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Best Niches for Missed Call Text back
If you were doing a Missed Call Textback campaign what 3 Niches are best suited to get some quick traction and experience with selling MCTB and build your first 10 clients in your Agency?
Patrick Allmond
Ronald Doyle
Carl Sarfi
Rg Enzon
Michael Vanhoutte
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    @Jay Templeton Thank you much appreciate it I am grateful
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    Thank you I appreciate you Carl
A2P Snapshot
Did anyone here implement the A2P Snapshot from Extendly? And is everything working, all links in the emails? Please, let me know, I am looking for help to finish this up. Thank you so much.
Ron Gibson
Alan Leung
Rg Enzon
Ronald Doyle
Celia Steincamp
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Say Hey to the Newbie!
I found GHL a few months ago but have been so confused about how to use the tools to start making money. I am SO grateful I found this group. All of the free resources have been SO helpful and I find myself motivated again like I was when I first learned of the software. I’m so ready to get started, I was up until like 6am just watching videos and taking three pages of notes. Look for my video in the wins tab coming soon ;-)
Deb Shipman
Java Hardge
Susan Bell
Suzanna Kiraly
Cyan Misencik
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Happy to be here and to learn
Excited to be here and learn how to use High Level. My previous experience is I was shown how to use the conversation queue to monitor chats for a company I was working for. I then started watching youtube videos and got really interested in doing this business
Suzanna Kiraly
Ronald Doyle
Carl Sarfi
Luis Del Rosario
Mark Heisey
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The Other Side of Fear and Discomfort
I'm new to all of this but I happened upon some Gohighlevel YT videos and decided to go for it. I've been watching every video I can find, taking notes and such. There are so many affiliates with 30 day trials and their own unique offers to people just starting out. I felt like it was a big decision just choosing who to sign up under but I'm choosing Robb Bailey, who I also found on YT, because I like the DR campaign approach and I love the white label agency in the war chest. As far as niches are concerned, I'm deciding between home remodeling, gyms, and med spas. I'm super excited to get started but nervous as hell because I'm not a salesperson. This is totally out of my comfort zone. I'm a quiet person and just not a talker. I do believe in the software and helping people so that's what I'll focus on. I saw a video where a guy was selling his agency via cold calls and I loved his approach so Im going to adopt it. My goal is to obtain one client within the first 30 days via cold call. I plan to start networking locally, especially within the meetups from my local business Facebook group. It's a chance to get comfortable asking questions and offering services.
Oscar Deeaz
Mark Heisey
Shamel Jones
Celia Steincamp
Carl Sarfi
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    Welcome stepping out of fear into our Faith allows us to feel more certainty even if we may be uncomfortable this allows us to have breakthroughs Cheers to you success
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    @Suzanna Kiraly Thanks really appreciate it!
How do you know how many points you have?
Where do we see the needed points to move up a level? Is there a notification that tells you when you have unlocked the next level? Thanks in advance for you help
Suzanna Kiraly
Ronald Doyle
David Hayden
Dylan Kelley
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A2P for Campaigns Business is approved
So I wanted to be sure It was not my lack of techyness or for trying but after 20-25 submissions on my campaign A2P I cannot get it to pass my Business is approved but my Campaigns are not so I am dead in the water...any help would be appreciated Thank you
Carl Sarfi
Samir Shah
Ronald Doyle
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what is the best method everyone has found for doing outreach? I know it depends on where your niche hangs but just in general what works for you?
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Marcus Robb
Sam Arch
Suzanna Kiraly
Ronald Doyle
Kurt Lohmann
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    We are just starting out and will focus on warm market and add some cold email prospecting too and hope we get some traction in the Carpet cleaning niche
What if your A2P number gets marked as spam?
Let's say you get flagged as spam by the larger authority on SMS, can you just dump your A2P number, get a new one and re-apply? I know A2P is tied to the business name, but I am not sure if you can dump and re-apply with a new number. Obviously they would see the first, but has anyone done this or experienced similar?
Ronald Doyle
Cody Landry
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    where can we find out how to use the 800 number so we can get started?
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    @Cody Landry Thank you Cody
Wish me Luck
I just got through having a call to do a 90 day DR. The have over 19K leads so I suggested let's do 5400 leads a month for the next 90 days and see how that goes. If they go for it. I'll have a good story to share. If not that's okay to but this is the largest DR I have pitched. Yes I pitched a sizable price for this as I adding some more things and it is a lot of leads I have to process.
Karlene Hibbert
Lauren Hazel
Diego Leyes
Ronald Doyle
Russ Ray
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Rico Generated $20k for His HVAC Client!
Check out our interview with Rico going over his latest Database Reactivation!
Haplin Milgrom-Hills
Betsy Crozier
Ronald Doyle
Ricky Patel
Ron Gibson
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Ann Marquez
Roland Pointer
Michelle Stepps
Hazel Lau
S Giri
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