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Prompt Help
Anyone have any request for a prompt or if your prompt is not giving you the response you want, let me know.
New comment 28d ago
1 like • Apr 5
@Art Malik this is great thank you - another Q - do you know how to download the audio file- The audio feature now showing up at the bottom left of a prompt response is what I am referring to. Thanks again
0 likes • Apr 5
@Art Malik I will try that, thank you.
I have a BIG problem with AI, Please help!
I have a massive problem, maybe someone or a group of people can help me solve this problem. I am great at what i do, which is I get Ai to do what i want it to do mainly via Prompting and creating custom GPTs Occasionally I sell some of these services to people who reach out to me. This is all fine but my big problem is : HOW CAN I PROPERLY MONETIZE MY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Everywhere I go and all the products and services (in the Ai Space) which i have purchased to get an idea of what others are selling, quite frankly most are below par meaning they are mediocre and do not really help anyone in anyway. That being said these guys are making good money from below average products. Do i also make below average products / services and just spend most of my time on marketing or do i play the long game make good products and let them win on merit? I am very conflicted in my thoughts, does anyone have any way out of this madness?
New comment Apr 16
2 likes • Apr 5
@Art Malik totally agree with you on this. Who is your customer? I need to learn a bit more about your products and services to give you some more strategies on how to MONETIZE MY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. Drop your website link here so I can learn more.
Audio now available for prompt result...
I noticed that ChatGPT now has an audio option after the results of the prompt - does anyone know how to download that mp3 file? @Jason West
New comment Apr 7
Worksheet creation Prompt??
Does anyone has a prompt simple or complex that could aid in the creation of worksheets and a course catalogue? @Jason West is there any training on this? thank you
New comment Mar 24
1 like • Mar 24
@Julie Helmer thank you for reminding me - did not even think of that approach - LOLs
ChatGPT DALL-E 3 Demo 🤩
I've just uploaded a new video on YouTube where I dive into the capabilities of DALL-E 3 within ChatGPT 🎨🤖 👉 Watch the Video Here In this video, I explore how DALL-E 3 can generate various types of images, from logos to art pieces. I even put it to the test to see if it could create a logo for a luxury coffee shop. ☕✨ Why should you watch? - Get a firsthand look at DALL-E 3's capabilities. - Learn how to generate different sizes and types of images. - Discover how this could be a game-changer in graphic design. Don't forget to join the conversation in the comments and let me know what you think! 🗨️ Cheers Jason
New comment Oct '23
ChatGPT DALL-E 3 Demo 🤩
1 like • Oct '23
Dall-e showed up yesterday - @Jason West is there a training module in the portal on Dall-e?
0 likes • Oct '23
@Jason West thank you
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