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Warrior Wisdom

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Warrior Wisdom is a group for veterans and transitioning service members. Join us to share ideas, challenges, perspectives, and coaching.

Excel Express

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A community for getting quick and easy help with Excel, plus courses, tutorials, samples, helpful links, and much more!


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Reality Creator Academy

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$185,015/mo with Skool ๐Ÿ™‚
Sup guys! Just hit a cool milestone with Skool. Here are 3 things I love about Skool: 1. Community - thereโ€™s a heavy emphasis on community and my members love it. 2. Gamification - when you get this right the community is awesome without you. 3. All In One - with community, courses, and calls in one area itโ€™s easy to have active members. Those alone make Skool an amazing platform. I could spend an hour writing out a list of every feature I love, but less is more. But that doesnโ€™t mean Iโ€™m showing up empty handedโ€ฆ Thereโ€™s one thing I love about Skool the most: And thatโ€™s the ability to create an amazing product. Itโ€™s the one thing that has led to most of our growth. We have a product thatโ€™s so good, members share it with their friends. Without the 3 things above, building an amazing product would be very difficult. Quick formula for ya before I sign off: Great Product x (Ascensions + Continuity) = ๐Ÿš€ Thank you @Sam Ovens and the team, Brady ๐Ÿซก P.S. thereโ€™s no screenshot bc money is between like 4-5 different processors.
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@Yves Simon have you looked at the Contentpreneurship Skool community? It has loads of resources.
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@Jose Castro what do you do? I heard someone say recently that your niche is you. Whatโ€™s one thing youโ€™ve mastered or overcome? In my group, I help men addicted to pornography beat their addiction so they can have meaningful, romantic relationships. Why? Because I did it, and Iโ€™ve helped others do it, so why not spread that knowledge and experience?
Abundance of solicitation
It seems like daily, I get a new person hocking their service. Itโ€™s only getting worse. Itโ€™s really tainting the reputation of Skool. And all I can do is block, not report to ban status. There should be guidelines around people signing up for Skool around making it a place to pitch their business. Something new has to be done about this. please. Iโ€™ve seen the complaints from others before. Itโ€™s a thing.
New comment Jan 19
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@Jeffrey Buoncristiano that could work.
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@String Nikolic I think you underestimate them.
How do I make paid coaching available in my Skool community?
I just started a new Skool community, for veterans and those transitioning. I'd like to offer coaching packages in addition to free content. How do I set up an option for folks to get paid coaching?
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@Asmรขa Methqal is there a video that explains how to do this?
Skool etiquette
I'm putting together a MS Excel group here in Skool. Mostly it's for Excel users to discuss tips, tricks and traps, but I also want to offer lessons, templates, and other perks. Rather than making loads of my own Excel videos, I'm using some of the ka-jillions of Excel videos available out there, and giving credit. Is this how it's done in some cases? I'm not making any claims that they're my videos - all the credits are still in there. The only thing I'm creating is the order they're presented, the supporting text, and the curation. Thoughts? I started it because there are only a handful of Excel forums. I only know of one for sure but I assume there are others. Otherwise, the resources available are behind a paywall and it can be hard to get unique, oddball questions answered. Skool seems the perfect platform to fill that need. If you want to check it out, it's at Excel Express. I'd love any feedback on how to improve it. Thanks.
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@Jason Biehl thanks. I'm just not looking forward to laying out $99 a month while I figure out if I'll get it back. You know?
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@Andrรฉ Nรผnninghoff in the U.S. I can claim that as a business expense so itโ€™s deducted from my total income for the year, but itโ€™s still out of pocket up front. Every once in a while I get this feeling that the US isnโ€™t as great of a nation as we tell ourselves it is.
Can Skool communities be setup to have free membership with paid classes inside?
I searched this question and found no answer. Seems like a desirable way of operating. Ty.
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I'm eagerly looking for an answer to this question, too! Just for kicks, I asked Bing Chat and this is what she said: "Yes, you can create a community on that offers free membership with paid classes inside. offers a single pricing plan that includes all features, including the ability to create and manage public communities. The pricing plan costs $99 per month and allows you to create one group with unlimited courses and unlimited members. You can start with a 14-day free trial and cancel anytime. To offer free membership with paid classes inside, you can create a free community and have your courses in the classroom. You can answer questions and help people who have paid for the courses and get access to training calls in the free group. Alternatively, you can create a separate group for paid members only
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