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Annoying Random DM's
How do you stop random people from pitching you in the DM's? I mean if I have joined their community or I follow them, that's fine. But it seems like anyone can just start following you and sending you DM's. I have had like 10 and they are super annoying.
New comment Dec '23
0 likes • Nov '23
@String Nikolic
4 likes • Nov '23
@Erika Kulpina This is awesome. Thanks for this! Most of the DM's come from this community 😅
Finally Switched to Skool (from Kajabi)
I've been looking at Skool with longing eyes since it's launch. But the allure of running my entire business in Kajabi was too great. I was so enamored with Skool's design that I customized my own program within Kajabi to mirror it as closely as possible (see attached image). Then Kajabi had to go and screw things up with their new community. I upgraded to their new community and it was aweful. Kajabi has totally lost touch with user experience. Finally moved my program to Skool a couple weeks ago. The experience has far exceeded my expectations, and my members couldn't be more pleased. Well done, Skool team. You've created an exceptional product.
New comment Oct '23
Finally Switched to Skool (from Kajabi)
1 like • Oct '23
Welcome to the promised land.
skool support is f******* legendary
it's like a mastermind in my pocket. I would keep it just for that. I've never had that with most other platforms i've been on kajabi/podia/teachable. It's mostly "i understand your frustration". I've been speaking with @Sid Sahasrabuddhe (HUGE shoutout) in dm's and he's been helping me figure out price points for my product... With data backed insights. Are you f****** kidding me, that's the shit you pay $10k for in a mastermind. Sid even got on a call with me and we workshopped together a launch plan for my course. Also, I was impressed with the unbiased advice. I was originally expecting for pricing, he was going to suggest using subscriptions only because of course, that's what Skool offers lol. Instead he listened to me. Learned about my business. Instead, suggested to charge a much higher upfront one time payment as he's seen that worked best and in my situation that would be a better option than charging subscription. Unbiased advice that makes your customer win even at the cost of the product. That's good karma. @Sam Ovens ... Whatever you're doing with this platform... It's good. -Qazi
New comment Oct '23
skool support is f******* legendary
3 likes • Oct '23
@Sid Sahasrabuddhe is doing some great work. Keep it up!
Syncing with SKOOL Calendar
is there a way to download the calendar or sync it with a users own calender? I mean the whole calendar and not just individual items
New comment Nov '23
1 like • Oct '23
@Sid Sahasrabuddhe any update with this? we run 3 calls a week and having members have to individually click on each one to add it to their calendars is just silly. Having one button where they could add all events makes it so much easier.
Group Chat
I have a few CA people who are looking for an accountability partner and I would love to help them - is it possible to do a group chat with a few people??
New comment Mar 2
1 like • Oct '23
@Jonathan Ryle So many people, on MULTIPLE posts have asked for this feature and yet it hasn't been implemented. Is this because the admin doesn't want it or it's not a priority? The users are asking for what would give them a better user experience but is it being heard? I have seen so many people say they haven't moved their business over to Skool because of this feature. It's cool that there are features like 'searching groups' and 'skool payments' but the basic functionality is missing some big parts (the ability to send voicenotes too). If you can explain WHY you haven't implemented these requests , that would be helpful because otherwise the default is 'they don't listen or don't care' (which I am sure is not true) All said with respect. 🙏 @Sam Ovens , @Sid Sahasrabuddhe , @Zahida A Khan
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