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Anyone like some free Executive Coaching?
I’m currently training to be an executive coach as I believe it will give me a complementary set of skills for the work I do as a facilitator. As part of my training I need to log a certain number of practice hours and so I’m looking for people who might be willing to try being coached…for free! A few details for anyone who might be interested: I am still in training, and won’t qualify officially for a few more months, but I am being taught by a very reputable coaching institution The offer is for 2 or 3 hour long coaching sessions, conducted virtually, where we can discuss and explore any career goals you have and what steps you might need to take to achieve them It doesn’t have to be about your facilitation career, but given this forum I’m expecting that’s what you might want to discuss There is absolutely no charge If you’re interested, please like this post and I’ll message you to set up some time to discuss things in a bit more detail, Thank you!
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@Peta Long yes I will, thanks Peta
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@Nefetari M hi there, I’m training with this organisation:
Workshops for creative and marketing agencies
Hi folks ✌️ I would like to create a workshop specifically for the creative industry, agencies dedicated to publicity, branding, content creation, or social media. Have any of you facilitated a workshop for this type of business? What is the biggest problem or pain that can be solved using workshops? Thanks for your support 🔥
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Hi Rodrigo, I’m an in house facilitator for a large media and advertising agency. I run all sorts of different workshops to help with things such as objective setting, problem definition, process design, creative ideation, measurement frameworks and team behaviours. Pretty much any issue which needs input from more than 3 people to solve is best handled in a workshop forum
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@Twan Moorlag can you let me know what sort of UX workshop you’re most interested in?
Value / effort exercice... how to "define" the Value or Impact ?
i am currently working on a session where we will use the Value/ effort exercice for each key idea. Regarding the effort, we will use the T-shirt sizing with a reference point like XL: 1year L:6 months etc... but i am struggling a bit regarding the "VALUE" what kind of reference point you can have for value ... because value can be in so many different ways ? any suggestions from the club ;) i would like to have a similar approach than XL : 1year , etc... but for the value / impact. thanks JP All ideas more than welcome.
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Whenever I run this exercise I get participants to select a medium impact, medium effort idea and put it in the middle of the grid. Then subsequent ideas can be placed based on their relative effort / impact. For me it’s less about defining a value for each idea, but rather where it sits in relation to the others
What do you do with yourself, when everyone is writing/working?--in-person
I am wondering what others primarily do while in-person participants are working? Do you look off into the distance? Look around at the participants with a pleasant expression? Look at your notes and plan for the next activity? Walk around like an overseer/proctor? Doodle? 😂 I am just wondering how to be neither distracting nor awkward when the focus is not on me. 🤔
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I usually walk round the room to listen in to the groups discussions but never for long, just so participants know I’m there if they have any questions. Otherwise I spend the time reviewing how the session is going and any changes I need to make to the next section. Most importantly though, I use the time to check in on myself, take a bit of a mental break and preserve my own energy levels. Facilitation can be draining and so looking after your own wellbeing is paramount
How to decide on "who" is taking the ownership of the idea ?
Imagine that you are doing a workshop, you generate some ideas, you vote on the top 5 and now it is time to identify "who" will be in charge for taking care of each key idea ??? any idea to do this ? any exercice we can do ?
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I would first clarify that taking an action means that person is responsible for either progressing the idea, or for delegating the action to someone else after the workshop. Where you have multiple actions, I usually ask each participant in turn which action they want to take. In the event that no one volunteers then I would take it up with the workshop instigator after the session
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