Workshop → Create an AI Workflow to Automate Content Creation!
So excited to announce an upcoming AI workshop coming Friday October 20th at 11AM PST with .
In this workshop, Steve Cary will show you how to build a series of ChatGPT prompts to create engaging content based on your unique point of view (and tone of voice).
Using your EXISTING video transcripts!
What We Will Focus On:
  • Train AI to create “Your Voice”
  • Create a summary output from your transcript showing key points and highlights
  • Use the original transcript to create:  Blogs, Social Posts, and More
And we’ll show you how to build ChatGPT prompts that you can REUSE (over and over) to write content that is in your voice and tailored to your message! (from existing transcripts).
We'll also do some Q+A!
Hope you can join us, will be a good time to connect with all of you! 🙏
Make sure to put it on your calendar →
Questions or comments? or just excited? drop a comment below.
See you there!!
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