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How I automated getting the Skool Member count 🤖
So I talked to a bunch of people in the community, and it seems like many are interested in getting the member count of one's community with an automation. I just created an Apify actor to do exactly that. You can use it with or Zapier and get data from any community. Now unfortunately, for communities bigger than 1k you can only get the shortened version (e.g. 1.1k) Skool Admins: Let me know if that's something you don't want people to do, and I am happy to take it down. If anyone needs more help on setting it up, let me know.
New comment Mar 19
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@Marvin Aziz Can you explain the reasoning behind doing this? I am new here. What is the importance of member count?
Public Community Search Tip
I often find it difficult to search previous posts in Skool search. It doesn't do well with multiple search terms. Now, if I can't find it in search on Skool, I go to Google, type in what I want to search and then add the search operator For example, the other day I was looking for a post about an issue where the subscription option didn't appear in the menu. Someone had a problem with it and I knew I'd seen a post about it but couldn't find it in search. With this tool, it comes up because I remembered it involved Sid and said he said "check now." Here's what I searched in Google: "check now" "Sid Sahasrabuddhe" Of course, if someone is just looking for something they haven't seen before they won't know what very specific, possibly unrelated terms to search for to bring up the result as I did. However, if you're looking for something and not finding it with the Skool search, Google is an option if the group is public because it will give different results than Skool search.
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Yes. Very helpful. Thanks!
Steal my guide - How points work in the leaderboard guide!
I just created a little guide for my group for Job Seekers and thought I would share for those working on building out their group. Hope this little guide for Understanding the Leaderboard is helpful! Welcome to the "Understanding Skool Points and Leaderboard" module! In this module, you will learn how Skool points work and how you can level up in the leaderboard. By actively engaging with the community, you'll unlock exciting rewards and opportunities to enhance your experience. Lesson 1: Points System - Points Earned: You earn points when other members like your posts or comments. Each like equals 1 point. - Encouraging Quality Content: The points system encourages users to produce quality content and interact with other members, fostering a vibrant and engaging community. Lesson 2: Levels - Leveling Up: As you accumulate points, you'll level up in the leaderboard. - Visible Progress: Your current level is displayed at the bottom right of your avatar. The number of points required to reach the next level is indicated under your avatar on your profile page. Level Progression: 1. Level 1 - Newcomer: 0 points 2. Level 2 - Contributor: 5 points 3. Level 3 - Engager: 20 points 4. Level 4 - Influencer: 65 points 5. Level 5 - Connector: 155 points 6. Level 6 - Leader: 515 points 7. Level 7 - Visionary: 2,015 points 8. Level 8 - Trailblazer: 8,015 points 9. Level 9 - Skool Master: 33,015 points Congratulations on completing the "Understanding Skool Points and Leaderboard" module! By actively participating in the community and earning points, you're not only leveling up in the leaderboard but also contributing to the overall success and vibrancy of our community. Keep engaging, sharing valuable insights, and leveling up to unlock exciting rewards and opportunities I have now made an additional guide that goes into more detail for the 7-30-and alltime leaderboards and such. I will include the link to the google drive doc here. Feel free to copy and use in your group as well.
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@Mike Morales do you have a place that explains this that you are aware of?
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@Mike Morales and others. Here is an updated guide that might help. Understanding Skool: Points, Levels, and Leaderboards Skool is a multifunctional platform that combines courses, community, and a calendar. Here's a breakdown of how it works: - Courses, Community, and Calendar: - A group on Skool contains a community where members can post, like, and comment on content. - Within a group, there can be one or multiple courses hosted in a classroom format. - The calendar feature allows for scheduling events such as Q&A calls or live streams. - Points, Levels, and Leaderboards: - Members earn points by posting, commenting, and receiving likes on their content. - Each like received translates to one point. - As members accumulate points, they advance through levels, which are displayed next to their names. - Leaderboards track member activity over various timeframes, such as the past 7 days, 30 days, and all-time. - Leaderboards are updated every 20-30 minutes and track progress on a rolling basis. - Incentivizing Engagement: - Members strive to earn points and climb the leaderboards to increase their credibility and authority within the community. - Admins can further incentivize engagement by awarding prizes to top-ranking members on the leaderboards. - Prizes can be awarded monthly to top contributors, fostering a sense of acknowledgment and motivation among members. - Additional Features: - Admins have the ability to award gems to outstanding posts or comments, enhancing their visibility and encouraging engagement. - Gems make posts stand out and can lead to increased likes, points, and ultimately, higher rankings on the leaderboards. - Utilizing Skool's Features: - Skool offers various tools for communication, including chat, private messages, and notifications. - User profiles display activity levels, course progress, and engagement metrics, encouraging consistent contribution from both admins and members. - Powerful search functionality enables users to find specific content, courses, or members within the community.
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