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6 contributions to Content Academy
YouTube Thumbnail Designer?
Can anyone recommend a good YouTube Thumbnail designer. I'm wasting so much time doing mine and I'm not very good at it lol.
Colin Brown
Ron Medlin
Alex Reisch
Wendye Walter
Yannick Adoh
New comment Oct 23
  • 1 like • Oct 20
    @Colin Brown more talking about a person or service it just takes me too much time I'm not good at design and don't like doing it
  • 0 likes • Oct 22
    @Alex Reisch awesome thanks man
Anyone using OpenAI playground?
Anyone using OpenAI playground for chatGPT? I find it gives way better outputs and you don't have to keep repasting in your data. @Stephen G. Pope have you created prompts for your program yet or is that part of the Kontent Database?
Stephen G. Pope
Ron Medlin
New comment Sep 26
  • 1 like • Sep 26
    @Stephen G. Pope We should chat sometime, I've gotten much better at the prompting, might be able to help.
  • 0 likes • Sep 26
    @Stephen G. Pope yeah I'll do that over the next couple of days
Hey @Stephen G. Pope is the scripting in the Traffic and Sales program mostly for reels? I also noticed there was a super simple scripting in your video but no longer in the course. Is that still available somewhere or are you moving away from that type of video?
Stephen G. Pope
New comment Sep 26
A Thank You, Community Updates and Some Stats
Hey Everyone! How's everything going with you? I wanted to say thanks for being a member of the Content Academy. It's been fun, I hope the same for you. We're growing fast (almost 900 people) and quite active (> 50% active within the last 2 weeks) so that means people are finding positive ways to engage and learn. That's pretty cool! Building community is a new thing for me—at times I've put a lot of pressure on myself to make everyone happy and successful. That can actually lead me in the wrong direction. I've found myself racing to create free resources and courses, feeling pressure to post value bombs all the time—hoping everyone stays and loves the place. But those are all transactional actions on my behalf, and people will eventually watch all my videos, then what? It's the people here that are making this an awesome place. Long lasting and valuable growth for everyone will come from some common goal, a mission and growth towards that vision. So right now I'm focused on that human side of things, not more "how-to" courses. So I'm definitely seeking to understand and know people better, and even bring together a few experts inside the community to help me. I know this will become a great place for us all to make some key friendships, make an impact and do business together. I've been putting together a mission statement that I'll share soon—so I think we're moving in a great direction. Thank you again! Your feedback has been great. You'll start to see those things develop soon as other experts begin to share more of their story and expertise around content. I'm excited to see that. I'll have some new free events coming soon, plus the podcast is coming, "Kontent Ops". Somethings are changing in the paid programs and I wanted to let you know. "Kontent Accelerator" became "Traffic & Sales" to better describe all the things we do in the group. We talk about content but also a lot on strategy, products/offers, selling, funnels, community, courses—so it didn't make sense to call it Kontent Accelerator. I also raised the price on it. So if you were about to join and this is a surprise to you, hit me up by Sunday night and I can extend the old price.
Troy Colmer
Brandon Nicholas
Alex Changho
Savannah Leona
Stephen G. Pope
New comment Aug 1
  • 1 like • Jul 28
    @Stephen G. Pope same here lol
  • 1 like • Jul 28
    @Stephen G. Pope I'm a systems guy too, that's why I like your stuff so much, nerds unite!
Private vs Public Skool?
@Stephen G. Pope is your Skool private or public? I think you mentioned it was public, so does that mean people don't have to join (give you their email) to access you group. Mine is private and growing decently fast but I have growth envy when I checkout your numbers everyday lol.
Stephen G. Pope
Ron Medlin
Jude Young
Steven B. Marks
Jim Chianese
New comment Jul 25
  • 2 likes • Jul 22
    @Stephen G. Pope oh I guess I don't get what public vs private is then not sure what the difference is if they still have to join?
  • 1 like • Jul 22
    @Stephen G. Pope so basically they don't need to join and still have access to everything?
Transcriptions with Whisper
Hey @Stephen G. Pope I'm trying to setup the zap to get transcriptions created with Whisper but when testing it, the zap keeps saying 504 Gateway Timeout. Any ideas on how to fix this?
Stephen G. Pope
Ron Medlin
New comment Jul 10
  • 2 likes • Jul 10
    @Stephen G. Pope Here you go -
  • 2 likes • Jul 10
    and the error - <html> <head><title>504 Gateway Time-out</title></head> <body> <center><h1>504 Gateway Time-out</h1></center> <hr><center>nginx</center> </body> </html> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page --> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page --> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page --> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page --> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page --> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page -->
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