to find the right balance. What I'm trying to figure out is the Airtable strategy. For example - I do a lot of agency content services for my clients - especially clients who don't like tech stuff. The main question I'm wresting with is: Do I subscribe to one master Airtable account and create separate bases for each client? Or do I push the client to subscribe to Airtable each time and get their own seats (including one more me which seems duplicative). Also - Google Drive: in the past I've been using a consumer gmail account/drive with purchased extra storage but also have a workspace account from an old project. Does having the workspace account eliminate the O-auth headache with Make? I'm thinking I'll migrate all my Drive storage there - but I also have clients who share Drive folders with me and still have headache of O-auth with Make. I realize some of these questions have come up in the group but couldn't easily find an answer on this. My main goal is to invest in the right combination of the product mix so that I can scale to multiple clients (a dozen). Appreciate any feedback!
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Workshop → Create an AI Workflow to Automate Content Creation!
So excited to announce an upcoming AI workshop coming Friday October 20th at 11AM PST with @Steve Cary. In this workshop, Steve Cary will show you how to build a series of ChatGPT prompts to create engaging content based on your unique point of view (and tone of voice). Using your EXISTING video transcripts! What We Will Focus On: - Train AI to create “Your Voice” - Create a summary output from your transcript showing key points and highlights - Use the original transcript to create:  Blogs, Social Posts, and More And we’ll show you how to build ChatGPT prompts that you can REUSE (over and over) to write content that is in your voice and tailored to your message! (from existing transcripts). We'll also do some Q+A! Hope you can join us, will be a good time to connect with all of you! 🙏 Make sure to put it on your calendar → Questions or comments? or just excited? drop a comment below. See you there!!
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Workshop → Create an AI Workflow to Automate Content Creation!
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Looking forward to meeting all of you! Thanks for all of the comments and I'll make sure to address as much as this as I can in the workshop. 💥💥
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@Vihang Nair I just watched your video - learned so much!! Thank you!! I'll def incorporate this into the process. I'm thinking for many people starting out - understanding and organizing prompts is key. Adding Harpa Chain is the next level for scaling/automating/etc. I love your video and approach - thank you for sharing!!!
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