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Why aren't you participating in the membership challenge?
The Membership challenge is underway. Some people are on track to make $15k MRR ($180k /year). Why aren't you participating? I'm curious...
Maitha Al Shamsi
Alex Trifunoski
Saqib Rasool
Jamus McKenna
Jason Zagami
New comment Nov 2
1 like • Oct 6
@Derek James yup
3 likes • Oct 6
@Zain Miah yup
Introducing "Discovery" — Explore Communities and Get Discovered
Now you can explore all the communities on Skool! This has two benefits: 1. Members can find communities that interest them 2. Communities get found by members (free advertising) Open your switcher (cmd + k) and click "Discover communities" to explore. You can search for anything, browse categories, and filter by free/paid, and private/public. We rank communities by an engagement/quality score. The more engaged your community is, the higher you rank. This means the better you make your community, the more members you get. Watch the video below for more info. Enjoy 🎉
Gabriel Padilla
Danny Westwood
Kobi Asare
Kory Kahley
Steven Pearson
New comment 28d ago
7 likes • Oct 23
1. I like that good engagement could become a discovery method Creative idea. But gut feeling: I gotta be honest. Not a huge fan at first glance at least. One of my primary reasons for skool was a distraction free environment. I don't want the discord experience where my students have ton of communities and the engagement gets diluted / watered down across all the multiple groups they are a part of. I'll ultimately have to try it for longer term to see. Maybe the network affect leading to more students / customers could be a net positive.
5 likes • Oct 23
@Sam Ovens yeah that's valid that only a small group of people would be even clicking there. Would love to see real data on this maybe some time in the future! (Engagement before vs. after this feature)
built a runway calculator for entrepreneurs lol
i hate always having to manually calculate my cash runway (how much time i got before money runs out). it's something I do literally every single day like 5 times per day. So i just decided to build a simple app where i can put in my numbers like current cash + burn rate. Using that it automatically calculates & visualizes how much runway I have and time I got left to get my 💩 together 😂. idk if it's helpful to anyone in here since y'all are entrepreneurs, if it is let me know i can share with you ❤️ -Qazi
Stephen G. Pope
Asmâa Methqal
Faro Zacarías
Rafeh Qazi
Mariah Coz
New comment 22d ago
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@Pranav Vk thank you! Shot it over
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@Faro Zacarías just sent it!
Dark theme
It's less straining on the eyes
Joshua St. Clair
Steven Pearson
Jeffrey Buoncristiano
Griffin A. Hamilton
Rafeh Qazi
New comment 25d ago
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@Griffin A. Hamilton ❤️ appreciate the love! Yes, that extension is king 👑.
How 63 Hours of Boring Work Can Get You 1M+ Subs on YouTube
Context: I built my YouTube channel in the coding/programming niche to 1m+ subs and did $5m+ with an education channel (Clever Programmer). I wrote this to primarily share with my friends in a small group but thought it was valuable, got @Sam Ovens 's permission to post it, so here it is. Hope it brings you value. I was just going through and reviewing some of my best performing content and I realized something fascinating. Out of the 800 videos on my channel... Only about 20-30 of them helped me get around 1m+ subscribers. I kept studying those videos and seeing how those videos got me millions of views, subs, and thousands of leads for my business. These videos that drive crazy results I call them "bangers". If you study most top channels, 90% of their subs come from the 10% of the bangers. So here are some interesting insights from just one of those videos (i put the picture below). This video got almost ~400,000 views. Drove 7.6k+ subs. Got me nearly 10k+ leads. Resulted in nearly $100,000+ revenue. But the really fascinating part is exactly how much WORK it took me to make one of these videos. and luckily I discovered that when I worked on this video back in July 2022, I kept records and logged every single hour I put into this video (whether I was prepping vs. shooting the content, how many hours each day, etc). I basically logged all my activity and looking at it now... It's like an absolute gold mine. Here's what I found in terms of the work I put into this... [picture with the work graph below] Total time: 63 hours Days: 11 It took me 40 hours of preparation in total and 23 hours total to shoot. Preparation: 63% Shooting: 36% I blocked off everything on my calendar during that time. I did nothing else but focus singularly on this course. Even with that said… Notice how the average day was 5 hours. There were a few days where there was MINIMAL work I was doing. I even took a day fully off to rest & recover.
