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Are You Clear on Your Best Sales Process Yet?
Knowing how to reliably and consistently get people to go from "cold to sold" will be one of your greatest advantages in business. Most beginners are CLUELESS when it comes to how to get clients. Many people have paid me $10,000 just to help them with this ONE problem... My suggestion for building the best sales process? 1) See how others are selling 2) Map out your similar sales process on Miro so you can clearly see your โ€œCold to Soldโ€ process at a glance. Being able to see the journey your customer takes to go from not knowing who you are, to paying you money, is incredibly helpful. Because once you can see it, you can heavily optimize it. Once someone goes through the journey once, you can get more people to go through that journey faster - again and again. So spend some time now and clearly draw out every step of your sales process. Note: Make sure your sales process is filled with things you enjoy/want to do. You want to LOVE the process. It should feel rewarding to you. For example: Hereโ€™s my current sales process: Instagram Story โ†’ DM โ†’ 15 min Discovery Call โ†’ 60 min Sales Call โ†’ Client. And hereโ€™s the sales process I used to use: YT/FB Ad โ†’ Webinar โ†’ Sales Call โ†’ Client Hereโ€™s another one I used to use: FB Friend Add โ†’ Group Invite โ†’ DM โ†’ Discovery Call โ†’ Strategy Call Another one of my (super simple) favourite sales flows is: Free Joint Venture Promo โ†’ JV Workshop โ†’ 60 min sales call. Again, I suggest mapping out your process on Miro so you can clearly see your entire flow at a glance. Ultimately, what I see all great sales processes have in common are 3 Cโ€™s 1) Content 2) Conversations 3) Clients In summary: If your content is great, it will lead to great conversations with real people (be it in the DMโ€™s, comment section, or on the phone). Those conversations (if done correctly) will then lead to those people becoming clients. And when you work with those clients and get them results, theyโ€™ll be happy to shoot a video testimonial for you, which you can then use as contentโ€ฆ
Ram Hadji
Kate Padget-Koh
Shawn Helgerson
Karen Luniw
Lauriena Cruz
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The process seems straight-forward. I think many, if not all of us have been on the receiving end of that process so we really should know how it works be now. For me, all I need is a good product and to believe in my smelf.
Time to Progress
Hey everyone! My name is Mike and I'm from the Seattle, WA area. One of my biggest strengths is my ability to understand children & behavior. My weakness is actually being able to generate income from my parenting expertise. I started posting on Tiktok and Instagram a few months ago and the response has been amazing! I think I prefer Instagram because Tiktok is less predictable. I need the most help with knowing the first few steps to start filling up my Skool group with parents looking to improve their child's behavior.
Shawn Helgerson
Mike Wallach
Miss Cynthia Harris
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@Mike Wallach I would. That's what I'm working toward. I don't have an IG or YT following to speak of, but my Skool group I'm building won't really rely on that. Just keep in mind that for the full service Skool, you'll need to put out $99/month and recouping that will depend on how much you push it and what your subscription or entrance fee is.
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What I mean is that you'll have to do the work ahead of time to build the Skool - it shouldn't take but a week or so, even part time if you come up with a good plan. If you can risk floating that and you believe in it, I say go for it. What I'm still trying to figure out in here is different ways to monetize Skool.
Hi everyone
I'm Justin, 20 years old from The Netherlands. I'm looking to start a consulting firm that specializes in assisting businesses in developing innovative/sustainable/circular products, and guiding them throughout the process of bringing these products to the market. Biggest strength? Specific knowledge Biggest weakness? Making content Which content platform is your favourite? Twitter / Skool What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? Growing an audience on Twitter, making an offer, sales funnel
Shawn Helgerson
Justin Griffioen
Miss Cynthia Harris
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What are circular products?
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AI Tool: Analyze Your Business Idea
I tried VenturusAI, and was impressed with the feedback. If you're looking for feedback about your business idea, enter as much detail as you can and get instant analysis on your idea using this AI Tool. Test drive:
Shawn Helgerson
Kate Padget-Koh
Justin Griffioen
Jack Alderton
Zahida A Khan
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@Zahida A Khan let me know if you can open this:
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@Zahida A Khan It's really remarkable! The two sections I liked most, or found most helpful were the branding suggestions and the CATWOE Analysis. I'd never heard of a CATWOE Analysis. It's a great synopsis of the overall vision. What I'll do next is the same process, but niche down a little deeper.
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I have a tiktok account that I havenโ€™t touched in a while with 34k followers should I use that to start a skool community?
Justin Griffioen
Waqar Ahmed
Shawn Helgerson
Matt McIntyre
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@Matt McIntyre nope. Youโ€™re only limited by the memory on your phone. Like, I can only do videos about 15 minutes long because I only have the 64 GB memory on my iPhone. I recently upgraded to the 256. But, yeah, if you have at least half of your smart phoneโ€™s memory free (it needs the extra space for buffering), and a good data connection, you can get started. Iโ€™ve also done longer videos by using my desktop. Like Zoom interviews, or Iโ€™ve taken podcast episodes, edited them in iMovie to put some canned videos or images. I think my longest was like 1 hour 15 maybe? If you look at a lot of creators on YT and see their earliest videos, the quality is crap - bad microphones, low resolution. But they just decided itโ€™s what they wanted to do and nothing was going to stop them, so they started. Like, do you know Aaron Doughty on YT? Heโ€™s in the new age, law of attraction space. He made a decision to shift his identity from a 9-5 guy working as a womenโ€™s shoe sales man to being a full-time YouTuber. He committed to making a video every day until he hit 100K subs so thatโ€™s what he did. Now heโ€™s well over a million and holds seminars and stuff. He had no clue what he was doing and had crap equipment, but he knew what he wanted and just went for it.
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@Matt McIntyre so whatโ€™s your brand? Whatโ€™s your niche? Your bio says, โ€œJust a dudeโ€. Are you being defeatist or are you leaning into that? Looks like a picture of a child so maybe youโ€™re a dad/uncle/brother? Thatโ€™s more than โ€œJust a dude.โ€ Whatโ€™s your angle?
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