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Say Hey to the Newbie!
I found GHL a few months ago but have been so confused about how to use the tools to start making money. I am SO grateful I found this group. All of the free resources have been SO helpful and I find myself motivated again like I was when I first learned of the software. I’m so ready to get started, I was up until like 6am just watching videos and taking three pages of notes. Look for my video in the wins tab coming soon ;-)
Deb Shipman
Java Hardge
Susan Bell
Suzanna Kiraly
Cyan Misencik
New comment 17d ago
  • 5 likes • Sep 26
    @Java Hardge Welcome in! This group is a GREAT place to get support, so as you're starting to learn this stuff, don't hesitate to reach out for help, or ideas. Also, if you haven't started using it yet, ChatGPT can be the #1 most time-saving "assistant" on this journey. DEFINITELY use it to speed up your journey! (and PM me if you have questions about it ... I'm a passionate advocate of it's use for agency owners)
What to do when DR works like a charm, but the sales team sucks 😂
It's been a long time, it feels like forever, to be honest! We are currently running a DR for a pressure cleaning company and the following scenario is happening. Full disclosure DR has been paused until the client figures himself out :) Offer: FLASH SALE: 50% OFF any service booked in July. People are responding pretty well, the disconnection we are seeing is in the ability of the sales team to close these people. My questions, for those of you who are already there: 1- Do you teach sales to your customers? 2- Is this a course-like format you sell, or more a one-time consult? 3- If you don't mind me asking, what does the price range for both could look like? I know Robb did encounter this "problem" in the past and turned into an opportunity to teach sales to his clients. I am not quite sure what the model looked like. Is there any video I haven't watched yet? Thank you! Daniela
Neil Shah
Daniela Gattel
Ron Gibson
Simon Page
Mario Aguilar
New comment Oct 23
  • 3 likes • Aug 29
    One of your qualifying questions should be "What's your close rate on new leads?" If their close rate is low, your new sales training video could be something that you highlight in the sales process. Also... Until you *DO* get a sales course made? Go find one of the top "How to sell" videos available on YouTube, watch it yourself to make sure it's not issuing CTAs that will interrupt your sales process, and offer it as either a part of your package... or as part of the lead nurturing process (offering value in advance)
Gym offer
Does anyone have an idea of a good gym offer for a DBR? Or a free week trial thing good enough to attract potential long term members?
Jeron Perey
Nicolas Schill
Amare S
Dylan Kelley
Luis Del Rosario
New comment Oct 6
  • 3 likes • Sep 26
    Hey, I see this question coming up a lot, so I wanted to answer with a video, it makes it easier to see what I'm talking about;
How To Find A Winning Offer in (Almost) Any Niche
Use Groupon! I think Robb may have talked about this -- I don't remember where I learned it, as it was a while back, but you can find proven, winning offers on Groupon. I shot a quick video so you can see what I'm talking about:
Shelby DuBois
Simon Page
Taha M
Dylan Kelley
Luis Del Rosario
New comment Oct 6
  • 2 likes • Sep 26
    @Shelby DuBois What do you mean "better half" -- only one of us is level 5! 🤣
Great Strategy reducing risk and building trust
@Robb Bailey Just going through '1-2-3 Saas Burito play date' and love how you reduced risk and build trust with a prospect by literally showing them that the cost of our fee will come from the database reactivation. A no brainer for a prospect. Thank you. The way you outlined this was very clear and made so much sense. 😀
Karlene Hibbert
Michael Brown
Deb Shipman
Richard Graf
Dylan Kelley
New comment Oct 5
  • 2 likes • Sep 2
    @Karlene Hibbert I believe the process was described as doing a DR every 2 months, and a nurture campaign to everyone who didn't respond in the intervening months.
Ideas for a business name?
Hi! I am just about to sign up for my High Level agency but first I need to select a business name and I thought it would be great to hear any suggestions from the community about name ideas.
Suzanna Kiraly
Bryon Potter
Don Bethune
Mahmoudou Sidibe
New comment Sep 28
  • 2 likes • Sep 26
    As Seth said above, get ChatGPT to help you! You can use the free version. Give it this prompt: ----- I'm launching a marketing agency targeting startup businesses, aiming to evoke feelings of innovation and trust. Our unique selling proposition is leveraging the latest AI-driven strategies. I'm inspired by the concepts of growth, connections, and digital revolutions. I enjoy wordplay, and the primary language should be English. Ask me any clarifying questions you need to, and when ready, create 10 unique and creative potential business names.
