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Resources for learning how to teach people?
Hey everyone, for the first time in my YT journey, I’m trying to figure out ways to effectively teach but don’t know where to start. I’m thinking about reverse engineering YouTuber’s I think are good at teaching, but if there are resources, send em here for me and others interested!
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@Imaan Miah Could you send the PDF here?
You Don't Know ANYTHING About YouTube Growth
I just saw someone asking for help growing their channel so here are some universal truths about making content. I have grown my channel by 17k in 3 months with no prior YouTube experience and making self-improvement content. Here are a few bits worth more than 99% of YouTube courses: 1. You are not credible, your time isn't worth ANYTHING neither is your opinion. You need to prove to your listeners that they have a reason to listen to you. Make sure to "credibility hack", you can do this by referencing what you have learned from "x credible person" or "y credible book" or "z research papers". 2. Authentic and raw videos are a scam for beginners unless you are an amazing storyteller and speaker already. Focus on having a clear and concise presentation and editing your videos. It shows you've done your homework. 3. Spend 60-70% of your time on the thumbnail, title, and idea. If they are good the rest will fall into place. We don't need another nofap video or anything that has been done before. Make no more than 1 video per week and spend the entire week making that 1 video as great as possible. MAKING VIDEOS IS SUPPOSED TO BE HARD AND TAKE A LOT OF TIME, DON'T GIVE UP. Monday: Idea, Title Tuesday: Idea, Title and Thumbnail Wednesday: Write your script and record the talking head footage Thursday: EDIT Friday: Edit and Upload @Andrew Kirby you with me on this one?
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"Make no more than 1 video per week and spend the entire week making that 1 video as great as possible." 🔥🔥🔥
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@Ndumiso Ndlovu Expand the length of the video only to how long you can hold attention. Average watch time is 2 minutes? Make 2-minute videos or hold attention longer.
Notes from 165 minutes of Alex Hormozi's content on Audience & Brand
Hey, In the resource down below you will find notes I've took from 6 Alex Hormozi's videos on growing an audience and branding. Let me know if this is valuable for you ✌️
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100 views in 1 day
I spent ~15 hours pouring my soul into the scripting, title, thumbnail, recording, and editing of a video and it paid off. I give all the credit to Hamza. Hamza recommended the book Storyworthy, so I read it in its entirety and found this quote: "The longer you speak, the more perfect and precise you must be. The longer you stand in front of an audience - whether it be a theater or a boardroom - the more entertaining and engaging your words must be." I journaled about the quote and realized how I could finally grow my YouTube channel, after 2 months of failure: If I'm not entertaining, why am I posting long unedited videos? What if I cram as much value into the least time possible? My average watch time is ~2 minutes on an unedited video. If I cut out all the fluff in my video, and bombard the viewer with extreme value and entertainment, why couldn't I triple my watch time? I did this and it worked. To all the self-improvement YouTubers posting 30-minute unedited rants, if you just add music, throw in some graphics, and most importantly, cut the moments that aren't valuable to the viewer you'll start getting views. I hope this was a good use of your time.
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@Kartik Bisht No problem, I hope you found it helpful.
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@Imaan Miah Set a timer for 5 minutes and journal without stopping, it's great for problem-solving and insights.
It’s possible - My first 100 subs on YouTube!!
Long story short I left my country to become a volunteer in France(where I live totally free) instead of uni. I knew if I would Ieave home I would start acting and build my channel and my personal brand.(And eventually launch my paid Skool community.) Not even 2 months since I’m here and I got my VERY FIRST 100 SUBS!! This is my first milestone on this journey torwards freedom! If I could do it, literally anybody can… Let’s gooo!
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How exactly did you become a volunteer in France?
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@Benedek Hartal DMs work
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