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2 people showed up...
Today I had my first group call with my community and a whole 2 people showed up. And no I am not disappointed because I had an amazing 1.5h talk and got to know who is interested in my content on a much deeper level. And I realized: "damn, the people in my community are actually like me, I love them." ACTIONABLE ADVICE: I got this strategy from Tim Ferriss. Instead of wasting people's time at meetings, allow them to do what they are here for. Talk about themselves. Get value from others. So the introduction I ask from them is to share: -Who are you, Where are you, What do you do -Shamelessly brag about one thing -Openly ask for something specific you need help with I am more than excited to do this every single week and to make the rest of the community so jealous of the good time we're having that they can't help but want to join the next time.
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You've been putting in the work recently man, congrats and keep it up.
Advice On Clickable Thumbnails
It seems like my thumbnails get very low click through rate (~1.5%) although I’ve changed them a lot and improved them. From my point of view, it is difficult to judge my own stuff and know what I could make better So If you’ve got 30 seconds and could just take a look at my recent thumbnails (pictures below) and tell me why you think they aren’t getting a lot of engagement I would really appreciate it.
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Number one piece of advice from all of the channels I've worked with and years I've spend learning packaging: Ideas > Everything. The actual idea of the video, the topic and the content it contains is by far the most important and you will NEVER fix a bad idea with a brilliant thumbnail or title. Next priority is a good packaging idea. How the value is presented to the audience, how the content is framed. And only then is the execution of the actual thumbnail important.
Stop Making Good Thumbnails
You heard me right. I'm a thumbnail designer telling you to stop making good thumbnails. Because it doesn't work. Those thumbnails that you're spending all of your time on, trying different versions, fine tuning the tiniest details, those aren't working. And here's why: What are thumbnails? Really, what do they do for your channel? If we think of YouTube, as I often like to, as a business, thumbnail are like the ads for that business. They're merely leverage to get more people to watch a video. They're multipliers on your content. Your thumbnail have nothing to do with your actual content, they're just there to expose more people to your content. My point with all of this is that it's a waste to multiply bad content. You'll never fix a bad video with a good thumbnail. So IF you don't already have fantastic content, spending hours on crafting the absolute perfect thumbnail is literally useless. In the three steps that I like to think about when packaging content, thumbnail execution always comes last. In every single video. The video idea and it's execution however, always come first. If you don't have a good video idea that you turn into a valuable piece of content nothing matters. After that you then need the second step which is a good packaging idea, how you'll present to the world the appeal of your content. And only then does the thumbnail execution become important. In there are those fine details of your photoshop skills, how well you bring that packaging idea to life, the things that ultimately matter the least. So don't waste your time on those tiny tiny details and trying to fix those little bits of your thumbnails or titles. Take a bigger picture view. Create what people want to watch. Because nothing else matters. Feel free to ask questions and leave your thoughts below. P.S. I've made a video on the topic which is linked below.
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FREE Thumbnail Redesigns
You get a free thumbnail. I can make some content out of it. Win win. I've been a thumbnail designer for a while now (some of my stuff below) and I'm looking to expand my social media further. Some of my content will involve making full thumbnail tutorials and I figured I might as well do that while giving back to some of you guys in this community. Looking forward to being able to help you all out. Reply to this post and I'll be in touch. 👍
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@Owen Sheasby With time, experiments, books and the internet you can learn just about anything
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@Owen Sheasby A few of these guys should help. Get excited to watch and learn a lot 💪
Why We Watch Andrew Kirby
Hello everyone, your favourite person greatest thumbnail designer ever (not at all) here again. I've recently made a little video analysing some of the more intricate details of Andrew Kirby's video packaging and I figured it would be of interest to some people here because after all, this is a group to get the results that he got. I also do a little redesign of one of his thumbnails that I think makes it even better than the current one. I would love to get everyone's thoughts on this and as always I'd be happy to help out with anyone's packaging. P.S. Andrew if you're reading this let me get that remake to you if you'd like to use it
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