Asmâa Methqal
Rafeh Qazi
Ramon Nastase
Nicolai Westphal
Jesse Kalapa
New comment 27d ago
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@Yohan Delalande appreciate it brother!
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@Nicolai Westphal that video is not the script it's more like table of contents. I was first building the apps. Then shooting how I built the apps for example
Admins VS Moderators
Searched this and saw a few posts but I have a question. If I make someone an admin, are they able to remove other admins or the owner of the group? Sounds paranoid but good to know. Also, is a moderator able to add classroom content, and schedule coaching calls? My current understanding of mods is that they can: - Delete comments, posts, and remove members
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Matthew Morgan
Calvin Hollywood
Rafeh Qazi
Asmâa Methqal
New comment 27d ago
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can moderators accept new members?
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@Calvin Hollywood ahh nice
$46,500 with 1st offer using a Free group in Skool!
And with a brand new industry, I had never done anything in before. For the last 3 years I´ve grown to be very passionate about what is going on with psychedelics and how they are being used to increase performance. Today, the Navy Seals, pro athletes like Aaron Rogers and countless billionaire entrepreneurs like Sergei Brin use them to increase focus, stamina, energy, memory, creative problem solving, and pattern recognition, just to name e few. I´ve been casually helping friends with it and kept getting told ¨people would pay for this¨ So, I partnered up with performance psychologist @Wes Christensen and we started a free group in Skool Called ¨Limitless¨ in August of this year. It was totally scrappy (still kinda is😂) and we just started inviting people we know into it, posting studies, research and articles. The group was dead, I mean crickets, no engagement for what seemed to be forever. We started giving more value with free consults, free samples, we had nothing to sell yet and put a free 5 day bootcamp on the calendar to just give more great info and value. Long story short, we ended up closing $46,500 in business and should have another $30K by the end of the week! I hope this inspires some of you to just make the jump! Today I get to talk about what I love all day long while helping a few people in the process. Win/win for everyone!
Rafeh Qazi
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
String Nikolic
Steven Pearson
Alberto Riehl
New comment 28d ago
10 likes • Oct 18
Wait this seems like a big jump from "The group was dead... We had nothing to sell" to "closing $46,500" in revenue Tell me more haha 😂. 1. Did you close during the 5-day bootcamp? 2. How did you close? (webinar / course / sales calls) 3. What was your offer / how much? 4. how many people opted in, how many converted? 5. Is your delivery for your offer through skool or was it even sold on Skool? If it was a dead group. To me it sounds like you could've just had an email list instead and offered the same thing and closed the same revenue. Don't understand how Skool helped you in your particular case.
2 likes • Oct 18
@Alberto Riehl dude, sick. Thanks for sharing. I've run exactly similar strat previously using fb groups but for my coding niche. Really pumped to hear you crushed it.
i built a distraction free Skool 😂
I realized I am WAY too engaged with the community and attacking those red notifications with a vigor 😂. Part of this was good (I was engaged with my members) but part of it was distracting me from building my course & modules (things that those members paid for)! While the notifications were distracting... It does help me a ton being inside of Skool and particularly inside of my Classroom as that helps me visualize what is missing from the course and what should be added. Sometimes if I just stay inside of my classroom and keep looking at it... All of a sudden I can visualize what new modules / lessons need to be added. So, being a developer that I am... I decided to do something about it haha. I now get the benefits of Skool in a distraction free format 😂. ... And when I want to bring back the notifications... I can easily do it with a click of a button. (watch the gif below to see it in action) -Qazi
Quinn Nolan
Rafeh Qazi
Quinn Nolan
Ramon Nastase
Asmâa Methqal
New comment 28d ago
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@Ramon Nastase screenbrush
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@Asmâa Methqal @Quinn Nolan i figured out what's going on and i'm working on building my own extension. I have it 50% working. In a few days I'll push out the extension to chrome store ❤️.
