$185,015/mo with Skool 🙂
Sup guys!
Just hit a cool milestone with Skool.
Here are 3 things I love about Skool:
  1. Community - there’s a heavy emphasis on community and my members love it.
  2. Gamification - when you get this right the community is awesome without you.
  3. All In One - with community, courses, and calls in one area it’s easy to have active members.
Those alone make Skool an amazing platform.
I could spend an hour writing out a list of every feature I love, but less is more.
But that doesn’t mean I’m showing up empty handed…
There’s one thing I love about Skool the most:
And that’s the ability to create an amazing product.
It’s the one thing that has led to most of our growth.
We have a product that’s so good, members share it with their friends.
Without the 3 things above, building an amazing product would be very difficult.
Quick formula for ya before I sign off:
Great Product x (Ascensions + Continuity) = 🚀
Thank you and the team,
Brady 🫡
P.S. there’s no screenshot bc money is between like 4-5 different processors.
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