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Create a membership program and have recurring income. Free Support Group for coaches, course creators, educators :)


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Writing Skool waitlist building emails and social media posts
In this video with Claire we work on writing the first Waitlist Building Social Media Post (And E-mail that can be sent out to the existing E-mail list) We create "waitlist building" social media content pieces (and Emails) to build a Waitlist of interested people who want to know more about our "private communities/memberships" In social media content we say: "I created this private community on [this topic], comment INVITE/click the link to request more info" Our social media audiences see these content pieces and are asked to comment, or click the link if they are interested in knowing more about "the private community" They land on a Waitlist building Opt-in page, they insert their E-mail and with that become part of the Waitlist... We then are able to send them Membership Promotional E-mails and get them join a Skool Membership Program. In this video I share how to approach "Copywriting" of these content posts/emails, and how to re-purpose them as IG posts, YT videos, Reels, Stories, so people can Comment and Express their interest.
Writing Skool waitlist building emails and social media posts
Outcome Email -- Feedback please :)
Hello everyone! I just wrote my "outcome" email and would appreciate some feedback. Thank you in advance for all the tips: __________________________________________ Hello! I created something special that will allow us to achieve extraordinary outcomes together. Introducing our new SELF-MADE private membership community designed to support you on your mindset and manifestation journey. In our community, we will dive deep into mindset techniques and strategies to help you reprogram your subconscious mind for success. You will be supported with 2x weekly coaching calls—one focused on mindset and the other on guided meditation. This blend ensures you receive holistic support, combining mindset, manifestation, energy healing, and balancing to help you expand and enter your next level. Imagine what your life would look like if you could transform your internal landscape, clarify your vision, and harmonize your energy with your desires, dreams, and goals. By becoming more aware of your inner world, you’ll learn how to truly become “SELF-MADE.” If you have been waiting for something like this and would like to join us, now is the time. Envision overcoming obstacles and manifesting the life you’ve always dreamed of. This is your opportunity to make it a reality. Looking forward to seeing you inside! Warm regards,
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Here is a video recording of how we fixed this E-mail :)
The first steps to take to Launch your membership program
I recorded a session with Doree where I explained what the first steps are to create and launch her membership program I uploaded the video to YT, but I am also posting it here so any of you can watch it and benefit from what I teach I explain the following: - How to create a membership program offer - How to start creating your course material - How you can have your membership on a Skool platform - How to approach building a waitlist - How to manage all your contacts and E-mail list - Which software I use to manage all the contacts, opt-in pages, automations, etc... - How to launch a founding members group after you built a waitlist And more, ... If you have any questions, ask away :)
The first steps to take to Launch your membership program
I used this video to get CTA on instagram.
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What a transformation! Yes, your text caption is pretty good :) You got few CHANGE comments The only thing I would do is create text overlays also over the video reel So people watching the video can also see that they should comment below CHANGE to get more info about your new community I will tell you more about it on our call But good effort putting your message out there 👏
What's your question about growing your membership?
Ask any questions that you have about creating or growing your membership down below I would love to answer and chat, I would love to know where you are at with your progress
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@Huw Davies I agree, go with paid first, so you can make money, you can build an email list of interested people, and get them into paid first, later you can support it all with a free one that serves as a good lead generator
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@Monica Nieuwland Hmm. I am not an expert on those, I haven't done engagement challenges yet :) But maybe you could create a schedule to post 2x per week an engagement question in your Skool, the same way I did it with this question above, and it gets people to respond, and then conversations can happen And if people reply, they are notified and pulled back into Skool to engage
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I run a Premium Life Launchpad Program where I teach you how to build a membership/coaching program community and have a recurring monthly income.

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