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Three FREE Resources to Help Drive Your Success
I've been developing different resources to help people in their lifelong pursuit of success. Below are three documents I've created that can help provide a framework based on your goals. These resources are yours to use as you see fit. Feel free to amend them for whatever purpose best supports your needs; save a copy to your Google Drive or download them. Pattern Interrupt: How to Drive Change: What exactly is a pattern interrupt? It's a disruption that short-circuits our usual way of thinking, feeling, or behaving. - Deep Work: Dive into Focused Productivity: Deep work is the ability to perform activities in a distraction-free concentration, pushing your cognitive capabilities to their limit - Master High-Leveraged Activities: A Guide to Success: This was developed to help produce significant results with minimal effort -
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@Martin Roxby Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate your added insight.
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@Fedor Favorsky Truth
Free Synthesizer Profile Template
Hi all. I really would like to access the Synthesizer profile template, but it doesn’t unlock until level 4. Unfortunately now that most of the attention appears to have been moved to the skool games, I’m not sure it will be possible to gain access to it through levelling up any time soon.. I don’t have a problem with grinding when need be. But I just don’t see how it will happen with the current level of engagement on here at the moment, especially since the grind requires comments and likes, so isn’t completely in my control. Is it possible for the template requirements to be lowered? Or can something else possible be arranged? Sorry if I’m asking too much. Many thanks. - Jamal
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@Jamal GetRight There is a reason Kirby implemented the qualifiers as it drives engagement in the community. Lowering the requirements defeats that purpose. The content velocity here has not dropped much, people are still engaged and active. Post things that help the community and engage, and you will hit that level sooner than you think. Also, that template you're referring to is the blue ring around your profile picture (see mine as an example). It is earned through engagement.
It's kinda cool to be endorsed by the outfit who own WhatsApp😎
The Zuck owns me. He owns all of us.
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@Lukas Kulbis His wife. 😂
Challenges and leaning into the fray
Since my company launch, I have had the unfortunate task of firing two people. This is never fun, as it takes an emotional toll. Sometimes, the struggle can feel overwhelming. There is so much to do; time is a fleeting asset, and you want to conquer the world, but the world sometimes has other ideas. I made the mistake of not asking for help when I was younger. It was a hard lesson that has changed how I operate. I shared the above as I had to lean in, and my partners lifted me back up. Know that you are not alone; lean into your supporters when you need help. To all of you amazing Synthesizers battling the grind, if you need to talk - hit me up - I will be there to support and lift you up. You do not need to take this journey alone.
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@Alan Paul Like what you mentioned in your post, I don't want people to struggle. It's hard enough just getting launched - having support makes a world of difference.
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@Lukas Kulbis So much truth Lukas. Helping others truly matters to me, I want people to succeed and achieve their dreams. Life is hard enough, if I can make it a little easier for someone I will do my best to help.
Feb 21 
If you are overwhelmed by anything
Just take a couple of conscious deep breaths. (A friendly internet user on the other side)
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@Alan Paul I just posted something similar - timely message. 🙏🏼
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@Alan Paul Truth.
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