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What are your predictions for 2024? ⚡
I love predictions - I love to think about them myself and I LOVE to hear what other people think is coming in terms of trends, shifts, and where we're headed as a community and the creator space as a whole. So.... what are *your* predictions for the creator space, online biz, etc for 2024 and beyond? 🔮 Let's share in the comments!
Éva Raposa
Kassy Pajarillo
Mariah Coz
Jessica Alfaqih
Marcia P
New comment 7d ago
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more great memberships (great), more other lead gen channels instead of only Ads (more difficult now)
short videos on IG or Youtube
Do you suggest to outsource short videos on IG or Youtube to freelancer, or agence or hire a marketing specialist who could take cares of it too? Thank you :D
Suzanne Chadwick
Sara Verbi
Mallory Whitfield
Draven Grey
New comment 12d ago
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@Suzanne Chadwick thank you :)
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@Draven Grey thank you a lot! Did you mean Stu’s Tribe ?:)
👋 Introduce yourself right here!
This is the introductions thread. Say hi, tell us what your business is all about! In your introduction, answer these 3 questions: ➡️ What is your name? (feel free to share pronouns if you’d like!) ➡️ What is your business or platform? Who do you serve, what do you sell, etc ➡️ If you were to host your dream party, and the sky was the limit, what would the theme be? We can’t wait to meet you!
Kori Tomelden
Kristin Boyd
Trish Martin
Sophie Bidard
Debra Larson
New comment 30d ago
6 likes • Aug 2
Hi I am Sara from Paris France. I help women create their coaching program in local market. :-) Followed Mariah since 3 years and love her content! Thank you for this community 😊😊
YouTube vs Vimeo for online course materials in hybrid group coaching program
Is it a bad idea to use unlisted YouTube videos for embedding your course videos? I have been using the free plan of Vidyard but I’m at the max number of videos for that now and was considering Vimeo but also trying to keep my subscription expenses down while I build up my revenue.
Sarah Crosley
Leslie Cason
Janna Melissa
Marcia P
Brigitte Bertrand
New comment Nov 10
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Vimeo is more secured and give a professional feeling for your clients:)
Prioritizing Rest in Your Business
Hi all!!! I'm curious how everyone prioritizes rest while running your businesses. As a business owner currently in limbo (I never closed my business down completely and still have a few lingering clients that I work with), I know for a fact that my ignoring rest and self-care led me to this place. I'm currently trying to figure out where to go from here, but I'm nervous I'll fall into the same traps again. So what do you do to prioritize rest and take care of yourself as a business owner? I'm also very interested in doing things more passively, as well as with a small team or even just on my own. So any tips would be AMAZING.
Dave Foy
Amanda Creek
Britt Malka
Sean Mize
Amy Miyamoto
New comment Nov 7
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I leave for another country for holiday for at least 7-10 days every quarter, while my biz working (but less sales) it is very good!
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