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Today, I am sharing a free site that I reckon we will all find useful.
When you copy some output from AI, and it ends up having the ** words inside asterisk **or ## hashtag ## headings etc. Paste in your output filled with weird symbols, and get proper Headings and Bolded bits to copy and paste
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@Glen Merrick, Hi, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing this link, It’s resources like these that make a real difference in our daily work and learning. Your thoughtfulness in finding and sharing this with us is truly appreciated.
I have shared Beekonnected before; now it is even better, and you can use it for free. it offers many opportunities; if you have had enough of Facebook, check this out. use it for free
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@Russell Reeves, thanks so much for sharing, I just joined .....!
I Present Myself
as a humble and new member of this group, because I am relatively new to affiliate marketing and promoting digital products, I will strive to keep my ears open and learn from the collective wisdom of all of you. I am a retired paramedic from the San Francisco Fire Department after a 30-year career and a community college professor teaching EMS for 14 years.
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@Sebastian Wong, Hello Sebastian, Welcome to the group! Your dedication and experience as a paramedic and educator are truly admirable, and we’re excited to share our collective insights on affiliate marketing and digital product promotion with you. Please feel free to ask questions and engage in discussions. We’re all here to learn from each other and grow together. Warmest welcome!
I present myself
Hi I am new here ☺️.I joined this community to learn for me to grow
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@Marho Orido, Hi and welcome, very thrilled to have you join our learning community! 😊 Your enthusiasm for growth and learning is a wonderful addition to our group. We believe that every new member brings a fresh perspective, and we’re excited to see how you’ll contribute and expand your horizons with us. Welcome aboard, and let’s embark on this journey of knowledge and self-improvement together!
Very Pleased To Be Here
I am an entrepreneur with 4o years. I am retired from my job and enjoying getting back in the swing of things. I am a musician, 61 years, a martial artist 61 years, taught the martial arts at community college for 16 years, entered into the Millennial Martial Arts Hall Of Fame in 2000 Married for 50 years. I have a lot of knowledge between the ears and like sharing! Jon (Rhino) nickname.
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@Jon Rynearson, Welcome, Jon! 🎉 It’s fantastic to have you join this group. With your rich experience as an entrepreneur and your passion for music and martial arts, you bring a wealth of knowledge and stories that we’re all eager to hear. Your dedication to teaching and sharing is truly inspiring, and we can’t wait to learn from your journey. Here’s to celebrating your 50 years of marriage and your remarkable induction into the Millennial Martial Arts Hall Of Fame. We’re looking forward to your contributions and the unique perspective you’ll add to our vibrant group. Feel free to dive into discussions, share your insights, and connect with fellow members. Let’s make this a place where your wisdom can shine and where we can all learn together. Welcome aboard! 👋
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Hi everyone, I am new here hoping to learn from you all and share of what I may have.

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