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“Go Live” Option
One of the things I miss most in my FB groups is the ability to go live. Could that be an option here? I have Zero value adds except that one ~ I love Skool!
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@Joey Consagra It's like the final straw to leave FB all together right?
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Any updates on this feature we beg of? ◡̈ @Sam Ovens
Can someone help?
Happy New Year ya'll! Please help.... I have a group that is $39/mth... I'm adding a $67/mth option with more content and more coaching bigger calendar... How can someone make a switch TO the higher price one while already membered at $39? Does that make sense? I've been playing with it all day and can't figure it out. Thank you!
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@Erika Kulpina Thank you! So as the owner of the group, I remove them and they rejoin from the About page correct?
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@Erika Kulpina Got it all set up...THANK YOU!!! 23 members in 8 hours... Thanks for all the help!
$11,000 MONTHLY RR in 3 Weeks (342 Members)
I have launched my skool community and have got off to a great start ( Credit & Business Credit Mastery leveraging credit to Create Cashflow ) I’ve grown my platform via : Email Blast Campaigns Text Blast Campaigns And post 2 times a day on my instagram with good information vaule video with an automation leading them to my skool My Landing Page has VSL Video also along with testimonials from my students and also YouTube video of my story ( Not a bad conversation rate could be better) I may emplement the free skool strategy to assend them up to the paid Also i’m going to incorporate a landing page to capture the Lead First and nurture them to buy later ( I believe that will get more buyers later on ! )
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@Kuba Misiek HELP MEEEE.... I dm'd you!
159 Members & 1305+ comments on one post in 5 Days
Engagement in my membership has been on fire! I want to share with anyone here who has a membership community on what is working well to get all of my members logging into Skool daily to engage in the community. This year I decided to host a challenge each month for our members. January's theme is our "31 Day Content Stretch". We got 85% of our members to commit to posting 1 written post per day to a social media platform of their choice. The Rules: 1. Post a written post every day on one social media platform 2. Each day the must go back to the pinned post and comment Day # Complete: (Insert post URL) 3. My assistant tracks their completed posts in Airtable 4. Prize: Anyone who finishes all 31 days gets a personalized content audit from me 5. Consequence: Each day they miss, I invite them to donate $5 to our House Build Charity that I will match all donations at the end of the month. People are leveling up the leaderboard faster than ever, logging in daily, contributing to the community, going through the course curriculum, and call attendance was a record breaker this week. I plan on hosting a monthly challenge each month of the year to continue this trend. Hope this supports you with some ideas for your own communities. Feel free to drop any questions you have! 👇
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Just launched this is my group!!! Thanks for sharing!
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@Doug Boughton do Reels count? Written content on those?
Free-members AND paid-members in the same group?
How do I set 10-20 members in my group to FREE, and everyone else PAID? Thanks! Paul
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@Erika Kulpina Do you know how a current member can upgrade to the higher, more content price within the same group?
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