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Imposter reality?
I'm interested to know your thoughts on imposter syndrome and when in fact it is actually the reality of the situation? For example, when I first started online, I labelled myself as a coach. I drank the Kool aid about you don't need to be a trained coach to make money as a coach. I limped along for a while but then moved over into Va work then eventually copywriting. I had imposter syndrome then, but I think it was actually the reality of the situation - I was in no position to coach anyone. When do you know if the feelings/resistance you have aren't just YOU feeling not good enough, vs actually not having the right skills or experience to do the thing?
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What are your favorite books?
I find the best coaching and learning simply through reading. I’ve found 99% off problems can be solved with reading. Some recommendations from me: Evergreen affiliate marketing by Nate McCallister Who Not How by Dan Sullivan Slipstream Recent add on Million Dollar Weekend What are your books?
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I second The Big Leap. One of my all time faves. Also Big Magic and You Are A Badass at Making Money. These are probably my top three. Also in list are think and grow rich - it's old but if you can get your head around the archaic language it's a game changer - and The Surrender Experiment.
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@Jessica Andersen thanks, yes I've read that one too! Have you read We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers - another good money book!
Where to store the lead magnet e-Book?
I have created a lead magnet e-book (PDF). I have a landing page ready on Convertkit where one needs to provide their email to get the e-Book. When someone provides their email in the ConvertKit landing page, I can send them an email to download the e-Book. My question is - where should I store the e-Book? The usual approach is that in the email that users get, there'll be a "Download ebook Now" button, but where should that button take them? The e-Book is currently on my Google drive. Is that where the download button needs to redirect them? Or is there a better, more professional-looking way?
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Convertkit houses it itself - add it to your incentive email.
Have you used an appointment setter?
I haven't used them and I'm hesitate but I also like to stay curious. Have you used one for your coaching business? pros, cons, thoughts and experiences? Would love know
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I use acuity. And I love it. I joined several years ago and I do t use it as much now (I work on retainer mostly) but I'd never get rid of it as it's so useful. Integrates nicely with my Google calendar and also automatically creates a zoom room (when I remember to check the box to do so!). I think acuity and zoom are besties!
Squarespace Vs ShowIt: Which website platform do you prefer and why?
I’m currently on Squarespace and was wondering about switching over to ShowIt because I heard it’s better for SEO. What do you prefer and why?
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I use Squarespace. I don't like how show it looks. Complex and too much stuff going on. Also you'd need a separate WP blog if you want to post articles for show it. I think Squarespace are always improving - which can be frustrating sometimes with new updates, but it's all to make the platform better. If you're interested in the design side of Squarespace my friend just did a summit which is available for replay for a couple more weeks.
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