Where is the Calendar setting ...
to change the calendar to start on Sunday not Monday? i can't find it anywhere
Ted Carr
Jeffrey Buoncristiano
Rafeh Qazi
New comment Oct 29
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@Ted Carr haha 💪
3 likes • Oct 29
@Jeffrey Buoncristiano for me MONDAY. I don't know what idiot started this Sunday thing (it has infected all calendar apps)
skool vs. circle. vs. kajabi vs. other platforms...
Here is the consensus... tldr; skool dominates. Context: I'm a developer, a huge tech nerd. Have a YouTube channel with 1m+ subs and 5,000+ paying customers. Done well over 7+ figures in revenue. I have used Teachable, Kajabi, Podia, Heartbeat, Facebook Groups, Discord, Slack, and probably few others I can't think of lol. And spent 100's of hours in the last few weeks trying to pick a solid platform that meets my needs. Yesterday I got on free trials for circle & skool. I spent hours and hours talking to my good friend about the pros and cons. I wanted to join circle so bad because the UI/UX seems SOOO much better on Circle. But skool had simplicty. I couldn't make up my mind. So here's what I decided to do. A live user test. I went to my girlfriend. Opened up a Circle community on the 1st tab. Opened up a Skool community on the 2nd tab. Asked her to use them. I just sat back and watched. Holy mother of hell. She kept clicking on random things in Circle and kept getting confused in terms of how to navigate. She didn't know exactly where the course material was vs. community. vs. members. I then watched her use Skool. She knew EXACTLY where the community was, members, and the course. Here are her exact words... "I don't know how to put it... But Skool just feels familiar." And in my head I was like "Yes it does lol. Because it's Facebook". I then asked my girlfriend to rate her experience on both platforms. She said 6/10 on Circle. She said 9/10 on Skool. I then sat down and started building my course modules on Skool. The experience was better than ANY course builders experience than I've ever had. It's fast. It's simple AF. and it genuinely inspired me to build. It was a similar experience i've had when I used beehiiv for emails. It blew Convertkit and everything else out of the water for me. So... I think I'm going to be going with Skool. I'm still in the 14 day trial. Haven't started paying just yet. But I think very soon I will be.
Leigh Metcalf
Erika Kulpina
Eduardo Mussali
Virin Gomber
Rafeh Qazi
New comment Oct 28
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@Eduardo Mussali interesting! Go for it then
0 likes • Oct 28
@Virin Gomber ahh that's great. I am in LOVE with loom though now 😂. especially how it keeps the video looping when you go to it
Is there a magic way to see if someone hasn’t logged in and send them a ‘hey dummy go watch this’ email Or message?
David Allen
Ted Carr
Jeffrey Miller
Rafeh Qazi
New comment Oct 26
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Am I missing something??? I can't seem to iframe anything... Tried using inline code and nothing. I need to embed a youtube playlist
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Yvonne Heimann
Robert Zinke
Rafeh Qazi
New comment Oct 26
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+1. iFrames would be a HUGEEEEE benefit to this platform. Especially for my coding students it would allow me to literally embed apps on this platform without them even having to leave Skool they could engage with my entire course. It would keep users on the Skool platform for significantly longer and gives creators (us) the ease of using a whole bunch of different tools. In general... Adding the ability to add "EMBED"s.
skool support is f******* legendary
it's like a mastermind in my pocket. I would keep it just for that. I've never had that with most other platforms i've been on kajabi/podia/teachable. It's mostly "i understand your frustration". I've been speaking with @Sid Sahasrabuddhe (HUGE shoutout) in dm's and he's been helping me figure out price points for my product... With data backed insights. Are you f****** kidding me, that's the shit you pay $10k for in a mastermind. Sid even got on a call with me and we workshopped together a launch plan for my course. Also, I was impressed with the unbiased advice. I was originally expecting for pricing, he was going to suggest using subscriptions only because of course, that's what Skool offers lol. Instead he listened to me. Learned about my business. Instead, suggested to charge a much higher upfront one time payment as he's seen that worked best and in my situation that would be a better option than charging subscription. Unbiased advice that makes your customer win even at the cost of the product. That's good karma. @Sam Ovens ... Whatever you're doing with this platform... It's good. -Qazi
Aby Vohra
Daniel White
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Rafeh Qazi
Erika Kulpina
New comment Oct 25
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe
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