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Pricing Database Reactivation
I am wondering if anyone has advice on how they price database reactivation, such as how you would break down a sliding scale. If you start at $2500 - $10k for DBR based on the size of the database, what would be the size that you would charge the $2500 and how that would scale up to what the size would be to charge $10k?
Carl Sarfi
Christopher Honore
Ankit K
Mahmoudou Sidibe
Michael Harmon
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    @Carl Sarfi OK, I'm going to be going through some of the video training courses to get more clarity but from what you're saying, the amount you would charge would be directly related to the value of a lead to the client multiplied by the reasonable amount of new customers to expect from the DR? Like the equation (Lead Value x Leads Generated) ÷ (ROI) = (Cost of DR), so the cost of your service would fluctuate for each client based on that info?
Pricing - Workflow and Funnel Design
Hi, I am going to offer my services to clients who need their HL accounts to be built and designed with good workflows, funnels and all the components that are needed for them to function (I already have a handful of non-clients trying to get me to help them with this). I already have used HL through a different agency since Feb 2023 so I've become fairly proficient at designing these tools well. I just don't know exactly what people are charging for this type of service on average. Can anyone who has experience offering this service or who has hired others to do this for their accounts give me any insight into the pricing guide?
Carl Sarfi
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Just started the "First Flight To High Ticket SaaS"
Very good course I found on YouTube with Robb! Very excited to get into the rest of the course and get some takeaways to apply into my new agency. Starting fresh as a baby right now. If you haven't gone through this course, it looks like it's going to have tons of value.
Dylan Kelley
Carl Sarfi
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Signing Up As Affiliate
I was curious, if I were signed up for GHL through another affiliate but then decided to upgrade to the pro plan with Robb's affiliate link, would I still keep the benefits from the previous affiliate as well as gaining the benefits from being Robb's affiliate as well or would the latter negate the former?
Carl Sarfi
Samir Shah
Robb Bailey
Bryon Potter
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What do you price a sub-account build out on average?
I've been giving some consultation advice to help someone build out their sub-account and they haven't been executing very well. So he has asked me to just do it for him. Originally I was just being nice and doing 4 sessions/once a week at $200 to sit and help guide him. I haven't priced any build outs since I'm fresh in the game so I was wondering if you could give some suggestions on this if you've done this type of work. Building out the necessary calendars, pipelines, workflows, email templates and the like.
Ideas for a business name?
Hi! I am just about to sign up for my High Level agency but first I need to select a business name and I thought it would be great to hear any suggestions from the community about name ideas.
Suzanna Kiraly
Bryon Potter
Don Bethune
Mahmoudou Sidibe
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    @Suzanna Kiraly was original thinking something like LeadSwiftPro or something unique like CenSMART Solutions or latin gibberish like Celevia. Some people say to come up with some gibberish sounding name that will be unique but that's hard to do
New Member Here
Hi everybody, I am new to HL. Currently been operating for the last few months within the HL agency for the company I was working for as an operations manager and am starting to move out on my own journey. I saw the opportunity HL has to offer and wanted to learn from the best out there so here I am. Hit me with any beginner knowledge that you think might set me on the quickest path to success!
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