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Alex Hormozi + Skool = $$$$$
"I just made the biggest investment of my life" coming from Hormozi means a lot! What's going to happen next? 👀 Where do you think Skool should spend the investment money from Hormozi? Skool is already damn near perfect... not sure how they're going to improve it from here!
New comment Jan 19
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Awesome 👏 This would be nice: Membership plans (where we can tick courses and members) Payment feature (all currency, billing address limited to countries)
Assign courses via checkbox
Hi guys, i would love to open the community and sell courses via my shopify account. Is it possible to have a usermatrix and checkboxes to assign the courses in a table view - instead of having to click each member and to assing the course via dropdown? That would be very helpful in future.
New comment Jan 8
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Yep!!! It world be super nice to have this. Actually what i’m saying wiring for is to have different membership plans which check boxes for courses and participants.
Annoying Random DM's
How do you stop random people from pitching you in the DM's? I mean if I have joined their community or I follow them, that's fine. But it seems like anyone can just start following you and sending you DM's. I have had like 10 and they are super annoying.
New comment Dec '23
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I simply put the chat off. It solved the problem.
Why do some groups have no price?
So it appears that there's no price on some groups in the discovery page because they are offering thejr own free trial. Where is the option to not show the price so that I can send them to a landing page for a free trial? Thanks
New comment Nov '23
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@Toni J Rawlicious Right now people can join only once a month to my community. They pay via my wordpress site. After that I use the cvs file to add them to the group. If I would allow them to join continuously I would use Zapier integration as well.
1 like • Nov '23
@Toni J Rawlicious Here are all the options:
Audience VS Community (What's better?)
This weekend one of my bigger coaching clients got all of his social media accounts hacked. YouTube gone. Instagram gone. Facebook gone. He spent YEARS growing his social media audience, had TENS of thousands of followers & subscribers, and now his audience is all gone... 💔 I was gutted when I heard the news (imagine how he felt 😢 ), but it served as a stark reminder for me. In 2023, if you're a contentpreneur without a free community, your entire business is seriously at risk from: - Hackers - Account bans - Algorithm changes If any of those things happen, sales can dry up right away. The solution? A free community - OFF of social media - like on Skool. @Andrew Kirby told me the most valuable asset he has is not his YouTube channel with 643k subscribers, but his free Skool community (which at the time had 3k members). The risk of not having your own free community isn't worth it nowadays - ESPECIALLY when you consider how easy it is to set one up, and how enjoyable it can be to run. And running a free community doesn't take much time, either. With just 2 minutes per day you can keep it running smoothly. And think about 7 benefits of having a free community: 1) You go from 'renting' and audience to 'owning' one. When you own it, nobody can take it away from you. 2) You safeguard a large portion of your audience from hackers, account bans, and algorithm changes. 3) You don't have to rely on the "1-to-many" sales approach (your community members can actually help sell for you). 4) You have a 100% deliverability rate to your prospects (social media typically gives you a 5% delivery rate). 5) You can get away with uploading far less content on social media because people in your community can see what you're doing in the community. 6) You can interact with people on a more personal level, making market research a breeze. 7) You can make sales so much faster (because you're having way more personal conversations).
New comment Nov '23
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Love it! Thx
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