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10,000 Instagram followers in 6 Months & Selling out my Coaching Program.
Over the past few weeks my instagram @andyhvisuals has crossed 10,000 followers, which took 141 posts and 236 days. In the last 30 days alone I have grown by 3,000 followers and my Youtube is growing at a consistent rate. I sold out my 1-2-1 coaching In January, which is a £1500 investment, so my audience are also prepared to buy which is amazing. There's a handful of things I've done that have resulted in this growth and are really easy to implement. 1 - Defining My Mission Rather than nailing down a specific niche, I wrote down what I wanted to achieve, how I wanted to help and who I wanted to help. This made creating content very easy because it meant each time I made a piece of content, I just asked myself, does this help achieve the mission, that mission being... "Too elevate creators, build powerful personal brands and turn knowledge into profit" 2 - Consistency It's boring, but it works. I've posted almost everyday the last 3 months and my growth has sky rocketed in the process. I have uploaded everyday on instagram this year and once a week on youtube. Being a big fan of endurance training I know first hand how just showing up consistently can pay off in the long run. It's just being patient and consistent. 3 - Ignoring the competition The more I watched others in my area, the more I would be influenced by there content and what they are doing. Id see myself doubting what I'm doing, questioning if my methods were correct, thinking I should try what others are doing. But when I ignored everyone else, focused on what I wanted to achieve and the way I wanted to do it, that focus resulted in flow. I hope that helps in some way, or motivates. I'm dialled in on my end goal right now so please, any questions, please fire them over!
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@Andrew Kirby Thanks man!
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@Godwin Njoroge thank you! Mines all video. But in order to do a good video you need to write a good script and in order to write a good script you need to tell a good story. So in answer to your question. All three!
Attracting The Wrong Audience
I've been a little silent here for a while now, mainly because I've been building and it's been going well. Just off of 10K Followers on Instagram, YouTube is slowly climbing with 5k Watch hours this month. I sold out a high ticket coaching offer and have got 10 people in a paid community. 12 Months ago I had none of this, so I call this progress, but I have an issue... I really want to push my paid community/membership, I really enjoy it, however due to a previous background being a videographer and working with fitness professionals, the majority of the audience I seem to be attracting is fitness professionals who need help with their content. I want to be attracting creators, those who are just getting started, helping them with strategy, filming techniques, lighting techniques. Essentially making them better content creators overall. Has anyone got any advice on how to attract the right audience, I reference creators in my content, I feel it's specific to creators, but still attracting fitness professionals. Which then leads the content on the members page to be tailored to these individuals and their needs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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@Maxwell James Exactly what I have been doing to be honest. But yet the membership if filled with fitness professionals haha
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@Maxwell James well yeah haha They are all online coaches.
Your Thumbnails Are Your Branding - Be Consistent
When Steven Bartlett uploads his latest podcast episode on Youtube I instantly recognise it's his upload. The guest on the right hand side of the image. Black background. White font, highlighted in red. When Chris Williamson uploads a new video I instantly recognise it. Dark Blue background. Teal border. Guest on the right. Bold white font. I think this is key component as to why Steven Bartlett's gained almost 3 million subscribers over the past year. His videos are now instantly recognisable. Remove the logo from McDonald's Burger box and I could still tell you the brand. Remove the logo from a subway sub and I could still tell you the brand. Remove the logo from the a Nike billboard, I could still tell you the brand. Dial in your fonts, colours, look of your thumbnails. This is your branding, so make sure your audience know it's you!
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Your Thumbnails Are Your Branding - Be Consistent
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@Zac Mason Yeah, not saying that by not having a branded look it won't be successful. But let's take Leon Hendrix for example, if his video was uploaded and I came across it on Browse, I wouldn't know it was his. Ali abdaal is a good example of how it can be used when not on a podcast. Again, if the videos are good, the channel will grow. I just think these are the small details that matter further down the line.
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Mark Manson clearly read this post 😂 Consistent look to his thumbnails now.
Integrating Brand Deals
I feel this is a stupid question but have you seen Casey Neistat’s latest Vlog? A Masterclass in integrating brand deals into your video. Video - If you weren’t savvy to how the creator economy worked, you probably wouldn’t know this is a brand deal, which I feel is the end goal with a brand deal right. If I showed this video to my girlfriend who has no idea how all this works, she wouldn’t know that she is being marketed too. What’s your thoughts on the video?
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Integrating Brand Deals
How I Went From -$15k to $8.7 Million (My Story)
I've never shared this publicly before. This is the full story of how I went from $15,000 in debt to making over $8.7 million a year. If you enjoy the video please leave a comment and share it with a friend. My mission is to inspire 100 million founders with proven systems to grow their audience, monetization, and brand. We're just getting started. Let's win together 🥇
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How I Went From -$15k to $8.7 Million (My Story)
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Really enjoyed this story Matt. Have been following on Instagram for a while. Keep the videos coming!
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