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I often find it difficult to search previous posts in Skool search. It doesn't do well with multiple search terms.
Now, if I can't find it in search on Skool, I go to Google, type in what I want to search and then add the search operator
For example, the other day I was looking for a post about an issue where the subscription option didn't appear in the menu. Someone had a problem with it and I knew I'd seen a post about it but couldn't find it in search.
With this tool, it comes up because I remembered it involved Sid and said he said "check now."
Here's what I searched in Google:
"check now" "Sid Sahasrabuddhe"
Of course, if someone is just looking for something they haven't seen before they won't know what very specific, possibly unrelated terms to search for to bring up the result as I did.
However, if you're looking for something and not finding it with the Skool search, Google is an option if the group is public because it will give different results than Skool search.
Mike Morales
Public Community Search Tip
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