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SEO Help
Hey everyone! To those who dabble in SEO - how has traffic been going for you these past 6-12 months? I ask because I've focused on SEO now for about 4-5 years and have done really well - at one point I was getting 100k visits to my website a month and had about 1200 new subscribers joining my email list each month. Since about April it's been tanking slowly but surely (with the occasional bump up but the overall trend is traffic declining), and if anything I'm putting out longer, meatier blog posts since the beginning of this year, doing occasional refurbs, getting unique backlinks from reputable high domain authority websites etc. Now, just to clarify, my website traffic isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination, but this never-ending decline is making me a little worried. And I can't for the life of me work out why there's a steady decline. I'm an authority on my subject, I have a growing body of work on my website etc. I'm going to hop on a call with my SEO specialist but I'd love to hear thoughts from others too. Thanks 😊
Christina Lopez
Leigh Norén
Victoria Kurichenko
New comment 18d ago
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@Victoria Kurichenko Thanks for your response! I haven't used AI tools in writing my blog posts. And I'm sure my competitors are doing things to outperform me I'm just not sure what they might be, haha. I have a refurbishing project going on but I'm only able to get to about 1 piece a month at the moment, but maybe that's where I should be focusing my efforts given what you've shared about your own traffic. My URL is: Thank you so much! Excited to hear if you find anything obvious.
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@Victoria Kurichenko oh wow, thank you so much for your detailed response! Going to check all of this!!
Skool vs Circle
I'd love to know why you decided to go with Skool and not for instance Circle! :)
Mariah Coz
Meg King
Marcia P
Venessa Rodriguez
Sara Verbi
New comment Nov 5
3 likes • Jul 27
@Meg King Super easy interface!
0 likes • Jul 27
@Mariah Coz Hahaha! Yeees I hear you.
What platform do you host your course content on?
In the spirit of platform switches, I'm curious what everyone else is using right now.
121 members have voted
Kori Tomelden
Alma Bradford
Samantha Kasbrick
Meg King
Marcia P
New comment Oct 31
2 likes • Jul 29
Teachable and I honestly still think it's the most user-friendly version of all of the platforms.
🎧 NEW PODCAST: The vision & strategy for the Creator Party community
In this episode, I am taking you behind the scenes of my free, public community “Creator Party”. I’m sharing my strategy for growing the community, why I am investing in growing a *free* community in my business, who the community is for and what I want it to be about and become, why I chose to make it public instead of private, and more! Listen to the episode here with the show notes, or find it on your favorite podcast app by searching and subscribing to The Mariah Coz Show podcast. In this episode: - Why I have decided to host a free community for everyone to join, even thought that wasn’t in my original “plan” until recently - My goals and vision for the community and why I think it will take some time to get there - Why I landed on the name “Creator Party” and what it means to me - All the fun things you can find inside the community - free courses, resources, updates, support, deeper discussions on each podcast episode and so much more! - How the structure of Skool makes the group really fun with points, levels, a leaderboard with rewards and more! - Why I decided to make the community “public” instead of “private” and the major differences - What strategies I’ll be testing for growing the community over time - Questions to ask yourself if you’re considering hosting a free community to create a space where you audience can have more conversations, and go beyond the “one way street” communication of social media platforms ➡️ Listen to the episode and let's have a discussion here in the comments! What questions do you have after listening? What are some fun things you would like to see in this community? Any surprising takeaways or a-ha's from this episode?
Mariah Coz
Christina Lopez
Kimmy Garcia
Sean Mize
Kassy Pajarillo
New comment Oct 28
0 likes • Aug 4
@Mariah Coz Exciiiting!
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@Mariah Coz wow!
Building from scratch in 2023
If you had to restart completely your business (audience from zero), what will be your strategy in 2023?
Christina Lopez
Haider Ali
Reasmey Tan
Anniedi Essien
Diane Ziomek
New comment Oct 20
0 likes • Aug 6
@Christina Lopez This is so interesting! I'd love those articles please :)
1 like • Aug 7
@Christina Lopez Excellent, thank you!
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