🌶️BRAND NEW BONUSES🌶️ with HighLevel Unlimited Upgrade
Want to unlock some brand new FREE BONUSES just for upgrading and getting the benefits of a HighLevel Unlimited account? In addition to all the resources we provide our existing affiliates, if you are our affiliate and upgrade to HighLevel Unlimited we are also going to unlock these SPECIAL BONUSES: 🌀 Our Brand New AI Training 🌀 7 W's of Sales Classroom & Training 🌀 Built to Scale Implementation Live Workshop Replay ($3K+ per seat value) 🌀 Hybrid Offer Training + Sample Course Outline + Sample Video Training Outline If you are one of our HL affiliates and upgraded to an Unlimited HighLevel account using the link before will get all of this unlocked for you TODAY >> Not a GHL user yet and want to sign up for unlimited >> Plus, in addition to these special bonuses above ☝️ you'll get all the awesome goodness that comes with being our affiliate: Our HighLevel Affiliate Bonus Stack Includes (but isn't limited to): 🔥 Exclusive Elite Skool Group Access 🔥 White Glove GoHighLevel Onboarding Call 🔥 Immediate Fast Track Access 🔥 Inbound Lead Nurturing Training 🔥 Database Reactivation Training 🔥 Our High Ticket CLIENT ACQUISITION system (CAS Funnel) 🔥 Our 61 niche-customized GHL snapshot library. Happy Bonusing! Robb & Team P.S. If you are already an existing Highlevel Unlimited affiliate of ours, you get these bonuses too:) Email and the team will get them unlocked for you ASAP.
Chad Holland
Mark Carillon
Kimberliann Chambers
Alain Demunck
Robb Bailey
New comment Sep 25
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    @Robb Bailey Sweeet! Next question... where? :D
  • 1 like • Sep 24
    Hey @Vidu S -- here ya go:
🌶️ SYSTEMpreneur™: AI Edition is Open! 🌶️ (only 20 avail)
As most of you know, i officially “retired” from selling purely courses as our biz model over here. I think it’s been 11+ months or so. Instead, we switched to helping as many of you find success getting started on High Level as possible. FOR FREE! - So naturally, we continue to give a lot more away for free in our community. Most of you have seen that happen. - But, we also get asked for 1-1 help from a small percentage of you who are serious about getting help shortening the curve. - If you've been following along, the last couple rounds of SYSTEMpreneur™ sold out with a Skool post just like this one. For the past few months, our team has been working with a handful of SYSTEMpreneurs™ in an implementation style environment, which means quite a bit of small group and even 1-1 help. Now that our beta for SP has closed, we’re opening spots again. AND ADDING AI!!! This time, we're UPGRADING the entire program so you can begin use AI in just about every phase of your business to get massive leverage when you combine AI with the power of High Level. Here are the 9 fresh trainings you're going to receive as a member: AI SWAS Offer: ✅ New SMMA Playbook ✅ Bolt On Playbook ✅ Pricing & Packaging AI SWAS Build: ✅ Outbound (Reactivation, Reviews, etc) ✅ Inbound (SaaS Hooks, Core 4 Hooks, etc) ✅ Agency Systems (organic, paid, operations, etc) AI SWAS Cash: ✅ Prospecting ✅ Sales ✅ Retention & Referrals These are all fresh takes on our proven strategies, amplified using AI. You're also going to get access to: ✅ SP Community + Premium Support ✅ SP Coaching Calls + 1-1 Feedback BONUSES: ✅ FREE White Label use of Video Text Back™ ✅ Full Licensing Rights to 100% of our Systems ✅ Power Offer Trainings w/ Robb ✅ 7 Fig Prospecting, Sales & Appointment Setting System (advanced) ✅ Sales Call Reviews ✅ Campaign Reviews ✅ Coaching Support from my 8 Figure team (tech, sales, operations, etc) To keep quality of your experience high, we're capping this round to 20.
Veronica Cinelli
Richard Graf
Russ Ray
Mitchell Pontius
Robb Bailey
New comment Sep 22
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    @Keith Omerso I'm pretty sure it was one of Extendly's weekly coaching calls, so it should be on their YouTube channel. (@getextendly iirc)
James Pemberton here
Hi everyone, James Pemberton here from Toledo Ohio but I live in Virginia Beach currently. Excited to build this business with you all. My focus has been on headhunting and SEO agency work but now we are offering Ai solutions for those services. I’ve been headhunting since 2009 and started SEO back in 2013. Looking forward to learning from you all. Build a system not a job. Have an awesome Wednesday! I am looking to get very involved in this group. Exciting time to be alive and able to serve!
Shelby DuBois
James Pemberton
Stephen Boutelle
Marcus Robb
Amin Sadak
New comment Sep 20
  • 3 likes • Aug 31
    Welcome to the community, @James Pemberton ... Best of luck to ya!
My Intro
I signed up to this group a while back. Just interested in seeing what this community has to offer. It appears to be an all in one platform. Which is interesting because I need to sell a certain product B2B and I need to get at least 1 meeting a day. I set up lofty goals for myself, I want to make one sale by end of the month.
Ron Gibson
Zachery Moy
Nicolas Schill
Russ Ray
Mark Heisey
New comment Sep 19
  • 1 like • Sep 16
    @Zachery Moy Get active in this Skool group: share your situation, things you've tried, ask questions, etc. As soon as you get to level 3 (which is pretty easy if you just participate in here for a few minutes a day), you will unlock Robb's DR Activation training, which teaches you what it is, how to implement, and gives you GHL snapshots that you can deploy in minutes to get started.
