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I Hate to Sellโ€”But When I Do I Make More Money ๐Ÿ’ฐ
I like to build stuff, solve problems, and sell the solutions. But most of all I like to build stuff and solve problems. I could leave off the selling but my family wants to live, so, yea there's that... = ) When I'm excited about something selling is easy because I'm truly excited for the people I sell it too. I believe it's a good thing for them, that makes it easy. But when I'm less excited, I sell less, and I make less money because of it. It's good to be aware of this, because if you can build selling into your routineโ€”you'll sell more. Building a consistent business means you're getting consistent sales. When you notice that you have waves of high and low months. It's usually the result of ups and downs in your selling 2-3 months before. It's just one of those realities that you need to accept, if you do your business will do better. Be consistent in your selling in the highs and the lows, and then your profits will be more consistent overtime. Because if you start selling now, it won't bear fruit for a few months. Do you have a few months? Do you have the mindset to keep going up and down with your business? If the answer is no to either of those two questions. Sell, ALL THE TIME.
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@Stephen G. Pope so true, I don't like to sell either . . but it's reality :-)
Hey there guys My name is Rami I am a Thumbnail designer I am recentlly new to this Awsome community looking forward to know you all and share my expireance and just help out each other I will be posting some content here about thumbnails in gรฉnรฉrale and maybe help out some creators who are struggleing with thumbnails.
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@Ahmed rami Halladja curious,what is your YouTube channel? thanks
The Best Advice for Finding an Editor
I've seen this topic pop up in this group and I wanted to share an interview I found with Jay Clouse and Tony Santos on hiring editors for Youtube content. It's not often I will stop what I'm doing to take notes from a Youtube video, but this has actionable advice for those looking for an editor and those working as an editor like me.
New comment Apr 21
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@Rob Ruscher thanks for sharing this for sure!
Skool vs Discord
Hey all! I am in the process of starting an online community/course for the meditation space. I am just weighing up which platform to use. Skool is great and I use it but the on going cost is something I worry about. Discord is much cheaper to run. What do you use? Thanks
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@Jon Alcock since Skool is 1000x easier and since it's only $99 a month If you are worried about the cost, that must mean you aren't planning to make $99 a month at least on your membership . . I say go for the best and make $5k a month and cost is irrelevant
How do you balance content creation with managing a business?
In the video "It's Now or Never", Leila shares insights on content creation and business leadership. Anyone else have this issue? How do you navigate this problem? Do you use any automation to help? What tools do you use? Please share any tips or strategies for striking a balance between content creation and your other life or business responsibilities. Thanks :) Link to Course Module:
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kudos to those of you with these systems . . I've been struggling with this, too, @Alexi Drouin thanks @Carson Stewart @Deep Sangani
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