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10d ago 
my new nickname lol
@Goose Dunlavey + @Jeffrey Buoncristiano have assigned me a new nickname lol
New comment 4d ago
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@Goose Dunlavey & @Jeffrey Buoncristiano are some of the nicest people I've ever interacted with on this platform. Real Gs in all areas and deserve everything they're getting now and even more. They're both such a vibe!! ❤️‍🔥
// Twitter Writers
Hey! I just started writing on twitter. I got through dan koes’s course and I just wrote my first tweets and thread. I am a noob when it comes to writing, so I’ve got a lot to learn. I am focusing right now on the basics of writing, to learn how to get, hold attention and get the reader through an emotional journey where in the end he gets some sort of valuable advice. After I learn the basics I want to focus more on twitter growth. Is anyone on the same journey as me? I would love to get in contact, share some advice, grow together. Have a blessed day!
New comment Feb 1
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@R h Knight No self promotions please. If you see any, please report so we can keep the post quality high.
Synthesizer Meetup - NY!
Last week I had a opportunity to meet with @Jamie Barclay & @Mia Cardenas in New York! Their story is unique because they have met in this group and now they are together. It is still crazy to me... There is a chance that without this community that wouldn't have met. This is why I believe in communities as much as I do. You never know what will happen by sending a DM to someone. Even me and @Andrew Kirby met because of this community.
New comment Dec '23
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Sep '23 
What Landing Page Builder To Use ?
I want to start my own community and I am looking for a good Landing Page website to built it. Do you have any recommandations on what should I use? I can t use clickfunnels cause they are too expensive for me btw..
New comment Sep '23
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ConvertKit, Carrd
Sep '23 
Free 90-Day "Specific Knowledge" Bootcamp (+ What I've Been Working On)
In this post I want to: 1. Share an opportunity to work with me and the team in a free 90-day "specific knowledge" bootcamp 2. Reveal what I've been working on and why I've been inactive in the community PART 1: WHAT I'VE BEEN WORKING ON After I "retired", I got bored. Humans are built to work. So I knew I needed to find my next project. But in a world of unlimited opportunities, it was hard to orient myself. Until I hear this piece of advice - Go where you are needed You should always go where you can help the most, in the least amount of time. That's where you're needed most. After growing my YouTube to 600,000+ subs and making $1,000,000, it was clear I had two skillsets: 1. Audience growth 2. Audience monetization So I was needed in two places: 1. Helping Consultants grow on YouTube 2. Helping YouTubers monetize One group has monetization, but needs an audience. The other group has an audience, but needs monetization. Unsure which to go with, I picked the first one. The main person I worked with was a Consultant called Rian Doris. He bought from Sam Ovens, and runs I helped him define his YouTube strategy, built a team of A-Players who would execute on the strategy, and led them towards making videos. What happened next? Well, the channel blew up. - 940,000 views on Video #1 (on a channel with 0 subs) - 60,000 subs just 4 months later So that was it. I knew what I was going to focus on for the next 3-5 years. I was going to be the 'audience growth' guy. Until... My YouTuber friend Hamza reached out and asked me how he should monetize his channel. So I sent him a simple Loom outlining everything I'd do if I were him.
New comment Feb 6
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What a great opportunity to work directly with THE MAN himself and our killer team. This is a serious life changing opportunity if you are willing to step up, get out of your comfort zone, and be willing to put in the work. If you have any doubts, questions or need any help, feel free to DM me. Looking forward to working with you all!
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