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Getting accurate link clicks in Convertkit
Hey! I'm going to be starting my promotion for my online program in about a week and I want to provide my subscribers with the opportunity to unsubscribe from the launch emails but stay on my email list. The problem is, that my 5 latest emails have all had "fake" clicks, meaning I've had the exact same number of clicks on each link. My understanding of this is that it's due to my emails going through spam protections therefore my links are being checked and show up as link clicks. If I want to provide people with the opportunity to unsubscribe from promo emails only - how can I do this without risking lots of people ending up with that opt-out tag that actually want to receive my launch emails?
New comment Sep '23
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@Karin Olson Ooh this is a really creative workaround! Thank you so much.
0 likes • Sep '23
@Sean Mize Yes, I definitely can do that, I'm just pretty sure people will click the link and not look at the actual page. But it might just come down to wording if I want to get them to look!
Blogging and SEO
Who here uses SEO and blogging to sell their courses? I'd love to know what's working for you.
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I do! What do you want to know alma?
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@D'Ana Joi Yeees! SEO is hands down the best thing I have invested time, money and energy into. It's the gift that keeps on giving once you start to gain traction!
Conversion rates on websites
Anyone have a good resource/s on standard conversion rates for websites when it comes to: - free resource downloads - newsletter sign-ups - purchases of a product from a pop-up - sales page conversions - trip-wire conversions I'm specifically most interested in purchases of a product from a pop-up but would love more info on benchmarks above. These all of course differ between industry and the amount of traffic on someone's website. Thanks 😊
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@Sean Mize Yeah, I was half expecting someone to tell me this, even if I was secretly hoping I could get my hands on some reliable stats, haha! Thanks for weighing in, I really appreciate it.
Pre-recorded live webinar?
Hey @Mariah Coz ! First of all, I am loving this community app! Seriously considering it for My own courses! Thank you for always making a safe space! Question: I am planning my next launch, and I’ve decided to try something new. A pre-recorded webinar that goes live on open cart date and an embedded chat next to it for engagement and questions! Honestly I’ve never made sales during my live webinars, they always come later through the replay time! I know there’s benefits from doing it live on zoom but I’m not feeling it strongly. And I’m leaning into asynchronous support in my programs anyway! So I thought it would be aligned with the kind of support they would get later on inside. Do you have any thoughts or recommendations on prerecorded webinars that go live on open cart date?
New comment Aug '23
Pre-recorded live webinar?
3 likes • Aug '23
I've done this several times and it works well! If you're not feeling like doing it live I would go with your gut and do it pre-recorded.
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@Lucia Doynel Yep! But I've mostly received questions via email anyway.
❤️ How To Invite Your Friends to the Creator Party Community!
Hey everyone! I've been getting tons of questions about how you can invite your friends, clients, followers and audience to join us inside the Creator Party community, so I recorded a little tutorial for finding your unique invite link. I really appreciate your help in spreading the word about the Creator Party community! Please share your invite link far and wide, or just with a few biz besties 🎉 ➡️ Help us reach our goal of 1,000 members in 30 days! We launched this group to the public on August 1st, and with your support, I think we can get to 1,000 members by August 31st! Will you help us reach our goal and keep making Creator Party the most fun place on the internet? You can share your invite link anywhere, with your friends, privately or publicly. The more the group grows, the better it is for all the creators who are collaborating in here. Let's see if we can reach our goal together! We'll do something fun to celebrate when we do 🔥 THANK YOU, I appreciate you! There's so much more fun stuff coming soon in this community, and I always want to hear your ideas for making it even better. Now go forth and invite a few friends 😊
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❤️ How To Invite Your Friends to the Creator Party Community!
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