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🚀 Mariah's Launch Diary: September 2023 Edition
I'm launching a new product and you're invited to follow along with my LIVE updates every step of the way!
In the comments of this post I'll be sharing what I'm working on and how I'm making decisions through this launch of a brand new offer in real time.
Ask any questions you have about this launch in the comments!
You're invited to be part of it and peek "behind the scenes" as I execute a low-key, chill launch. Keep your eyes on this post for updates!
➡️ The kick off episode all about my Low-Key, "Lazy" Launch Plan and the first installment of the Launch Diary is live on the Mariah Coz Show podcast now, and there's a Podcast Chat for it here.
Mariah Coz
🚀 Mariah's Launch Diary: September 2023 Edition
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