Shady Members
Listen. I am all game for answering questions from members just starting out here. But understand that if I give you half an hour of my day to answer your questions on zoom, you then take my answers / info and join MY local Facebook groups and market over me when you live halfway across the world, I promise to humiliate you. Lesson learned. Back to consulting rates. 🙄😡 Don’t be that person.
Dean Rackley
Johnny Lavene
Dioney Luna
Seth Ward
Simon Page
New comment Sep 17
  • 2 likes • Sep 14
    Hey @Dioney Luna! I'm Shelby's business partner... and would be very interested to see what you've got! I've been really struggling to get ChatGPT to return contiguous thoughts... I had just thought about putting a "conversation history" into the prompt when I learned that Conversational AI was coming out on the 16th, so I kinda tabled it until I see what they release. That said... if you're willing to share, I'd love to give it a whirl!
  • 1 like • Sep 17
    @Seth Ward Yeah, I had just gotten to that stage with it when I stopped digging at it (had a bunch of client work that needed to be done). Thanks for the link, though -- I'll give it a read!
Elite Crew!!
If I've talked to you in the past week about Elite and you did yourself a favor and joined, make sure you check out the Elite Skool group!! You're getting access to others that are also in Elite and have the same information as you now so it's easier to ask your even more in depth questions there! The knowledge is INSANE!
Simon Page
New comment Sep 15
Small Win - Finally Pulled the Trigger
I finally registered to GHL 3 days ago and today submitted my A2P Registration after reading a lot and trying to figure out what to do since I'm using my DBA instead of my LLC. What I ended up doing is using my LLC for business name with address provided to IRS for EIN and the DBA website. I added in the footer "<DBA Name>. A DBA of <LLC Name>". And for sample message for business name - DBA Name (LLC Name). Finger crossed. Now I'll setup calendar and add to the website and start prospecting :-) Quick Update: Brand Status Approved 🥳 Update 2: In "SHAKEN/STIR Trusted Calling (Voice)" you can put your DBA.
Simon Page
Mahmoudou Sidibe
New comment Sep 14
  • 1 like • Sep 14
    Hey, let us know if this works, @Mahmoudou Sidibe .... I have a lot of questions come up about A2P and I haven't run into this one yet... I'd love to be prepared. Hope it works for ya!
🔥 Event Keynote - Y’all want this? 🔥
GHL fam, been a busy few weeks! Just finished dropping the 🔥 at an event in Tampa. Flew in Thursday, spoke Friday AM, took the early flight home so I could be there for my sons bday when he woke up Sat morning. Cuz like, I started this business to make more time for my family and do things like that. Word! Anyhoozers…. I’d love to record this live for y’all on a zoom, since I can’t release the video from this event because folks paid good💰 to be there. I think it’s useful. The 150 folks in the room loved it. Folks messaged me after and got results before i even landed 🛬 . You know, all that jazz. But i wanna give it to y’all for free! 🙌 So here’s the deal. IF WE GET 100 shares of this link right here to join our little group you’re in, I’ll do it live and all 3,700 of y’all can come. So all you gotta do is: 1. post something on tha socials ya like about this group. 2. use this link to so they know where to go to enjoy cool free shit. 3. screenshot the post and comment below. Once we get 100 of those I’ll schedule the live! Oh, by the way the first ones to do this will get priority during the Q&A at the end of the Zoom. You can ask me anything ya want as long as it’s not about smart things like science and stuff. Way above my pay grade!!! Aloha, Robb
Dan Mirolli
Riegal Du toit
Wesley Peixoto
Robb Bailey
Simon Page
New comment Sep 14
🔥 AI Updates Coming Tomorrow! 🔥
Team and i have been hard at work and finally got our AI trainings to a predictable enough level to share w y’all. Other goodies coming down the pipe (all in addition to the existing promised goodies) - Elite is getting an upgrade (corresponding $ increase for NEW MEMBERS ONLY, existing members grandfathered in) - SYSTEMpreneur™️ is getting an upgrade (a few seats opening next week) - AI tools vetted and demo’d for every phase of your agency: prospecting, booking, selling, presenting, building, fulfilling. Folks are already making buku bucks here with all our free stuff, using these new AI tools will make it even easier to execute. Can’t wait to see what y’all do with it! Aloha, Robb
Andrew R
Benjamin Squibb
Michael Brown
Alan Leung
Robb Bailey
New comment Sep 13
  • 2 likes • Sep 4
    @Mitchell Pontius I've been working with making it a booking bot for GHL, but I still don't have it as clean as I would like it to be, yet. I've been using it primarily for creating content -- from social media posts to website content to blog posts. I've figured out how to rapidly train it to know one of my clients entire platform (business profile, business model, audience, etc), and be able to "seed prompt" it with that, so that I can ask it questions about content for those clients, and it's "instantly" relevant.
  • 2 likes • Sep 4
    @Mitchell Pontius Partially, yes. I'll generally just copy/pasta the entire site into ChatGPT and then I have a series of questions that I go through.
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